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  1. There's more than one question and more than one dodger here. Ever vote for a politician who supported the Iraq invasion?
  2. Tunnels are pretty amazing. A friend bought one of the classic little Dargel shingle boats and I thought it silly. Then we were going down Shell Creek in my 11' Whaler and I misoverestimated the tide and ran hard aground on the shoal upstream of the RR tracks. My friend's wife was in his boat alone and was unfamiliar with the area. Obviously thinking we had stopped to talk or something, she started to slow down. We all yelled and screamed and motioned for her to continue on by. Which she did, without stirring any mud. I knew that jet boats could go right by a hard-aground 11' Whaler but had ne
  3. Uh oh. Some people want to DO SOMETHING about any shotgun with a revolving cylinder so it might be wise to buy one of those while it's still legal.
  4. I usually give items of minor value to the Salvation Army just because I don't want to deal with trying to give people directions to my place and then going to get them (in my Marketplace golf cart) when they fail to find it for only $20 or so. If it's worth 3 figures or more, I'll generally sell it. I did think of a couple of other uses. I look to see what potential tenants post on FB when they apply to rent. In one case, a young man was soliciting advice from his friends on how to best conceal his illegal pit bull breeding operation from landlords. Investigation over.
  5. I've read a bunch about Bagram having water flown in, as well as hearing this from Marines who were there. If they did have wells then that makes it better. But the fact that it's far the fuck away from anything else makes it easy to defend but useless in a withdrawal. - DSK What did you think jsg was talking about and quoting above?
  6. I buy and sell stuff on FB Marketplace all the time. Just for fun & hobbies, but others depend on it for business. I used to use craigslist for the same things but it's gotten out of control spammy. The FB groups are local and moderated, so I can be pretty sure it's a real person with a real item and not too far away. As for the outage, Brietbart and Salon both reacted (in articles posted to FB) by saying FB needs to be regulated more. As usual, I'm not so happy to see bipartisan unity.
  7. Senators had even more resources at their disposal, yet many still supported the war. It's inexplicable, as is voting for them again afterwards. By the way, ever vote for an Iraq war supporter?
  8. I guess the previous two examples weren't good, so how about one on the first impeachment?
  9. One way would be to significantly reduce spending. I agree, but that's never a popular answer. But another good answer would be: a tax enacted by Congress instead of one imposed by one man. Recalling the Sematech debacle... The First Semiconductor Trade War
  10. I guess that's true if you shoot indoors only. I tend to clean them indoors and shoot them outdoors, though I know that's historically aberrant. Still wondering what a stump was doing inside your house, though?
  11. I'm sure that's a relief and I hope she didn't dump a bag of concrete down a toilet on the way out. But you seem to be more the exception than the rule among landlords. Evictions are up, obviously, but still below historic norms. There was, apparently, no emergency need for the moratorium. It was just a vote-buying power grab based on the fact that there are a lot more voters who rent than voters who are landlords.
  12. My office iMac is running Quickbooks for Windoze as we speak. Your accountant was being kind. The Mac version sux. The magic is performed by a program called Parallels. Runs a Windoze simulation inside your Mac so you can run programs like QB for which the Mac version sux.
  13. The tsunami turns out to be a ripple The market reaction to the end of the moratorium...
  14. No, legally we still have Section 230 and selective moderation does NOT make site owners responsible for everything that remains. There is blessed bipartisan unity that this should change, with only nutjob libertarians really defending it (or aware of it) these days. But it's still law for now.
  15. Even the pro's don't always hit it out of the park. The Sailing Center's safety boat is a good example. It's a Carolina Skiff 14 JVX, a dedicated fishing machine. Pretty clever layout, with a lighted livewell behind the helm and another livewell in front of it. Bimini that's fairly workable for fishing. Pre-wired for trolling motor. None of which is particularly useful in a safety boat, but we appreciate the generous donation anyway. Better than what we had. On first glance, I liked the look of the hull. Then I rode in it. Geezus. Worst riding boat in its size that I've ever experienced,
  16. 2003 was a bit late. I thought Ron Paul pretty clever to oppose the Iraq war back in 2002. Are you also a fan? By any chance, have you ever voted for a Presidential candidate whose advice on foreign policy you'd feel safe ignoring?
  17. If you sold it with the magazine, you'd both be eligible for felony convictions. Not a great plan for you, especially considering you can't buy another one if you wanted to. Sounds like your friend needs to move to another state. You already answered your own question in the appropriate forum. It's a Stoopid thing.
  18. In fairness, Biden has continued Trump's deportation response to the virus and Trump's eviction moratorium response to the virus, not to mention keeping Trump's tariffs around to make us grate. I'm as supportive as ever of those things.
  19. Caruso is a riot and a first amendment crusader who doesn't pass the Oprah test. Stossel interview. Hah! No shit. I wouldn't want to go on his show and have to explain why our commission has suddenly decided to sacrifice the children.
  20. "...but I need a license to braid hair?" was a good line
  21. Yes, yes, I know, because owners of battlefield .22's and other assault weapons are responsible for the actions of criminals and need to have our property banned and confiscated. This TeamD/gungrabby argument is as persuasive as ever. You're supposed to include the link. DO SOMETHING about those terrible battlefield .22's!
  22. It's weird that Kavanaugh (belatedly) voted against the unconstitutional Trump/Biden eviction moratorium. It's like he already forgot who gave him the job. In the lower courts, most TeamR appointees have gone against it. 7 of 9. So I decided to see what it looks like when a Trump appointee upholds the unconstitutional Trump/Biden eviction moratorium Turns out it's like selling little turtles.
  23. OK but Uncooperative Californicator Anarchy is down the hall a bit.
  24. More on that mass shooting in Houston. A Pending Pardon for George Floyd Shows How the Drug War Gives Cops a License To Lie As always, the important thing to remember is MASS SHOOTING! DO SOMETHING about those terrible battlefield .22's!
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