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  1. Yes, yes, I know the underlying theory of gun grabbin' is that some people commit crimes so we must confiscate property from some other people who have not. The insulting idiocy of this idea is why gun control isn't broadly popular. And now and then a grabber slips up and says that rural people like me are known to NOT commit violent crimes. But they still want our guns because Except I'm not violent, nor is owning guns.
  2. Another answer to the topic question. 86 billion will be handed to union$ with no strings attached.
  3. Hey, I'm not the poster here who thinks that
  4. If they all act the same, why the vitamin E acetate problem in the "vast majority" of cases, Cliff? That might be why no one has said they're good for you. But as a public health policy matter, the only thing worse than harmful products is prohibition programs. We didn't repeal alcohol prohibition because booze is so good for you. Anyone who has been close to an alcoholic knows it can be really, really bad.
  5. The studies that reach this result always seem to do it by treating nicotine vapes and cannabis ones the same, but they aren't.
  6. Tech Groups Sue To Stop Ron DeSantis' Assault on Online Free Speech I'm happy as usual to see them exercise their corporate first amendment right to expre$$ themselves by suing. But I wish I could share his confidence in the result. Is a shopping mall a "common carrier" because lots of people gather there? The Supreme Court said yes in PruneYard v Robins back in 1980, ruling that the state could force a shopping mall to host political activists. So if you can call a business a common carrier, lots of the freedoms enjoyed by uncommon non-carriers go away. And if
  7. Geez, I try to help Canadians who are apparently unaware of mass shootings in their country and look at the thanks I get!
  8. Yuge success. Everyone is saying it. The homicide rate many times the national average proves it! I think failing to bring guns is more a sign that these nincomcoupers don't understand that the nature of government is force and a real coup is going to involve lots of guns and killing, not selectively obeying only gun laws while violating lots of other laws.
  9. Illinois Might Legalize Gardening I hope the commies in Illinois are as successful as the ones down here!
  10. So yes, your Canadian gun culture just keeps killing people. I continue to wonder why you're waiting two years to begin taking away guns? Just because you did not notice a mass shooting does not mean it didn't happen. It might just mean you don't have a billionaire in the business of scaring people.
  11. Hah! Because the nincomcoupers are so well known for respecting the rule of law, and especially gun laws, right?
  12. The war on "sex trafficking" continues in the usual way. Texas Deputies Say They Were 'Molested and Traumatized' by Colleagues During Federally Funded Prostitution Stings In addition, Jacquelyn Aluotto, a "human trafficking advocate" employed by the county (and the fourth plaintiff in this suit) spoke up about went what on as part of these undercover operations and was fired the day after giving an interview to the office's Internal Affairs division, the suit says. Besides detailing alleged mistreatment against Aluotto, Gomez, Sanchez, and McKinney, the women's
  13. An in prohibition laws exacerbating the problem they were supposed to solve news, Teen Cigarette Smoking Went Up Following Flavored Tobacco Ban
  14. Baton Rouge Cops Strip-Searched a Minor During a Traffic Stop and Entered a Family's Home Without a Warrant. The City Just Settled for $35,000. $35k? I think a jury might have awarded a whole bunch more.
  15. A friend in the construction biz told me he paid $80 each for some 1/2" sheets the other day. I guess he should be happy with the bargain he got.
  16. Administrative Searches and Article 1, Section 8 of the Iowa Constitution I tend to agree with Amanda. One of the concerns noted in promoting these programs is public health dangers from things like faulty wiring, which a tenant may not recognize as faulty. I can't see how that would apply only to rental properties. Any of us might have faulty wiring and not be aware of it, even if we own our homes. The Camara case referenced is kind of interesting and the opinion is shorter than the average wofsey post. It says in part: So an area-wide inspection program that
  17. No, I was just disproving this: No one has to take my word. I did that thing where I dig out the proof of what I said. And doing so was indulging Olsonist's deflection of the question I asked about what point he was trying to make. Don't worry, I'll keep trying to find out what his point might have been, since you can't figure it out for yourself.
  18. Global and diverse supply chains are more resilient than local crony ones. We have exactly one sorta PVSA compliant vessel, as the article I posted notes. and it was built in Germany.
  19. No one seems confident enough to bet on this one. I hope I'm wrong and would applaud a July withdrawal, just as I would have applauded a May withdrawal. Still willing to bet most anyone that I'm right and we'll still be there in October and beyond.
  20. I decided it was time to get around to reading the cert petition in Merchant v Mayorkas. Geez. 377 pages. Maybe some other day.
  21. Got to the boat ramp Tuesday morning all set to head down to the mouth of the harbor and our Suzuki 150 was peeing like an old man with prostate trouble. But we had just bought live shrimp! Knowing the water pump was on the way out, we decided to fish at the bridge that's right next to the boat ramp. No need to run the motor at speed, we can just idle out there. So we did. And I continued to demonstrate my prowess at catching teeny snappers. My wife did catch a few keepers, so that was nice. We were using the trolling motor's GPS "anchor" function, which worked pretty well
  22. Euclid might be a city, not a cop, but it still got qualified immunity. SCOTUS is letting it slide. A City Got Protections From Qualified Immunity After a Cop Killed a Man. SCOTUS Won't Hear the Case.
  23. In related protectionism/cronyism news, Biden Signs Bill Waiving PVSA for Alaska Cruises We build our own gray boats. The Jones Act is about merchant shipping. You know, like the vessels that bring propane to Hawaii from Africa because we don't have a ship that can legally do it.
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