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  1. You could do what I did and volunteer to help monitor the health of the seagrass. The data we collect helps inform policy decisions.
  2. I hope you don't get to learn about the utility of cannabis in alleviating the pain from bone cancer in the same way my father did.
  3. Agree. All campaigns should be absolutely contribution free. No outside ads, no personal funds, nothing. Equal time on all media for every candidate. Although it would be entertaining to see Vermin Supreme all over the networks, I oppose forcing them to cover people they prefer to ignore. Glad we have a first amendment so your idea is a complete non-starter.
  4. A funny thought, given the thread title. We're using Gungrabby Archive numbers in this thread. Just looking at 2019, most mass shootings resulted in no deaths. https://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting?year=2019
  5. We've been trying harsher punishments in the stupid drug war for so long that even Joe Biden is getting tired of it. It isn't working and won't start. That's why I suggested undermining the black market profits that empower them by ending the stupid drug war.
  6. No, those are just the ones that are politically convenient for gungrabby purposes. To those of us to whom it matters more whether a person died than how, the actual number was 47,511 in 2019, for example.
  7. Somebody already did, in the course of declaring California's scary gun ban unconstitutional. One of the things I learned in reading the opinion was that overpenetration through walls is more likely with my 40 S&W Glock than with a 5.56 rifle. In any case, not all of us live in urban areas but battlefield .22 bans are designed to apply to us anyway.
  8. Somebody already did, in the course of declaring California's scary gun ban unconstitutional. The ineffectiveness at achieving stated goals was one reason the law failed to pass constitutional muster.
  9. Half of the panicdemic's unemployment money may have been stolen So I guess one current answer to the topic question is, "however foreign governments and criminal gangs that received PANIC assistance want to divide the loot they stole."
  10. Paul Krugman's 10-Year History of Being Wrong About Bitcoin You'd think Trump's agreement would be enough to make Krugman question his own ideas. Nope.
  11. Feds Seize CNN Reporter's Data, Then Gag CNN Whaddaya know? The same sort of shit that happened to Reason can and did happen to CNN. Simply, simply unsurprising.
  12. Fibbies Looting Safe Deposit Boxes This story has been ongoing for a couple of months now, but the original justification for holding onto the contents of safe deposit boxes was custodial and it seemed they might give the loot back. Nope. More camera shy cops who don't understand that photography is not a crime. I still don't trust camera shy cops. Nor looting cops. Nor, especially, camera shy, looting cops.
  13. Just because you did not notice a mass shooting does not mean it didn't happen. It might just mean you don't have a billionaire in the business of scaring people.
  14. I guess you know more about him than I do but this one takes the prize away from the guy who asked whether Guam might capsize. My wife played the full clip for me. I thought the really funny part was the "I'll have to get back to you" response followed by a Gomer saying he was looking forward to the follow up. So am I. I hope they really do get back to him with a serious answer in a public way.
  15. Thanks for the friendly reply, Bugsy. I'll just note that I was talking about our suicide rate, not our gun suicide rate. We disproportionately use guns, Canadians don't, but our countries have a similar suicide rate. Japanese people virtually never use a gun and have a much higher rate. I doubt the conclusion that we could cut our suicide rate in half through gun control. The Sun Cat was fun but we sold it a few years ago. I still have Hobie Adventure Islands, which are great fun, and a year or so ago a Stray Goat followed me home. I expect to finally be sailing it this month and would w
  16. Crimes that should be crimes, perhaps. Better than crimes that should not be crimes IMO. We used to have alcohol gangs, then prohibition was ended and they mostly went away. But we still have moonshiners and bootleggers and for those who actually care enough to look at the individual mass shootings being cited by badlat, a large number of them involve bars late at night. Some of those are probably crimes that have to do with the stupid drug war, but most are probably because the Temperance Movement people had a point. Alcohol is a dangerous drug and leads to societal problems. It's just t
  17. The 9th Circuit Considers Whether the DEA's Classification of Marijuana Violates Federalism and the Separation of Powers Not sure what to hope for here. Courts shouldn't, and likely can't, end cannabis prohibition. Congress and the executive branch can and should, but likely won't.
  18. And yet, Canada's suicide rate is about the same as ours. Are Canadian battlefield .22 owners causing this?
  19. Well, at least he got it back for now. I hope the Indiana Supreme Court doesn't reverse this outcome on the coming appeal. And it's finally, really over. Victory for noted heroin kingpin Tyson Timbs
  20. Twice, in two different threads. Once might have been a typo. Twice is a pattern. But go ahead and implausibly claim a typo. Anything is better than admitting you actually learned something from a mere libertarian.
  21. Another stupid drug war no-knock raid. Another wrong house. And again, Qualified Impunity.
  22. FBI Backs Off Attempt To Subpoena Info on USA Today Readers Simply, simply unsurprising.
  23. But getting back to the original thread topic, Ron DeSantis Is Celebrating Twitter's Ban of Rebekah Jones. His Own Big Tech Law Could Force Them To Replatform Her. The article goes on to note that she probably isn't really running, just found another way to look for attention, but it would be pretty funny if this were the first backfire of Desantis' power grab.
  24. Royal Caribbean changes policy to make vaccines optional for cruise ship passengers
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