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  1. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  2. Clinton stated that Saddam must go, as we have been reminded many times. Fast forward some years, and when the nation building is going badly in Libya under some Republican, and this quote will be fun.
  3. Getting back to this for a moment, trying Poli-Glow is not a huge commitment because Poli-Prep dissolves it and Poli-Glow dissolves itself. That means, if you don't like it, it is easy to take it all off. If you do like it and it starts to fail after a couple of years, a quick cleaning with Poli-Prep will remove the damaged stuff, and any that is left behind will bond with the new application. When I did ours, I just worked my way around the boat doing a foot or two and keeping a wet edge. By the time you get back to where you started, it is dry and you can keep going with the next co
  4. So far, I have to rate my experiment with Poli Glow a success. Easy prep, easy application, shiny, water beads, stuff doesn't stick. I think I did that in April of last year, so it survived a tropical summer, but it lives under a shelter so not the real tropical sun test. Much better and easier than the on/off wax I tried previously.
  5. Quick, someone turn down the gravity!
  6. Often funny on a Sunday morning, but not much material today. This one's a big ouch.
  7. (320): Just had a handjob preempted by a huge bolt of static electricity leaping from her fingertip to my sack. I hate this time of year.
  8. Ugh. That'll teach me to click this thread with dinner time approaching.
  9. I hesitate to ask, but how did the UK get into this?
  10. Its a question of balance, and of course right and wrong. Many time the poor and disadvantaged are used as a smoke screen by the right. Yet the corporations are god. I dig that cash is king , but dont get fooled by the misdirection. Misdirection? Like saying this? Are you so ignorant that you don't know that the Kelo vs New London case was decided by a liberal majority on the court, relying on a previous liberal precedent? That would be a believable excuse in your case. Otherwise it's misdirection.
  11. That was funny twice! (Your elephant is better than what I used to draw.)
  12. Good point - a blotchy old ferrosprout hull with broken bowsprit and worn out sails and rigging couldn't be valued very high, but then the flag would belong on that transom.
  13. I like old outboards. You throw them away when they get like this.
  14. It really can't be, because it's a simple derivative of the Berman case. The issues are the same. Similarly, Raich was bad, but is just a derivative of Wickard. Citizens United is a derivative of 1st National of Boston v Bellotti.
  15. So, whatcha think about Murdock Village and the proposed property exchange? Another "blighted area" with another Redevelopment Agency.
  16. The sad thing is that if that if one of us came up with that as a satirical gem we'd be laughing hysterically. But the author probably actually believes all of that. I figured it was one of you, and WAS laughing hysterically! It's serious? The photochop of the Statue of Liberty is funny.
  17. Has anyone updated NASA on the whole spacesickness/pregnancy thing?
  18. Gotta keep excessive weight out of the bottom of the boat.
  19. You know the drill, so when you're done fucking off, let's see 'em!
  20. Looking a bit disreputable, but it is fun to watch the boat sail. Looks like it might move pretty good if it had a bowsprit. The promo for goodnews at the end was extremely ironic in this thread.
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