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  1. Thanks, Bull. Not sure what they might do about the kill switch. It's a blue piece of plastic with a magnet inside, and it has to be in place atop the tiller to operate the motor. You can see it in my pic above, along with a lanyard attaching it to the boom gallows. If mine can't be converted because of that issue, it's still OK with me. I just have to swing the tiller all the way around backward when tilting. The bigger problem I have is actually easy to solve. The springs in the motor bracket were fine for the 60 lb Tohatsu but are far too powerful for the ePropulsion. I have to ge
  2. In nanothermite news, Famed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht validates controlled demolition theory in AE911Truth's new doc I can't wait to see what he surmises next!
  3. I just wonder if we'll be allowed to say the name, or if I'll continue to have to refer to a city to the South of me as Fort FatGrifter?
  4. Still? I think you're like the rest of the TeamD players and not at all afraid to grab power by any means if gungrabbiness is a possibility. Similarly, the TeamR players are not at all afraid to grab power by any means if banning abortions is a possibility. It's cute that Meli thought she was joking. Newsom, James, and Tribe, among others, clearly are not. They'll throw abortion right under the bus if gungrabbing is a possibility, as Eva Dent.
  5. Looks like the confiscation of previously-legal property will be delayed while SCOTUS gets a shot at it.
  6. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! And get tossed when the unfortunate horse wipes out, then laughed at by a romantic rival. No, really, that's how the song goes. I never knew that!
  7. Hmm... I somehow missed that bolded detail and this thread when shopping. I didn't get the EVO because I don't care about regeneration. Just got the regular Spirit 1.0 Plus. So far, so good, I really love it. They do have a couple of weird ideas at ePropulsion, though. That tiller is really long and folds down, not up. It tilts up only a short way. And I have a boom gallows. They don't get along. I don't like getting off my ass if I'm on the far side of the boat. A remote would be really nice. Also, retracting the bracket and tilting the motor involves an odd little dance to get
  8. Posted this article in the authoritarian chicken thread, but this bit is relevant here. They're effective all right. Oddly, none of the people who are soooo very concerned with racial justice want to examine what they're effective at doing. We are public defenders. New York’s gun laws eviscerate our clients’ Second Amendment rights.
  9. Wow, it's almost as if someone here in PA has said that exact thing over and over here for years. That gun control is exactly like abortion control in how it is treated and viewed by the courts. And that same person has said repeatedly that y'all better watch out with your stupid anti-gun proposals because some on the anti-abortion side is going to copy it and use it against you. Hmmmm, now I wonder who that was that was so prescient all those years ago?? I think BJ might have been kidding (except the lying about me part, of course) but obviously his idea is being eagerl
  10. Democrats should apply Supreme Court’s abortion decision to firearms More authoritarian chicken, this time from Lawrence Tribe, who actually admits he knows better. They're pretending that the TX law is now "established" in law but that fight is far from over and TX is still likely to lose, IMO. Still grabbers who want to entrench the precedent before it's even established are not helping. If you think a situation forces you to accept an "alarming affront to federal protection of constitutional rights" then maybe it's time to think a bit harder about the situation and ways o
  11. Your best fit is… Nutjob … along with 0.00000012% of the public Well, that wasn't very informative.
  12. The day before, I saw that Windfinder was forecasting 30+ knots sustained and gusts over 40. I laughed. They're always saying stuff like that. I told my wife it was just sailorly wishful thinking, always predicting more wind than we'll actually see. Oops. They were kinda low. Back to normal today, I see. Predicting 16 knot gusts this morning. There's no way that's going to happen. Makes sense, and construction sites do have lots of plywood and stuff laying around. You expect a tropical storm to fling them, not a cold front.
  13. Festivus Report Reminds me of a tourist trap that my dad and I visited many years ago. Signs alongside the road said, "See Duck Play Piano, Chicken Play Drum!" It was pretty funny the first time and got funnier with each sign we passed until we decided to turn in when we got there. Victims of advertising. It was about what you'd expect: a pathetic bird in a cage that knew the only way to get food was to peck away at the "piano" or "drum." I suspect this experiment will be as educational, but it's only half a million bucks. The real boondoggles are much bigger and les
  14. You keep getting that wrong. FIFY. Still haven't read the topic post, huh? I guess with jocal missing we need another non-reader.
  15. I saw it the first time. Asprirational memes are nice and everything, but the whole point of this thread is that there are Canadians who are armed with battlefield .22's and other weapons of war and they need to have those confiscated asap because of the dangers these people are creating. Maybe you should wait until they're actually disarmed before repeatedly bragging about it?
  16. I seem to recall some rather large payments last month of property taxes, based on what we have. We have sales tax too, so taxes are on what you earn, what you have, and what you spend.
  17. Never thought I'd see it, but I think we actually have competition in the "most ignorant post about eminent domain" category. Frank James had 5 years to figure out who supported buyingback Kelo's house and why and failed. Learning has had a lot more time and also failed and has "learning" in his screen name, giving him the edge in my book.
  18. Yes, I've adopted the siesta as the beginning phase of my transition to Mexican. Culturally insensitive gringos insist on calling and waking me up, though. It's a struggle for those of us who transition.
  19. Possibly because BTW, the strikes mentioned at the link were 2016 and 2017.
  20. Stablecoins will ruin us all!!! Much like PayPal has.
  21. I'd just add that at least two things were not wrong: The nutjobs who brought the case were not wrong. They're wrong to call themselves libertarians when you know better, but if we just agree to call them nutjobs, that objection goes away. On the issue of the case, buyingback Kelo's house, they were right. Also right, at least almost completely, Justice Thomas. His dissent is not a whole lot longer than your word count in this thread and is, no offense, a lot more worth reading.
  22. Will America's Military Reckon with the Reckless Murders Perpetuated by Its Drone Wars? I feel safer already.
  23. Biden Doubles Down on Failure It seems that successfully replacing prescription opiods with fentanyl wasn't enough. You have to start being stupid somewhere, then double down.
  24. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Doubles Down on Looting The truth is, people lucky enough to get nutjobs like the ones at IJ to represent them will be represented. Those who have to pay will quickly conclude the loot isn't worth the price of recovery and the government will keep the property. Lightfoot is acting like there's something new and people will get representation like criminal defendants do, but that's not true. She's just doubling down on failure, as drug warriors usually do.
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