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  1. What is it about Louisiana cops, people named Green, and cameras? This Professor Shared Body Camera Footage of Cops Strip-Searching a Minor. Now, Prosecutors Want To Throw Him in Jail for It. This incident was first mentioned recently in another thread.
  2. This reminds me of flying to Lakeland (the grey swamp in the third image) during my flight training. I had learned to pay attention to field elevation, at least in theory, but in practice, all the FL runways I had used were at 8 or 10 feet. So I entered the traffic pattern at 800 ft as usual, did my usual stuff to slow down and descend, and wound up with a scene out my windshield on final approach that just didn't look quite right. Then I noticed the VASI (approach slope lights) saying I was low. I had to throttle way up to make the runway. Taxied in and noticed my altimeter saying 1
  3. You said "banned." Not the same thing. Isn't this fun? Also, we should delve into lawn dart self-murders, to continue the gun comparison. Most of the gun violence you've cited a couple of times in this thread can be avoided by the simple expedient of not shooting yourself. Has there been a problem with people self-murderizing themselves with lawn darts?
  4. Is "having" something possessing it or selling it in your world?
  5. That was pretty good but the best part was where he proved it has done nothing to achieve its stated objectives. Followed closely by his dismantling of the ridiculous methodology used to arrive at the conclusion that people only need 2.2 rounds of ammunition.
  6. Glad you now know you were wrong about possession. You're welcome. A press release isn't a law. This is. Garage sales aren't "commercial channels." But we can agree about the double standards. Like lawn darts, possession of legally acquired guns should not be grounds for a felony conviction. It's unfortunate that it is in some places, and efforts are underway to make continuing to possess certain guns a crime here in my state. I was glad to see a similar effort declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in California the other day.
  7. Wrong again, people still sell them in garage sales. Unlike guns, no one has made continuing to possess legally purchased ones a felony. Yet
  8. The problem with ICE has been identified and a solution is on the way. Same solution as usual: more spending.
  9. Consistently grabby above all else, yes.
  10. Did I say he did and then get proven a liar again when my "proof" wasn't proof at all, like you? No. Besides, I'm not locked in partybot thinking like you and don't feel the need to 100% back any person all the time. I never supported the death penalty for anyone because, as I noted above, it's never necessary.
  11. Are these psychic cops, or how do they know when someone has decided not to call them? By the way, if you want a bit more balanced evidence, you should read the recent opinion overturning California's scary gun ban. Among other things, you might learn that it's not just people you call "gun nuts" who do phone surveys.
  12. I have two sets of them in my shed. What makes you think I can't have them?
  13. Real estate agents ask court to block eviction moratorium I guess tsunami season is coming. Or maybe not. Temporary emergency powers have a way of hanging around.
  14. The interview predates the execution spree and doesn't mention the death penalty at all so the bolded part is just another Olsonist lie. Hah! You still haven't figured out that NO issue is anywhere near as important to TeamD as their gun control plans? Name another issue on which they're willing to accept Trump's wisdom on the scope of executive power over Obama's. You can't. You've said bad things about the gun bans and confiscation programs. There's nothing more unforgiveable, so they'll never accept you and more than they would me.
  15. Decision in Miller v Bonta overturning California's assault weapons ban Maybe badlat can buy his gun back from that dealer!
  16. She Was Sentenced to 21 Years in Prison for Handing Drugs to a Friend Who Overdosed. A Federal Court Wasn't Having It. The part I bolded above would be pretty funny if it didn't result in a harsher sentence than third degree murder in the same state. But it did, so it's not. Glad the judge corrected it.
  17. Ours know the little tupperware that contains mealworms and will follow anyone who is carrying it.
  18. That's one way to put it but it was really the prosecutors who did it. Judge Navarro tried to warn them that bullshit doesn't work in courtrooms. They didn't listen, probably realizing that most of the time, prosecutors get away with such reckless disregard for the law. Half of All False Convictions in the U.S. Involved Police or Prosecutor Misconduct, Finds New Report
  19. Note: readers know he actually used that word four times, not that this proves anything other than the fact Joe doesn't read.
  20. It's required in NYC to own a handgun.
  21. In excessive fines and fees news, when is $3 excessive?
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