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  1. Do you agree with Trump about Massie? Trump: Throw Rep. Thomas Massie out of Republican Party
  2. I might if this were true. But of course it's not.
  3. I say we only let legislators who are not fat vote on those kinds of questions.
  4. Bernie on asset forfeiture: Libertarians have long been saying that letting the seizing agency keep the loot is a problem. I agree with Bernie about that aspect. As I just mentioned to Slug, though, the fundamental problem is seizing property without charging a person with a crime. A related problem is whether seizing property is actually a punishment at all, in those cases where there actually is a conviction or a guilty plea. The nutjobs at IJ won unanimously at SCOTUS on that question in the Timbs case. Any comment on that one?
  5. Drug Kingpin's Money Taken In Texas! The kingpin somehow fled the scene.
  6. I've worked in sales and know it's work, so when I got into rentals I decided to let a property manager do the selling part. Easy pick because a close friend (you've all seen his pic, partner with me in an F-27) is a realtor who has a property management service in his office. Never again. You're picking a business partner. I don't want anyone to do it for me because I want someone with whom I can "click." How does anyone know whether one person will get along with another? They can't. I wouldn't even let my wife pick tenants. I have to deal with them, not her.
  7. Go buy one in Rhode Island or Hawaii and then come back and we can talk about the readily available part. If you want to talk about the basis of the bans in those states, well, I already did and you avoided answering. SCOTUS didn't like the argument that the second amendment only protects 18th century weapons. Do you have an opinion on which Supreme Court got that one right?
  8. I would laugh if I saw that suggestion too, but have never seen it. Maybe you can share the source of laughter? What really happens is, a registry is closed and continued possession of anything unregistered will get you a felony. Predictably, gun owners don't buy the argument that we're responsible for the actions of criminals and choose to keep the guns and risk the felony. That's why CT has scores of thousands of felons with assault weapons right now, vastly outnumbering their prison population.
  9. As if further proof were needed that Gungrabbiness Uber Alles is the guiding TeamD principle. Unlike gun nuts, who rushed to defend TX abortions before anyone, Gov Newsom is perfectly willing to accept the silly TX scheme and throw women wanting abortions under the bus if it means some gungrabbing can occur. Because TeamD!
  10. One that is covered by an assault weapon ban. The one you said is not an assault weapon is an example, but that's really something only a reader could know. Continue to skip over facts you don't like. Abject ignorance can be pretty funny to those of us who read.
  11. They are hardly "specifically" mentioned in Heller. Raz'r asked about, "Does it apply in schools? airports or courthouses, police stations? " and Heller mentions, "laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings." But, as I said, only a reader could know that.
  12. Is that the "Battlefield Dogballs" he's always going on about us banning? I'm not sure whether Canadians are allowed to have those, but was pretty specific about the battlefield .22's to be banned and confiscated in your country, since a list was helpfully provided. It's weird that Canadians can still buy a 10-22 like my wife's battlefield .22. But whether a .22 is an ordinary .22 or a battlefield .22 just depends on whether it's included in an assault weapons ban, so is location-specific.
  13. Yeah, not!! That's a S&W 22 target pistol. Not the stopping power or round capacity anybody would want on the battlefield!!!! Careful! That's clearly an assault weapon as defined by hundreds of congresscritters, as those of us who have read those bills know. It's also clearly a weapon of war, as anyone who has read a press release about assault weapons bans knows. If you persist in saying it's not a weapon of war, people are going to start to wonder whether you realize that a .22 can be lethal and make other similarly persuasive arguments. Do
  14. That's all very complicated. Here's something simple: don't loot property from people who have never been charged with a crime. ESPECIALLY if the looters get to keep the loot, but the fundamental problem doesn't go away if the loot goes into general revenue.
  15. Sounds like she went to a lot of trouble to get that eviction on her record and does deserve what it will bring. Few things bring a hard NO from me, that would be one. I had that happen in college and felt it totally unjustified. We had taken darn good care of the house for a few years, especially if grading on the "rented to a bunch of college guys" curve. The landlord told us he was keeping the deposit and to sue him. Stupidly, he did this a couple of days before we were to leave. We, uh, didn't leave it cleaner than we found it. I've refunded most deposits, including in a coupl
  16. Caused me to look in the cabinet behind me and assess the possibility of stealing this idea.
  17. Well, OK, but I'm not at all sure this one is my pet issue. Guns.
  18. Well, OK. Drug prohibition is still stupid. BTW, you really shouldn't thank me for all the attention since you didn't react to the libertarian nutjob assault on America in Kelo v New London.
  19. I've been a fan of Bernie's for a long time, mostly on foreign policy stuff, but that's pretty unrelated to the thread topic. If he's been helpful on asset forfeiture, I haven't noticed it, but it wouldn't surprise me a lot. But I would think holding the same positions as libertarians would be a bad thing, am I right? Your post doesn't even qualify as a messenger attack, more like messenger-adjacent. If you want to call me a racist or authoritarian or greedy or anything else, quote what I said in this thread that makes me seem that way and say why. I'm glad you're sensitive to r
  20. You're correct about what I'm likely to do, but not why. You see, when non-readers react this way to my mocking of randumb, Helps show that you’re nuttier than I previously thought. THAT is what makes me want to mock randumb more. You fooled Ishmael, which is about as impressive as fooling a puppy into thinking you've thrown a ball. You must be proud.
  21. Mostly. However, this: Was wrong. Can't happen because So the shooter was still a cop, except for qualified impunity purposes. Except that there's really no political debate or issue there. The blue wall didn't materialize, everyone agrees the cop should be punished for violating use of force policies. So the remaining political issue is that this was a shooting. Not a stunning, as Mark pointed out. There being no real political issue in the topic incident, I found one that's relevant: whether the second amendment merely protects muskets, as @dacapo and @
  22. Does it apply in schools? airports or courthouses, police stations? Those are all indoor locations and don't have a lot to do with the questions of whether the second amendment applies to post-18th century tech or whether it applies outdoors. They're also specifically mentioned in Heller, but only a reader could know that.
  23. The TeamD plan to ban and confiscate battlefield .22's worries me mostly because similar ones have passed in other states.
  24. Dr. Hines and the nutjobs won again. He was telecommuting before it was cool. Soon, it will likely be legal, if this libertarian assault on all that is good and sacred succeeds.
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