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  1. "Issues" are notably lacking in this thread, so let's pick one on which I know we'll disagree. Rand Paul and Justin Amash have both introduced bills to end drug war looting, or, as supporters call it, civil asset forfeiture. Joe Biden wrote those laws. Koch-$pon$ored nutjobs represented noted heroin kingpin Tyson Timbs at the Supreme Court. So that one's a pretty clear difference on issues, and Amash is actually on the libertarian side. As a Biden/drug war looting supporter, can you explain to me why cops need to seize property from people who are not charged with a crime, then
  2. Those guns seem to me like a distraction from the things like battlefield .22's that you also banned and confiscated. Why not talk about the rest of your gun control? You still haven't gotten back to me with a source saying those museum collections couldn't be devalued because they were not for sale, but I'm still curious why you think that when the owners specifically said they would sell their antiques overseas before permanently devaluing them.
  3. Gov. Greg Abbott attacks First Amendment rights in the name of defending them Inviting a bunch of lawsuits is a popular way to discourage the exercise of rights that are otherwise hard to ban. Glad the judge saw through it.
  4. Helpful link added, just to summarize the thread.
  5. In addition to your lack of any familiarity with who is pushing gun grabs in FL, this post indicates ignorance of libertarian positions in general. Far from wanting to protect ourselves from "dirty immigrants," we want to protect ourselves from power-grabbing politicians who use them to incite fear. For examples and on the stupid wall,
  6. If the government is really on the list, why don't you demand C-4 and RPGs? Those seem a bit dangerous and unusual and, unlike battlefield .22's and other military weapons, are not also kept around the house and used for lawful purposes. Besides, I'm having a hard enough time convincing TeamD types that suitable modern militia weapons are covered by the second and that it applies outdoors. One or two things at a time!
  7. No it isn't. That's a fake story told to you by disingenuous people who want you to be outraged because the libs are going to take your guys. Stop it with that. Yes, it is. Imagine if you can, being a Republican strategist right now. Your party stands for nothing but obstructing progress, banning abortions and tax cuts for the rich. How are you possibly going to sell that to voters? Let me break it down: Whip up some tribalism by inventing new scary things to be afraid of. Like immigrants, for example (who, btw, are simultaneously coming to be
  8. Ah, so potentially committing a violent crime is actually committing a violent crime. Makes as much common sense as most gun control, I must say. There are a couple of differences... Oh dear. Minorities being targeted for deprivation of their rights! BLM will be along any minute now, I'm sure. Unless their real political point is TeamD/Gungrabbiness Matters, in which case they'll continue to politely look away.
  9. Amash voted for impeachment both times, the first time as an independent and the second as a Libertarian. He ran as and was elected as a Republican. He didn't stand for re-election as a Libertarian. You've repeatedly pointed out that Libertarian = Fakebertarian = Trumpublican. So your view is that Trumpublicans vote to impeach Trump? Rand Paul doesn't insist he's a libertarian, nor would that be particularly credible. Aside from opposing the Reagan/Biden drug war looting program, he doesn't do much to please libertarians. It's just about impossible to find a TeamR Senato
  10. BRIEF OF THE BLACK ATTORNEYS OF LEGAL AID, THE BRONX DEFENDERS, BROOKLYN DEFENDER SERVICES,ET AL. AS AMICI CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONUTTERS I know it's gun control, so must be "common sense," but I wonder if anyone here can clear this up for me? My admittedly nutty view is that having a gun next to some ammo is actually having an unloaded gun, not a loaded one. Equally nutty, I suppose, I think that the lack of any violent crime indicates, well, the lack of any violent crime. So can any of the common sense gun control advocates here explain to me how having ammo near a
  11. They seem to have finally noticed minority rights over at Slate. A Criminal Justice Reformer’s Case for Looser Gun Laws
  12. Your post about handing it out like candy was replying to my post about Portugal, which was in response to your reaction to the article I posted. How is that two different conversations? Ishmael doesn't read my posts and doesn't want anything to do with libertarian positions (except when he unknowingly advocates them).
  13. Did you actually read the article to which you're responding? The one that says:
  14. Hah! Of course not, as anyone with a passing familiarity would know.
  15. Kind of the same point, aren't they? A battlefield .22 or an M16 is more effective than a musket because they're modern weapons of war.
  16. That very policy is under SCOTUS challenge in NY right now. Some people have noticed that, when cops have discretion over who gets rights, those with lots of melanin in their skin don't get them. This would be a YUGE problem if we were talking about any other right, but racist cops discriminating over who gets their rights is really not a big deal if we're talking about this particular right.
  17. Well, there was a Tea Party Republican in Congress who became a Libertarian. Doug seems to have forgotten the answer, if he indeed ever learned it, but it's Justin Amash and, just like any Trumpublican, he voted to impeach Trump.
  18. My point was not that the second amendment only protects muskets. Rather, it was that a .22 is a very effective weapon of war in comparison. Of course battlefield .22's are "the like" of an M-16. That's how they find their way into assault weapons bans. Can't say I blame you for not answering the question, and thanks. As you well know, questions to which the answer is obvious, but which still won't be answered, are my favorite ones.
  19. That's some interesting folding. Perhaps if you read some of those links back, you'd start to wonder what kind of Trumptard opposes the stupid trade war, the stupid wall, and the idiotic post-election lawsuits. Those all seem to be pretty important Trumptardian issues to me, and dim as you might think them, they're able to detect opposition to their ideas. Some people are not so bright and can't detect it.
  20. I had this one in my yard years ago. I didn't know what it was and so didn't know I was supposed to kill it. There's a Tegu population a few miles down the street, which I suppose counts as deep in the Everglades, but they're in urban areas too.
  21. Ammunition Limits by State 2021 NY and Cali don't require an ammo license, but the others all do. NY hasn't been enforcing their ammunition background check requirement and they just can't figure out why. They have some funny rules about ammo up there. If you have a gun and you have the ammo in a box next to it, that's a loaded gun and you're guilty of a violent crime. It makes more "common sense" to some than others, I suppose.
  22. Yeah, title jumping is a felony in FLA and in all 50 states. Do you wish to crawl down this rabbit hole chasing your red herring any further? Anyways, against all odds, you seemed to have survived obeying this onerous law that is in fact a law. Not sure what you're talking about. Title jumping? Can't apply to me, as you seem to think it does, as I made it clear the truck was titled and registered when I used it on the road. Could only apply to the hypothetical neighbor if I didn't say But I did. He couldn't SELL it without title jumping, but I never brought tha
  23. I'm just a bit worried that some might want that insurance to work this way: It's not really clear what point Olsonist was trying to make there and he doesn't seem to want to clear it up. Something about gun and car owners being responsible for the actions of criminals, I think, but it's hard to tell.
  24. There are those who think the second amendment only protects muskets and they actually won in the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. At SCOTUS, the nutters won and the decision was unanimously reversed. Which court do you think got that question right?
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