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  1. After 20 Years of Failure, Kill the TSA IG Roth is right that "how we failed again is a secret" should not be an acceptable answer. Nor should the TSA itself, for that matter.
  2. The CBO says this is bullshit. CBO: Biden's 'Build Back Better' Plan Will Add $367 Billion to the Deficit
  3. The New York Times Is Protected by Freedom of the Press. So Is James O'Keefe. The article doesn't mention whether O'Keefe has a boat or flies a pink flag.
  4. Uh nope. We've already signed up for Starlink and Elon's people say they'll get to us "late next year" which can't come a moment too soon. We'll pay about the same as we're paying now for Calyx mobile network service, which is new to us but seems to average 20 mB down or less. Starlink has been near 100 but Elon says they'll get much faster. To me, 100 already sounds much better than 20 and given that the price is about the same, it seems cheaper. They are essentially trying to deliver very good satellite internet for people worldwide at a competitive price.
  5. Is that so? What's wrong with these special interest amicus briefs? Brief amicus curiae of Council on American-Islamic Relations filed. Brief amici curiae of American Civil Liberties Union, Inc., et al. filed. (joined by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, among others)
  6. Have they opposed it? I haven't seen it. Source?
  7. Canadian gun owners caused some more violence Bringing an ambulance and not leaving a warrant are both weird, I guess, but none of that would be necessary if the government would just recognize the danger posed by gun owners and finish banning and confiscating them.
  8. What makes you think politicians are the sole targets of my ire when it comes to tariffs? The companies that benefit are in my sights as well. On the ethanol boondoggle, I've repeatedly referred to ADM as a "giant, disgusting tick." I'm not buying the idea that the politicians who enact these tariffs are just "passengers" with no active role. They take ADM (or FL sugar corp) money and they punish the rest of us with a tax. Yes, offering them money to punish us with a tax is bad. So is taking the money and doing it. The whole silly idea should just die a market-induced death.
  9. Making most of the trucks currently working ineligible should fix things right up.
  10. no Not sure where the 40k came from but the ACLU did document hundreds of deported veterans. One got to come back this year but at the end of the article it sounds like the stupid drug war is at work on his son. As for the idea of putting millions to work at whatever make-work project or crony subsidy seems best to our congresscritters, it sounds like a massive waste of otherwise useful labor and an invitation to more corruption.
  11. Trump and Biden may agree that they're a good idea, but at least one judge thinks some of the Trump/Biden tariffs are unconstitutional. So most of the tax will remain and it will not be long before the three year time window expires and Biden can follow through on Trump's idea.
  12. Sailboat Smuggling Record Most of the drug war news out of Portugal these days is good because they've mostly quit fighting it. I hate to burst Mr. Neves' bubble, but that boat, cargo, and crew have already been replaced and they're expected and minor losses to smugglers. Even a global sailboat record won't change the market a bit.
  13. Small Business Owner Sues to Stop Ohio’s “Whenever, Wherever” Inspections We have two houses, one with my office and the other with my wife's two offices. There are some record-keeping requirements on all of our businesses. No more fourth amendment, I guess. At least until the nutjobs arrive at SCOTUS and win again.
  14. I'd just be happy if I didn't have to pay more for midwestern corn just because some idiots think corn squeezin's belong in our engines. I'd be pretty happy if we just let market forces kill that stupid idea instead of expecting me to pay for it. But that's not an idea that's going to win an Iowa primary, so it's a non-starter. My larger point here is that we use the tools we have, and the tools we have in government are, well, a bunch of tools. Expecting smart results will always bring disappointment.
  15. I still laugh at the lady who says, "here come the pieces of... uh... whale" as you hear gross plopping sounds in the background. It was pretty funny, unless you owned the car that got smashed by a whale chunk.
  16. Rudolf Diesel designed his engine to run on oil and a sensible one at the time was hemp seed oil. As for biomass generation, does anything beat cannabis?
  17. You're awfully curious for someone with no apparent ability to look something up. FYI, the FOPA of 1986 was (briefly) popular on the left when it looked like a way out of the doomed NY Supreme Court case that was later deemed "moot" (except for the part about lawyers getting paid). Among the amendments, So, he didn't cross any state lines with the gun, and if he had, it may well have been legal.
  18. Save Burnet Road Coalition I wish them luck, but the topic case showed that we've already been through this. Bottom line: a commerce park is projected to bring in more tax revenue than a bunch of homes, and more tax revenue is a public purpose and that's the same as a public use. Some amount of money absolutely CAN replace that community. It just has to be more than they pay.
  19. I had OK skills but I think some of my landings may have jostled some fuel around. It was only once a week if that's what you meant.
  20. There's actually a thread for that, and some of us are tired of ethanol wrecking our carburetors and think that ethanol doesn't belong in boats. It doesn't come from sunbathed tropics. It comes from subsidized midwestern agricultural conglomerates at the expense of the "family farms" the politicians say they're trying to save.
  21. Bitcoin Environmental Disaster That lack of control is completely inconsistent with Magical Monetary Thinking so must be stopped. To the extent math can be stopped.
  22. It got a little longer when I added to the weight problem by putting a used dump bed on the cart. Had to put an extension on the receiver to get the hitch far enough out to clear the various trailers. This created a YUGE blind spot and my dog doesn't like reverse for some reason so I put a camera to avoid hitting her.
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