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  1. That case is still ongoing and now there's a new open fields case in Pennsylvania. Still not so sure I'm down with the nutjobs at IJ on this one but glad they're doing that nutty, annoying thing where they insist on governments playing by rules.
  2. Because your post is more interesting in a thread with an example like the topic case. What I want? Either a discussion of why you made up the straw man you did, or, alternatively, a discussion of actual _________________ positions. Oh, and I still want you to fill in that blank.
  3. You shouldn't really say that. The fear of the coming tsunami was the basis for the unconstitutional Trump/Biden moratorium. The fact that it turned out to be a ripple is very inconvenient and best not discussed.
  4. Heh. Don't know how to spell it and don't know who supports it. You might try the Kelo thread. Though obviously, if you haven't over the past decade, it's very possible you might continue to not.
  5. The boat making the wake I was jumping held the photographer, if that counts. Closest I ever came was spraying an anchored sailboat in retaliation for a water balloon funnelator assault. This was back when the Columbus Day Regatta in Miami was fun. I was pretty sure I had screwed up and my lower unit was going to cut a long gash in the side of the boat. Still not quite sure how it didn't. Water flew all the way over their Bimini, soaking everything. The guys who shot at us thought it funny and impressive. The girls who came up from making lunch beneath the open hatch, not so much.
  6. Seems a good starting premise for me, and the reason for checks and balances.
  7. There's a part of the Cowmaran tale that isn't emphasized very often. There are "mistake" hulls. They're 27' long and look just like scaled down models of the actual Cowmaran hulls. Wish I had been there when the builder and cow barn owner met with our other friend, who had to inform them they had misunderstood the drawings. They don't have much carrying capacity and were just set aside, but they've been drawing ideas like flies. My idea: a bridgedeck that has two Mirage Drive stations, a really big kite on a pylon, and one of the epropulsion electric outboards that regenerates
  8. Interesting choice of words given the individual being discussed. Would have been a better thread title.
  9. Stick-built, masonry, steel framed, modular, manufactured,... they all blew apart. Just about everything except concrete bunkers. Not all. Look carefully at photos of Windmill Village after Charlie. We lost hundreds of homes. I think 3 or 4 survived. Every one of them built by Palm Harbor. They're not all the same. I sold a sailboat for an owner there shortly after the storm. She was really happy her home had survived and I was exploring the idea of buying one. My building permit was approved two days before the hurricane, but then all new building approvals stopped. The only
  10. You mean the one the IJ just won and the Coast Guard just lost in federal court? Looks like the USCG is going the CLEAN way and just not accepting their loss in court. I doubt "we can wait as long as we want" will be an acceptable answer in court, so expect IJ to win again.
  11. Your knowledge of current events is staggering as usual.
  12. Looks just right to me. I flew my 15 Whaler at least that high as a kid but never got a pic. The guy who held the insurance on it happened to be watching. I'm told he turned pale. Broke my old style Doel Fin on the landing, which I didn't know until I saw half of it floating by in the current after I docked. Best available pic:
  13. I'm not really interested in hypothetical "pure" libertarians that you simultaneously invented and say don't exist. I agree that they exist only in your head. OK, so the people at IJ and I are wrong to call ourselves libertarians. What word do you want to use? As for eminent domain, I'd be happy to argue your strawman, but first, please find where IJ, I, or anyone on this thread said to eliminate eminent domain. Even Justice Thomas, with whom I agree on this one, did not go that far. Nor would I. So after you get done looking and not finding any evidence your strawman, we can talk mo
  14. What you don't seem to get is this isn't even cracking the top 100 of things most of us worry about now, let alone the top 10. This is not the time for single-issue voting. I get it. Let me update this for you:
  15. The gun grabbing in your state just got 9th Circuit approval, which is weird for something imaginary, don't you think?
  16. The issue of mass pardons is interesting, or at least would become so if Biden were to keep his campaign promise. I don't think any of those people should have been convicted of non-violent drug "crimes" in the first place, so support the idea of pardoning them. Also, thanks to drug warriors' endless doubling down, there are a LOT of them. Even with a signature stamp, Biden's an old man and has a lot of other things to do. Just processing them all would take significant time and effort. So I like the idea of doing them all in one. But is that really within the pardon power?
  17. This post is more interesting in a thread with an example like the topic case. Land was to be improved, meaning tearing down Kelo's house and giving the property to the development corp. Improvement is good, right? There was payment as compensation, so that makes it all OK, right?
  18. But I already found support for asset forfeiture in you. The rest of the story is that the Obama administration went on a looting bonanza that was bad enough to actually provoke a political backlash. Holder instituted some half measures, knowing as I did at the time that the exception would swallow the rule, and dialed back the looting to the level seen under W. Which, by the way, was objectionable to libertarians before Obama's looting bonanza. But don't worry. If you just don't quote my response, most of the wise ones around here will be misled as intended by your post an
  19. But I already gave the libtard party line answer above: Neither! Both are "the like" of an M16 and therefore should be banned. That's why you're meeting this resistance and why your question won't be answered. I told you already: just give up as I did and admit that battlefield .22's and other weapons of war in civilian arsenals are "the like" of an M16.
  20. Congresscritters Want ‘Urgent’ Update From Biden On Marijuana Pardons As Holidays Approach Well, at least Biden got around to looking into fulfilling his campaign promise back in August. So that's something. And pardoning turkeys does show that he knows how to do it. So that's something else. And he wants to treat cannabis like cocaine instead of heroin, so that's something else. You have to look hard for little tidbits of progress but I managed to find a few.
  21. Depends on the boat. That's about the slowest my Twin Vee will plane. It likes to go 20 knots. It doesn't really like any other speed. My 'toon boat will go 16 with the throttle wide open, but isn't happy. It seems to like to go 12, less in chop.
  22. Yes, twice recently. The 150 Suzuki on my Twin Vee 22 just died when I shifted back to neutral after backing away from the boat ramp recently. I replaced all three of its fuel filters just to get people to stop telling me it's bad fuel and the problem persisted. A pro figured out it was something called an HPV valve or something. My brother said it stood for "high priced valve." $400 plus labor, so pretty accurate. The 60 hp Tohonda on my 'toon boat overheats at cruising speed and shuts down. It will restart and will run indefinitely at idle without overheating. It got a whole new water p
  23. Just put a bunch of hours on my new Suzuki 20. It burns less fuel than I was expecting. Still need to total up my hours and fill-ups, but I think it's well under 1 gallon per hour at around 5000 rpm (tops out at 5800). Seem like a really nice motor. Why a pair of them instead of one? The link in my post goes to when the boat went from a single Tohatsu 9.8 to twins. It really didn't make the boat go much faster, possibly because the builder told the designer to make it efficient at ten knots. He's a sailor and thinks (or thought) ten knots is pretty fast. H
  24. The James Webb telescope is to be launched a week from tomorrow. I haven't followed it so am not sure what is meant by "not as much visual ability." Huh? Haven't all cameras been getting better? I figured my drone probably has a better camera than Hubble.
  25. The Biden SCOTUS Commission Ends Up Disappointing Everyone Not sure if I should apologize for posting Bloomberg'$ $peech or not. Is that bad?
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