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  1. I think that blue one sprawled around the rotting mast partners under the huge rust stain is a simple downfucker.
  2. Yep, it fairly lept sideways, right into his bowsprit! Freighters are incredibly agile that way.
  3. Tom is coming out of the sockpuppet drawer? he is salty? who guessed? I'm a Hovian sleeper cell. I've been throwing anarchists off my trail by bumping the Alessandro thread.
  4. Woo Hoo! Reid's number 1! I thought the sacred sideslip was more passively enduring a drift than actively engaging in a voyage.
  5. With all due respect, Frank is an old man, and that's a scary picture! :lol:
  6. LOL! 34 is just a baby. Here's the transom of the 52 year old boat my dad gave me. Aren't dads great? Father's Day is coming up, and we should do something to show our appreciation for the treasures they pass down. What are you plotting?
  7. It's not something you will miss once you get used to it not being there. The water you see is not the problem, it's the associated salty mist that you can't see.
  8. I was not trying to be insulting at all. I think the 30 is a great boat and a great contribution to sailing. They have made a lot of people happy over the years. I don't get the people who complain about the slow death of sailing, then complain about production boats like the Catalina 30. Boats that people will actually buy in large numbers are important to sailing.
  9. Ajax, you'll be glad to know that when you're ready to upgrade, old Catalina 30's are a dime a dozen. They made about a billion of the things. I worked at a Catalina dealership when the model was retired and replaced by the 309, and I thought it was a huge mistake at the time. I later changed my mind, but the 30 was a big success and had broad appeal, so you won't have any trouble finding one if you want.
  10. Nah, he's going for 'new' boat, remember?
  11. What kind of idiot wanders around the internet using his real name?
  12. Finally a speed report of sorts. I've been following the bickering about production boats for pages looking for one. For those playing along at home, that works out to an average of 0.375 knots over the past 24 hours. Go the Reef Anne!
  13. !!!!! My favorite is still the first....... THIS IS TOTALLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS Has stood the test of time.
  14. The cat food is just a red herring. He's not eating it! It doesn't go with sprouts and cheese. He's using it for the triggerfish.
  15. For the 24 hours between day 1047 and 1048 he averaged about 18 kts. For the past 10 days he's averaged 0.4 kts. What a difference having that mainsail up makes, huh? "Our voyage is verified by the Canadian satellite tracking company Joubeh MetTrac, who provide an excellent trustworthy proof of this trip for the record books." That's not the point I was trying to make. Day 1047 is March 3rd and Day 1048 is March 8th. What happened to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th? And even at 18kts in 24 hours that doesn't equal 425nm. Oh -- that was just a worm hole, where there is a
  16. Wait a minute. We were treated to speed reports during months of driftathon, now he actually set a sail and no report? I wonder whether a school of triggerfish stirring your reef might be a secret 5th mode?
  17. And what might that amendment say? Remember, it's going to have to say something almost everyone agrees with, or it will have no shot at the necessary Congressional support or the necessary state ratifications. So we're going to need a restriction on speech that is broadly appealing to Americans. I think the one we already have is as close as it's going to get. Carl is right that the outrage on the left here is amusing in light of the fact that Obama went around campaign finance reform laws in his campaign, to no screeching and wailing from those who are screeching and wailing now about h
  18. Hooah! Ker-PLUNK goes the turd in the punch bowl. Interesting. Oh yeah, so we can hear both the tax and spend welfare-warfare state Dem side of an issue AND the borrow and spend warfare-welfare Rep side. That's all the sides, right? There are no libertarians who should be heard, no socialists or greens either. Just two sides, and they're sides of the same coin. That's "fairness."
  19. Corporations can be taxed and regulated, but shouldn't be allowed to talk about taxes and regulations. Taxation without representation is the American way!
  20. What federal authority would that be? Wait, let me guess: the commerce clause? Radio and television are the modern press, but I don't think "freedom of the press" should mean "we all get to take whatever we want from whoever actually owns the press." Darn owners with their silly property rights, always getting in the way of grand plans.
  21. Nonsense, a corporation is an organization of humans, like the Democratic party is an organization of humans. Should we limit the speech rights of the Democratic Party in a political campaign on the grounds that it is not a human? Those humans already have the rights. Why double dip? Following that logic, we'd have to shut down all PACS, the DNC, the RNC, Unions and every politician's campaign staff. And before trying to justify anything with that, you would have to convince me that it would be a bad thing. I'm no legal scholar like the rest of the members here may be.
  22. All your base are have belong to corporations. This idea that corporations can't have rights is absurd. The very name comes from the idea that they are state created entities (bodies) with certain rights. They can buy property, can they not? They can be sued, can they not? They can buy advertising time to tout how great their products and company are, can they not? Why is buying advertising time to talk politics different from buying other property?
  23. That's for damn sure. Just taking a different tack, but I sorta wonder if this will result in a lot of corp. sponsered activity beyond what they already do. They like to contribute to both sides a lot, hedge their bets on the competing protection rackets as it were... Do they wish themselves publicly labeled as partisan? Can alienate some customers. Do they really wish their paisan to be publicly and loudly proclaimed as their "boy"? What happens to them when their "brand" is caught in bed with a "live boy or a dead girl", as the saying goes... Do they really wi
  24. I felt a tingle in my chakra! Could Deev be THE ONE?
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