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  1. I understand that you wish that were the answer, but it's still not. DACA kids are illegal immigrants AND they have the "substantial connection" to our country that makes them "the People." The thread title is admittedly vague and the answer is still sometimes. By the way, you can look beyond a title at the topic post. You know, the one about a DACA kid. People who want to ignore what our courts have said and define down who can be "the People" worry me, whether they want to attack the first, second, fourth, or some other amendment or right. I'm not sure which group you're ta
  2. I thought I liked all cheese but maybe not diesel. Unless that's what's really in those Cheez Whiz cans?
  3. Cats don't always land on their feet. When our grey tabby was a kitten he launched himself in a ferocious attack on Luke the Cowdog's tail. Which was mostly air. His paws went right through and he wiped out on landing, then jumped up with that "i meant to do that" cat look.
  4. That a judge hasn't yet ruled on something isn't qualified immunity. No, it's just the test of whether qualified impunity applies. So if there isn't such a nearly-identical case, that's the end of it.
  5. Fucking CATO bullshit. So appealing in principle, so appalling in effect. So you don't think Bruce's Beach should have been returned to the family? I think it's a pretty appealing thing in principle and in effect. The buyback never should have happened. Racism isn't a public purpose. But feel free to give me the opposing view, since you seem to be the only one stupid enough to try.
  6. Oklahoma Botches Another Execution Even if they had managed to get it "right," unnecessary killing is still wrong.
  7. Protectionism: Rotten from the Core The question leads to Hayek's information problem, as intractable as ever. But it also ignores the incentives for and the reality of corruption in trade policy decisions. When we put one man in charge of tax policy, as we have on trade, that's almost guaranteed, especially if the man is Trump. But not much less so when the man is Biden.
  8. A friend had a Lab that didn't want the games to end. I threw a big, white rock out into the middle of the pond, where it's about 8' deep. He was too fat to get it but swam around above it with just his tail out of the water and his nose halfway to the bottom for long enough that we finally had to make him stop. He's gone now, buried by my pond, but I still see him like this in my mind.
  9. Canadian gun owners caused a couple more shootings. How much longer can the confiscation be delayed??? Oh you Canucks, Such a dangerous culture, and they even give you guns. Certainly, your neighbors have to be afraid.
  10. Didn't we just agree that visitors are not "the People?" How many times have you said "still no" when the people involved are DACA kids? I count three just on this page. But they ARE the People and you sure seem to want to deny their rights over and over and over. If it's not because they're inconvenient, then why?
  11. You should be happy that Kelo lost and Pfizer won and the nutjobs' attempt to stop the distribution of power and income from Kelo to Pfizer was a failure. Why is this bad?
  12. Looks to me they figured out the only thing the State will fork over dough for is detention, and boy o boy do they fork it over for that, so the county desperately detains people. Welcome to the machine, kids.. Somebody should be bitch-slapped into low orbit. I don't know. Making up a charge that doesn't exist seems like misbehavior from an officer of the law, but is that clearly established? Is there really a case where a judge clearly said that making up charges in exactly this way is bad? Because if there's not... well, you know. Qualified impunity!
  13. Nutjobs thwart legitimate law enforcement again. A handful of victims like Kermit Warren manage to find a nutjob law firm willing to represent them, but this will continue because most don't and even those who do get a result like this one. Dismissed with prejudice. So they can't make another looting attempt on this guy for this stuff. Boo hoo. They'll loot other people of other stuff, or maybe this same guy of different stuff. And if they keep it for a while and have to give it back because of some meddlesome nutjobs, big deal. There's always other loot and most of the victim
  14. Did anyone scream BOTHSIDESISM every time someone points out blessed bipartisan unity like on the above issues? Yeah, you do. Since you seem unable to answer my question above, it's really so simple even a poli sci prof can get it: On issues where they're the same, they're the same.
  15. It would be fun to see you explain the big differences to the Cavasos family. Or any of the landlords afflicted by Trump's unconstitutional eviction ban, who might have been given some hope when the Biden administration told everyone it was unconstitutional. You know, right before he adopted it. They're not identical, but on issues where they're the same, guess what they are?
  16. Thomas Jefferson On Privateering July 4, 1812 “What is war? It is simply a contest between nations of trying which can do the other the most harm. Who carries on the war? Armies are formed and navies manned by individuals. How is a battle gained? By the death of individuals. What produces peace? The distress of individuals. What difference to the sufferer is it that his property is taken by a national or private armed vessel? Did our merchants, who have lost nine hundred and seventeen vessels by British captures, feel any gratification that the most of them were taken by his Majes
  17. More accurate would be "the most powerful" and "most" were in private hands. And yes, they attacked British Navy peaceships. Or maybe those were warships, I'm not sure.
  18. I think so, but it has its fans who want to reinforce and expand on this plan. For example:
  19. A remarkably persistent delusion. Fact is, they are, according to the courts. You may think, as I frequently do, that the courts got something wrong and that the DACA kids this thread is about SHOULD not be "the people" but they are. Anyway, my point was that authoritarians who find rights of the people inconvenient are always trying to define down who can be "the people."
  20. If we assume the "south" is the same as Florida, as you seem to be doing, the last couple of months show a rather sharp decline. The chart doesn't show exactly where September begins and ends, but it looks like Sept 1 would be about the beginning of the decline. What's so horrible about that decline your chart shows?
  21. Yes, but you might just learn why Federal Impunity is worse than Qualified Impunity
  22. I wonder when we're going to find out who the plinkers were, and who was the last one to shoot that gun? Because the armorer denied that there was any plinking at all, I kinda think she was among the plinkers and maybe was the last plinker. The one who left a bullet in there. Which should have been caught several times after that point, but one person did that.
  23. It's not just any example. Kelo v New London was the first of these terrible Koch-$pon$ored ca$e$ to reach the Supreme Court. Disaster was narrowly averted, as the decision was 5-4. I mentioned Bruce's Beach in the Kelo thread, but it deserves mention here too. Although the forces of Kochi$m lost in Kelo, the reasoning of O'Connor and Thomas seems to be continuing to afflict legislators and even California's Governor! The Buyback and Eventual Return of Bruce's Beach Shows That Property Rights Are Human Rights
  24. Up to a few examples now of privateers engaging enemy warships, not just one. I can come up with more, but before I do, how about a name? You haven't come up with one, so I'll go first: I suggest "peaceships" is a good name for armed vessels that engage armed enemy vessels as part of a war, since warships is apparently objectionable. Or, we could admit this is just pointless jerking around, since ships with cannons are deadly.
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