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  1. Let's look at the last 5 examples. Mass Shooting in Connecticut Stupid drug war drive up, get out, and shoot. Mass Shooting In Ohio Uh huh. When people get shot at and then won't talk to the police, it makes me thing "stupid drug war again." Mass Shooting In California Stupid drug war drive by. Again. Mass Shooting In Illinois Stupid drug war drive by. Again. Mass Shooting In New York And the stupid drug war is involved
  2. Trump Judicial Appointees Clash Over Qualified Immunity and 'the Woke Constitution' Being anti rogue cop is kinda the opposite of being anti cop.
  3. You Can Now Read the Secret Trump Administration Report That Claimed Your Toyota Is a National Security Threat (with apologies for the Koch-$ponsored Trump cheerleading, as always.)
  4. It has enough to run over a single body but when they pile up, yes.
  5. Yeah, it's not like a few hundred people, perhaps dozens of them armed, could mount an actual insurrection. The most they could achieve would be a nincomcoup.
  6. Losing Patience With Legislators, Mexico's Supreme Court Orders Permits Allowing Consumers To Grow and Possess Marijuana Waiting for drug warriors to lose interest in prohibition does require a LOT of patience.
  7. In other Puritans vs Plates news, Tennessee Woman Sues State Officials for Revoking Her '69' Vanity Plate And she says it wasn't even dirty!
  8. The exception that caused the yawn. Not really. I actually rode out curricane Floyd on a boat and during the worst part of the storm went out in my 11 Whaler to fetch my brother from shore. People who tried to ride out Andrew on a boat mostly ended up dead. I doubt any of them attempted a dinghy mission during the worst part. The rain band hanging over our area now is very electrical and woke me up. But other than the duration and the increased possibility for a tornado, it's just like any other summer tstorm.
  9. I've occasionally run out of ground clearance and wished for a higher lift kit and bigger tires.
  10. The Stray Goat is ready to sail. Now just waiting until there's not a tropical storm just offshore. Pics and project details here: https://www.tropicalboating.com/2021/06/june-2021-stray-goat-projects
  11. OMGSTFU Shenna Bellows! IEATA55 vanity plates are harmless fun. Honk if you love the MILF Mobile!
  12. I have a 21 year old 48 volt Club Car that I bought used 11 years ago. It had been a marina work vehicle, so had a pretty hard life. It's lifted, with the big tires. It used to have a cowdog. I've bought it a couple of sets of batteries over the years and replaced the tires, but that's about it. Runs every day, on the charger every night. I had a Kawasaki Mule previously and really like the quiet of the electric cart. Sold the Mule to Florida Man, who hauled it away like this: Getting the back tires to bounce over the pickup's wheel wells without continuing thro
  13. Hmm... is an apartment hallway curtilage?
  14. Try this. Our Boothy is a "collector", and thus carries an FFL license, for his "collection.". (And he is a loose cannon, too....but he sails through the background checks, he tells us. @El Mariachi) Is Mr. Booth not typical of the sort who have machine guns, in personal museum "collections"? What could go wrong with that? I have to admit that "because Boothy" is as compelling as any explanation offered by Aussies for the behavior of their grabbers in going after museum collections. But only because this is what you're up against. You don't think br
  15. Thomas and Gorsuch Say Kelo Eminent Domain Ruling 'Was Wrong the Day It Was Decided' and 'Remains Wrong Today' (Edited to correct archaic language usage.)
  16. The Deeply Flawed Studies Behind the Eviction Moratoriums
  17. Where do you think the criminals get their submachine guns from? I guess they break into museums, grab the guns, then go home to manufacture the firing pins, then head out for some crime. Is that how it works?
  18. Clarence Thomas Trashes Qualified Impunity Again
  19. Reefer Madness at the Olympics If Sha'Carri Richardson Can Get High and Still Outrun Everybody, She Should Be Allowed To Do It
  20. Catch and release is just pointlessly torturing fish. I only do it to jacks. But I think they can spare a few eggs...
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