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  1. Is that what he said? I thought he said something more like this: He does seem to understand the futility of arguing with people like yourself and has been emphatic that he has NO plans to do anything to repeal your ban on battlefield .22's. But he sometimes voices mild disapproval.
  2. I still don't see how the vast majority of us, who are peaceful people and will never shoot anyone, are causing this? @badlatitude did you "Like" that post in theory or in practice? Are you going to get that assault weapon off the streets by selling it to a gun dealer again? You know why my wife's weapon causes all these mass shootings and no one here says the same about your gun? Because mindless TeamD.
  3. Why would the President lie about such a thing? I believe him.
  4. Non-readers who pretend to have read continue to be cute. The adjustable stock is what made my wife's gun into a battlefield .22. Not any trigger job and it's not full auto, which would be highly illegal since Saint Ronald closed the machine gun registry in 1986.
  5. It's Tedious Tom's constant denigration of gun control - says his wife has a Ruger .22 that somebody somewhere somehow said it would be an illegal gun aka assault rifle. Well, no, a battlefield .22 is simply a .22 that's covered by an assault weapon ban. And it's not "somebody somewhere somehow" it's hundreds of members of Congress, joined by the President and Vice President, who said it very clearly in proposed legislation and in press releases.
  6. I think of loss leading as a voluntary marketing strategy. I doubt the builders want to sell below cost. They're told to do it or not build. It's akin to a tax but is more a regulatory buyback. As with the topic case, I agree with Justice Thomas about those. From upthread: Troublesome Thomas is right again. And that would make a pretty good screen name. Maybe after Jules traces the paths of Pfizer's and Kelo's money, I'll change my mind about Thomas' opinions. Not holding my breath.
  7. I took that comment back to the unrelated thread and you still haven't traced the money trail. Possibly because that was just a stupid applause-line and devoid of meaning or factual basis.
  8. Pittsburgh Housing Rules Are Unconstitutional Buyback Demanding that your operate your business at a loss seems like a buyback to me. We'll see if any courts agree.
  9. If you did, it was from someone skilled in the art of ignoring Gorsuch. Three American Samoans, in ask for birthright citizenship, answer Gorsuch’s call for a chance to overturn Insular Cases So what really happened, that your source apparently ignored, was that Gorsuch was horrified by the decision and basically invited Fitisemanu to appeal. Now that invitation has been accepted.
  10. More on the Ruan case. The Blurry Legal Line Between Doctors and Drug Dealers Ignoring intent and punishing people anyway is a common theme for prohibition programs, and that's what is happening here. Again. "Legitimate medical purpose" is something about which people disagree. Lots of us think there are legitimate medical purposes for cannabis and its extracts, but federal law says no. Doctors have recently asked me and my dying brother to rate our own pain on a scale of 1 to 10. So that's how "objective" measurement is achieved. And since that's obviously as s
  11. In prosecutorial immunity news, He Was Sentenced to Death After Law Enforcement Fabricated Evidence. A Federal Court Says He Can Sue. It's nice to see that Judge James Ho has gone from seeing qualified impunity as "necessary to stop mass shootings" to seeing the need to discard the "clearly established" standard that makes immunity almost automatic, even in egregious circumstances.
  12. The central idea of gun control is to blame peaceful people for the actions of criminals, so it's no surprise to see you and others blame peaceful people again. I still don't think my wife's ownership of a battlefield .22 had anything at all to do with this crime, so I don't see how banning it will help to do anything but create another destructive but ineffective prohibition program. Once marginalized, it's possible to achieve great things like Australia, such as banning battlefield .22's and confiscating disabled antiques from museum collections. You know, common sense gun control.
  13. She was such a happy dog. Just as long as everyone understood whose frisbee that was... Only one dog could express interest in her frisbee without causing a fight. Luke knew he had nothing to fear from those choppers.
  14. It's sad because having them is so great. Being sad is a reason to get another to me. But I also have reasons not to get another. I'm not getting younger and we have Kailey the Cowdog and we're thinking of doing some traveling. She's a lot easier to take along, or easier to arrange care for here, than Libby was. Less stinky too. But she doesn't know how to hold a tiller yet.
  15. I read this a couple of days ago and thought, "This will be me soon." Then yesterday I was getting ready to go inside and saw my Libby with her frisbee in her mouth, staring at me. OK, we'll play a little! She was over 13 but played like she was two. I thought, "Maybe not that soon." Then last night her balance disappeared. She couldn't walk or stand without falling. We both hoped it was something she ate and maybe she'd be better this morning. She wasn't. Goodbye, Dog of my Dreams.
  16. I thought the regulation of hair braiders or possibly florists might be the most absurd examples of occupational licensing run amok. I thought wrong. We have a new frontrunner. Licensed Fortunetellers I guess comprehensive licensure of fortunetellers has to regulate the real ones and the fake ones. I guess they're all real in Annapolis. I think a video of one of those San Fran public hearings would be a great addition to this thread if anyone can find one.
  17. You should hurry up and go back to wherever you came from. Michigan, wasn't it? They don't have any such rules up there, or so I hear. * *Except this one:
  18. Connecticut Legalizes Cookies (Again) Mmmmm. Cookies. In October, but cookies!
  19. Yep. Still wondering if you're going to finish saying the quiet part out loud.
  20. Ohio Court of Appeals Rules Against Tent Community on Private Property So Ohio is marked Safe from Koch-$pon$ored homeless camps... for now.
  21. That's definitely an assault weapon by the mainstream TeamD definition. Clearly a pistol grip and that stock looks adjustable.
  22. Or, a link to one of his own threads. Nope, both wrong again, as usual, but thanks for your interest. As for me, I'm still interested in Olsonist's point about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. Keep predicting what I'll do and I'll keep asking!
  23. President Biden Does Not Want to Take Your Guns Away Rep Swalwell wraps up that fairy tale with this whopper: The thing about the bolded part is that gun owners know about the DC registry at the heart of the Heller case, the Chicago registry at the heart of the McDonald case, the various state registries, and yes, the federal registry into which Joe Biden wants to put our battlefield .22's and other weapons of war. So there's no registry at all. Except, you know, the one Biden wants to use as a vehicle to take battlefield .22's and other assault weapons. There is t
  24. So, now you like free $peech? You are consistently inconsistent.
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