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  1. Actually, I said using the cameras has nothing to do with safety and is all about raising revenue. You created that other straw man. Of course, I provided evidence, and of course I did it in the relevant thread. Where's your evidence that these off topic cameras enhance safety? Or, better still, your opinion on the actual thread topic?
  2. Went over to the Myakka River mouth on Monday and not much was biting. My wife managed to catch a lizard fish and put it back out for bait. It got mangled by something, probably a shark, that got away. We fled in time to have the boat back on the trailer before a giant thunderstorm swallowed that whole area of the harbor. Went for a quick trip in the Creek yesterday morning. Another bull shark, this one with someone else's hook already in its mouth. Grandson got lots of shrimp stolen by snappers then hauled in this one with the very last shrimp. Almost 12 inches and pretty fat, a keeper!
  3. SCOTUS agrees, more or less. I think Congress would be as good as anyone and better than the CDC. Kavanaugh's reaction was puzzling. Continuing a usurpation of power is OK if it's just for a little while? I don't see why.
  4. I was hoping this would be about Jules leaving so the whining could stop.
  5. I guess if you're a LIBERTARIAN fuck head, running red lights has "nothing to do with safety" You guessed wrong as usual. You could just ask. Or, better still, comment on changing the timing of yellow lights only on camera-equipped lights. I guess if you're a BIG GOVT fuck head, playing tricks like that to move money from private hands to government ones is just fine. Glad the courts disagreed with you.
  6. He's talking about the case I referenced and changing the duration of the yellow lights was just a revenue measure, nothing to do with safety. Ultimately, the bullshit got flushed by the court and to top it off, Oregon adopted the (unlicensed) math that was the subject of the court case. Try to develop a little tolerance. Not too much. Use my example of tolerating people who don't know "reign" from "rein."
  7. Why would you want to use government to force people who disagree to adopt your opinion on that matter? Which do you think is a more suitable militia weapon, a .410 with 4 shot or an AR?
  8. Governor Abbott's idiotic effort to pick up where Trump left off Well, he's got enough money for almost 10 miles after declaring a PANIC to grab disaster relief money. So that's a start.
  9. Nicholas Gilbert Died After Cops Shackled Him and Held Him Facedown. A Court Said That Was Constitutional. SCOTUS Isn't So Sure.
  10. Supreme Court Rules Property Owners Have the Right to Legally Defend Their Property in Pipeline Buybacks (Edited to correct archaic language usage.)
  11. Some don't like the kick of a shotgun. It also has an overpenetration problem if slugs are used. As battlefield weapons go, it seems fine for home defense and hard to beat for militia service. Non-readers are funny. For readers, And she never even hung it over a urinal to be reviewed by peers!
  12. I haven't heard of those people. Have heard of people (well, OK, one person) who proved they were altering the timing of red lights to enhance revenue, nothing to do with safety. That scofflaw proved it by doing math without a license, which turned out to be legal in his case. But changing the timing of lights to fleece motorists is another thread and really has nothing to do with the kinds of searches ruled unconstitutional in the topic case.
  13. In "I feel safer already" news, Sacramento fire captain fighting California assault rifle charges after ATF raids home
  14. Someone should probably teach Joe Biden about what happened in Lexington and Concord. WaPost gives Biden four 'Pinocchios' for saying Second Amendment bans cannon ownership
  15. A quarter trillion here, a quarter trillion there... Government Panicdemic Loans Plagued by Potential $260 Billion in Fraud
  16. Clarence Thomas Blasts the 'Contradictory and Unstable' Federal Marijuana Ban He rejected the reasoning of the Raich decision at the time and now points out that the federal government has abandoned the "comprehensive" prohibition upheld in Raich. "Suffice it to say," Thomas concludes, "the Federal Government's current approach to marijuana bears little resemblance to the watertight nationwide prohibition that a closely divided Court found necessary to justify the Government's blanket prohibition in Raich." In other words, if the feds are no longer regulating the ma
  17. The name of the contractor is well-chosen. Persistent Surveillance. The persistent and prolonged surveillance reveals information that was not previously knowable, much like in the Carpenter case.
  18. Well, OK, but "high capacity" means 5 rounds, or sometimes 10, or, with the correct label, 15 rounds in Canada. By any of those definitions, lots of guns other than battlefield .22's can have a high capacity magazine. The ban in this thread on various specific battlefield .22's seems pretty specific to me.
  19. New York Appeals Court Catalogs Rudy Giuliani's Election Lies As It Suspends His License to Practice Law Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.
  20. Appeals Court Rules Aerial Police Tracking of Citizens Violates Fourth Amendment It's the three word answer that cops often don't want to hear: Get a warrant.
  21. Not true of Canadian firearms law, there's nothing there specific about rifle cartridges. It's just that only .22 can have a high capacity magazine, and that predates the "assault rifle" controversy. The same thing would apply to a battle rifle. You missed the shopping list in this thread?
  22. My wife made a Mahi Teriyaki last night. I still call them dolphin but have to admit Mahi sounds better there. I told a friend that we've been seeing a YUGE tarpon down in the creek so he brought his teenage boy over to try to catch it. They wound up hooking a shark that cut the line, a big catfish, and this little bull shark, which he caught on that hand line that's on the bench.
  23. Not to people who write laws in Australia, Canada, or the US Congress.
  24. 48 Senators wrote to the ATF about the new Scary Black Rifle classifications.
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