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  1. Actually, if you click back on the original thread, the very first response was badlat saying this sounded suspicious. And it did. He wasn't alone. Bull Gator was fooled but not many others. The whole hoax was just not believable from the first and the only thing that might be less believable is taking the stand and saying there was no hoax.
  2. They did actually support a Klan march through a neighborhood of Jewish holocaust survivors. But supporting cross burners isn't supporting cross burning and I agree with them on their first amendment advocacy.
  3. More than a million unfortunate boating accidents reported in the last week in California.
  4. That's nice and all, but would be a lot more believable if accompanied by a photo showing your letter to President Biden on this subject next to a stamped envelope. I want to know that someone at the White House had to actually throw that away. It would also be more believable if accompanied by a receipt from your donation to IJ. 4 stars from Charity Navigator. Because really, a years old forum post accompanied by a thread knocking the people you're "supporting" is not all that believable.
  5. Threads are automagically archived after some period of time with no replies. Like everyone else, I had about forgotten about this case and lost all interest. But the wheels of justice grind slowly and he took the stand long after everyone lost interest. Then he said there was no hoax. Sorry, but that's just really good comedy and deserved an update in the old thread. Which I found archived.
  6. To the extent that a law can be a "fact," one that has been upheld by a State Supreme Court is a fact, even if under challenge. At the time that argument was made, the argument was "fact" in Massachusetts. SCOTUS didn't like the argument that the second amendment only protects 18th century weapons. Do you have an opinion on which Supreme Court got that one right? The debate is far from over. In the end, all that is required to reverse something SCOTUS said is political will. That's present. For examples:
  7. Why ask me? Because Olsonist won't explain what he meant and you seem to have thoughts on the liability of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. Also because I love questions to which the answer is obvious, but which can't be answered because TeamD.
  8. I'm not sure that post was addressed to me, but my answer is that the Bill of Rights applies to new technology as it comes along. The first amendment covers electronic communications and the fourth amendment covers using tech for surveillance. Similarly, the second amendment should apply to modern guns, not just muskets. The Massachusetts Supreme Court concluded that the second amendment only applies to those arms invented when it was ratified, a position that some here have supported as well. SCOTUS has reversed the Mass court, but what matters in the end is political support and lots of
  9. Yes. What do you think militias designed to counter military force are preparing to do? Fight, which leaves this question: My answer is: it's going to be a lot easier if the 2nd amendment prohibits them from disarming The People. How would you answer your own question?
  10. Randumb isn't back yet so I guess it's up to me to point out that when the Jews planted nanothermite in the WTC buildings and took them down, that might very well have been part of the class struggle.
  11. It is a very important issue to us. Causes actual libertarians to say stuff like this about people like Rand Paul.
  12. Admittedly, finding people who agree that drug war looting is wrong is pretty hard. Supporting it is a good way to get elected President. Still, popularity doesn't determine what I think is right and I still think drug war looting is wrong.
  13. His VP sponsored the MORE Act in the Senate which would have decriminalized marijuana. I suppose it could have used some Republican co-sponsors, maybe one from Kentucky, a badge of honor wearing Senator from Kentucky. Maybe your boy Rand. Yeah, maybe not. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/s2227/cosponsors It passed the 2019 House. Died in Grassley's (!) Finance Committee. BTW, I notice that your boy Shitstain rescinded the Cole memorandum and that Biden's AG said he'd reinstitute a version of it. Wow, that's quite the string of distractions,
  14. She Got Her Car Back 6 Years After Police Seized It That last bit is why drug war looting continues. Most owners can't/won't try to prove their property innocent and get it back because it's just not worth it. The few, like Malinda Harris, who manage to get some nutjob legal outfit to represent them pro bono, do manage after many years to prevail, but that's just a bit of friction that barely affects the overall machine. Most of the looting remains unchallenged because there are just a handful of nutjobs who will challenge it.
  15. No, we didn't own it then. Is this the top? I thought so and sold but we did see crazier values in 2004-5. Sort of. The appraiser says the lot next to me is worth 70k. I would buy it quickly at that price. It's worth more like a hundred. Sold in 2004 for 235k. Today asking 335k. I hope everyone else feels the way I do about that price so it stays a jungle, but I'm not sure I'd bet on it.
  16. Huh? I cited the argument that Massachusetts brought to SCOTUS, namely that technology developed since ratification isn't covered by the second amendment. They didn't say "maybe" at all.
  17. Roosevelt wanted to get into the war to help England. Americans remembered WWI and weren't interested. The Japanese Empire needed oil and Roosevelt cut them off, giving them two choices: quit being who they were or attack. The first one wasn't an option at all, so Roosevelt not only knew, he caused it.
  18. I don't pay for Bezo$' $peech and am even less likely to now after seeing that little alert box saying they want to "reform" Section 230. It doesn't need any reformation IMO because I don't think The Ed is or should be responsible for what any of us say here.
  19. JFK author Peter Janney on Acknowledging the Truth of 9/11 I wonder if randumb is coming back soon? This place seems a bit short on wackiness without him.
  20. I'm admittedly confused on that subject. Maybe you can help. I've been trying to figure out the meaning of this post for a while, but Olsonist won't explain. Please help! What is the point of this post? Something about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals, but I can't figure it out. Can you?
  21. How does a militia supposed to fight the US Government when it is under the authority of Congress, specifically to "put down insurrections"? https://law.justia.com/constitution/us/article-1/58-the-militia-clauses.html I wasn't asking about fighting. I was asking about "offsetting." Are you saying that "offsetting" and fighting are the same thing?
  22. Marijuana, Taxation, and Unintended Consequences ... Gee, who could have possibly guessed that high taxes would result in a successful black market? I mean, other than people who know that the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was intended as a prohibition program, not a tax.
  23. If you mean anybody who joins me in agreeing with Obama and disagreeing with Trump on this topic, obviously no.
  24. He disagrees with me and with the party platform on that one, but differences of opinion are tolerated in some political circles. Do you have any differences of opinion with Biden at all? For example, do you like his anti-libertarian position on drug war looting? Maybe this will help: Hmm... Just like the stupid drug war, eminent domain, and gun laws, these laws disproportionately target minorities.
  25. Actually, the crony-capitalist practice of hobbling competition with protectionist legislation is very much a bipartisan thing. That's why people who think they should be able to braid hair without doing 1,500 hours of training that doesn't touch on braiding hair have to look to obscure nutjob outfits like IJ to fight back.
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