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  1. That at least makes more sense but I'd say 1,000 ft to avoid moving existing signs. You're a bit behind the times. Several of my neighbors who bought pieces of the old orange grove from my family have installed gates. I don't think people in places like Charlotte Park and Riverside have a choice. Not sure how many pump stations I'd have to install to get sewage all the way from my houses to the road. That's every property. Hard to get 1,000 ft from some seasonal puddle that's adjacent to navigable water. So the basis is that you think (without researching it) th
  2. How about museums? I guess you didn't read the article. They DID remove firing pins. That wasn't enough for grabbers. You seemed to think that removing the firing pins would be OK until I pointed out that the firing pins were already removed and still your grabbers went after museum collections. If it were common sense, someone would have pointed out the problems that have been caused by these museum collections. No one has. Will you be the first?
  3. Senate Bill Would Ban Judges from Using Acquitted Conduct at Sentencing I hope it makes it into law.
  4. The PRO-SPEECH Act Is Anything but First Amendment-Friendly
  5. Biden Keeps Another Trump Border Policy in Place Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.
  6. Biden Campaigned on Ending the Death Penalty. His Justice Department Wants To Execute the Boston Marathon Bomber Anyway. This does not seem to be the actual position of the DOJ under Biden. The brief asks the Supreme Court to reverse the decision and "put this case back on track toward a just conclusion," meaning Tsarnaev's eventual execution. ... Before anyone asks, unnecessary killing isn't gratifying to me, no matter who is being killed.
  7. More whiners stepping forward to bitch about the FBI looting their safe deposit boxes If only the whiners realized that safe deposit boxes carry no essential function outside of criminal ops, they'd just quietly give up their property without hiring nutjob lawyers to make a fuss.
  8. A few? I thought that So maybe there are a few good apples?
  9. Throwing in "centrefire" when you know that's now how the definitions are actually written in your country or ours is a distraction. We don't do the compulsory purchase thing. Over here, "assault" weapons are simply defined as a public nuisance so that previously-legal property can be taken from the owners without compensation. That's how the laws are written right now in New Jersey and California and how the FL legislature proposes to treat battlefield .22's.
  10. I don't see anything about handguns. Jeff and I seem to be the only ones to examine the "260 mass shootings" individually and discover that they're mostly bar fights late at night and gang drive-by's, both of which seem to predominantly involve pistols. Your SOLution addresses a non-problem while ignoring the topic problem. The vast majority of people who have battlefield .22's or other assault weapons at home don't commit violent crimes with them, nor do hunters.
  11. I don't think my access to a battlefield .22 has had any bad consequences for anyone. What makes you think it has?
  12. You're not happy that he followed Obama's example on the Espionage Act? Biden could have pardoned her too, but again would not be following Obama's example. Personally, I think Obama set a bad example by using the Espionage Act to go after more leakers than all his predecessors combined. I wish Trump and Biden were less like him, but oh well.
  13. Almost forgot what one of those is. I haven't been to a range in at least 20 years. We just shoot the battlefield .22 in our back yard and if I had a different kind of assault weapon, we'd shoot it in the back yard too. What problem do you think will be solved by trying to make me do that at a range instead?
  14. I just think monitoring it is better than bitching on a forum, but to each his own. Do you think that volunteering my time this way is bad for some reason? As for your suggestions, you could move and make your house available, bringing the number down to 2,999. Or is yours OK? I think the inside of the east wall bar should be idle only but the whole harbor? That's just silly. Putting a public sewer out in my neck of the woods would be insanely expensive and would accomplish nothing useful. Ban all fertilizer? How about we ban all eating? Another big, stupid prohibition prog
  15. That would have been a surprising result, considering what happened last time Biden was in the executive branch. I'm not surprised that Trump followed Obama's lead, nor that Biden follows Trump's lead on using the Espionage Act against whistleblowers.
  16. Unanimous SCOTUS says the First Step Act applies only to those to whom it applies Durbin, Booker, Grassley, and Lee should respond by doing what they could have done in the first place: revising the law to make it apply to people like Terry.
  17. Reality Winner got out early I think she should be encouraged to make public appearances and statements, not forbidden from doing so.
  18. The lack of a source is noted. Open Secrets says it's less. But even if you were right, my reaction is, "what a cute little corporation they have there!" When it comes to lobbying, Bloomberg is about twice as evil. I agree with him. Let's go on record. Is $pending 100 million to bu... uh... get congresscritters wrong?
  19. I support safe storage laws as well. Where we might differ is the question of liability for those of us who lock up guns. Grabbers in my state have tried to remove that liability protection and grabbers here have said dumb stuff like this: I think we should treat liability for stolen property the same way for guns and cars, which is not how Olsonist thinks we treat cars, nor apparently how he thinks we should treat guns. What do you think? If I lock up my guns and a criminal defeats the safe, should I be liable? This is another way of saying what Olsonist was saying: peace
  20. "Just comply" is one answer to another stupid prohibition program. Just don't enact the stupid prohibition program is another. I'm in the latter camp. How is it that my mentioning examples of "assault" weapons is a distraction, but when others give different examples, that's just fine? I think any example is an example and, just like in Australia and Canada, battlefield .22's are assault weapons here. What's so wrong about coming out and saying so? A big difference is that battlefield .22's are part of the ordinary military equipment and thus protected by the second amendment under U
  21. Yeah, your "born yesterday babe in the woods" act is not at all convincing. You know very well the policy SOLution to mass shootings, around the country, around the world, and in the US Congress is to DO SOMETHING to ban battlefield .22's and other such weapons of mass destruction.
  22. Which might be relevant if politicians had declared that preventing kid suicides was the purpose of the scary gun ban/confiscation program in California. But they didn't, so it's not.
  23. If they're relevant to "mass" shootings and the policy response of banning battlefield .22's and other weapons of mass destruction, why did you say they should be addressed separately?
  24. My "new" tires were actually pretty old already in 2019 and finally quit holding air completely. Upgraded to foam-filled tires with actual bearings yesterday and finally got around to creating a copper bushing to replace the plastic one. The coop rolled so easily this morning that it almost got away from me!
  25. When Is a Civil Forfeiture Based on Drug Offenses Excessive? Always. Or, possibly, never...
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