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  1. Rhode Island Becomes the 19th State To Legalize Recreational Marijuana It's good to see they are allowing cultivation but growing three plants at home does continue to risk having that home seized by drug war looters.
  2. New full auto's have been banned since 1986 so existing ones tend to cost 5 figures. You act like it is possible to separate battlefield .22's from other assault weapons but that completely ignores political reality. The reality is, to exclude battlefield .22's from such bans would require someone, anyone, from TeamD saying that something, anything, coming from any gun control advocate goes too far. But you've never seen any of them say anything goes too far and you won't. So your whole idea of separating battlefield .22's from other assault weapons just can't happen.
  3. Hah! 80%??? Compliance rates with gun confiscation programs are nowhere near that high. In the topic program, owners are being allowed to keep their property for life, then give it up, and still the compliance rate is very low. That's why there are now "scores of thousands" of felons in possession up in CT. It turns out that "you're responsible for the actions of criminals so sign up to have your property taken" is not at all persuasive and is light years from persuading 80% of the people.
  4. You were a lot more fun when you used to call me a liar because I read bills while you chose ignorance. But I understand that a TeamD Ranger can't just go around saying the entire leadership of TeamD is unreasonable, so I get why you had to hide that comment.
  5. Dunno. Might be related to his never acknowledging Scalia's comments in the Heller decision, which agrees that states and municipalities have the right to ban scary black rifles. Can't be sure. Not sure what you're talking about but I think battlefield .22's and other such military weapons are exactly the kinds of weapons the second amendment should protect. Of course, I think that SCOTUS, not the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, has this one right. Was that so hard? Have you managed to develop an opinion on whether the Bill of Rights applies to pos
  6. Just because the government can give me a gun doesn't mean it can take one that it never gave to me. Or even "buyback" one if you are among those afraid of the word "taking" in that context.
  7. And only non-reading idiots (Hi Olsonist! Hi Gungrabby Chorus!) think that people should be held responsible for what happens after a criminal steals a car or gun. But by all means finish making your point on that subject!
  8. I thought gun control wasn't all about holding peaceful people responsible for the actions of criminals. No, it is to blame Guns for turning some peaceful people into criminals and some tool heads into murdering scum. But that didn't last. Uh huh. Hi Tom, huh? Badlat has a really scary assault weapon. Billy Backstay has a Mini-14, which isn't an assault weapon but is scarier than a battlefield .22 to anyone who understands ballistics at all. Cal 20 has semiauto handguns, the very most crime-causing kind of gun. But it's not about guns on
  9. At your service. By the way, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts said that the militia should be training with 18th century weapons, since that's all the 2nd protects because of something Scalia said. SCOTUS reversed that decision, saying the Bill of Rights applies to technology that has been developed since it was written. Which one do you think got it right? It's a subject for another thread, but do you think militiaing was an indoor or outdoor activity?
  10. Oh dear. That sounds OK for wealthy yachtsmen, but what about poor people, many of whom are minorities? Sounds regressive and troubling. Someone had to say it. But then, racist, regressive and troubling is what gun control has always been and remains today. Not that systematic police racism is always bad. When it's in the service of gun grabbing, no one else here seems to see any problem with it at all.
  11. Well, no, like the gun nutters who were first to court opposing this power grab, I opposed it from the start. You were the one who figured it might be useful for gun grabbing. And it has been. I remain opposed while you and the grabbers help entrench the TX power grab.
  12. In other words, no. The 2nd Amendment does not grant a right to buy ammunition. A Supreme Court decision grants that right. See the difference? Hah! So you're now willing to admit that link leads to a SCOTUS opinion, not some article as you claimed previously? That's progress! Glad to see you start reading!
  13. Yes, I admit I quoted your incredibly racist comment and said I disapprove on more than one occasion. I see that you still need that kind of attention, so... Since no one else here will tell you becaus TeamD, that's the most racist thing that has ever appeared on this forum and you should be ashamed. No way I'm taking anti-racism lessons from the author of THAT shit.
  14. That thought didn't come from anything of mine you can quote, so I guess I must not be "y'all." Who is? What did they say to set you off? And what did the Chief Justice have to say prior to hearing Santa Clara County vs Southern Pacific RR again?
  15. TSA: Thousands Squeezing Asses Her body, TSA's choice.
  16. What did the Chief Justice have to say prior to hearing Santa Clara County vs Southern Pacific RR again?
  17. After deciding that Jack Miller was indeed part of "the people" the Supreme Court looked into that question. So, yes, and fathoms of match. It's really kind of a ridiculous question, like asking if it would be OK to respect the freedom to own a printing press but ban paper and ink. But not as ridiculous as actual questions faced by SCOTUS recently, such as whether the bill of rights applies to post-18th century tech and whether militias operated outdoors.
  18. Dr. Oz Warns That Legalizing Marijuana in Pennsylvania Would Aggravate Unemployment by Weakening 'Mojo' Seth Rogan is open and funny about his pot smoking. He's also hyperactive and hyperproductive. He suggested in an interview that those "young people who drop out" are drawn to self-medicate with pot, meaning that's the effect, not the cause.
  19. No to the first question, but the second question is just silly because the amendment protects a right of the people. Scalia put the notion that "the people" means something else to rest nicely talking about the Miller case, which would not have been a case at all had the court believed the amendment didn't apply to Miller. Now, it's likely that Steam Flyer will again come along and falsely claim that's an article or something, not the opinion of Scalia, and lots of grabbers will like the post just because it calls me a liar. But they're a bunch of non-readers sniffing the ass-gas of a
  20. Hah! Not the ones I respect. And there's no way I'm going to sic a creepy stalker like yourself on people I respect, so you can just guess who you should endlessly harass.
  21. A week and no indication that Ncik thinks that black lives exist.
  22. My apologies. When considering US policy toward Taiwan, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion.
  23. I was wondering if anyone would get around to spelling it correctly.
  24. Tell us more about forfeiture. Wait, you did! Which probably fooled non-readers, but of course I knew that Obama/Biden doubled the looting before "curtailing" it by cutting it back in half. I understand the desire to bury Biden's record and pretend he has always agreed with Ron and Rand Paul on this issue. He hasn't. C-SPAN has the tapes. That was the 80's-90's drug war and by 2000 the looters had misbehaved enough to draw some calls for reform. Protecting drug war looters from those reforms at that time? Senators Sessions and Biden. As Sessions s
  25. Obviously, the worst thing about Biden's drug war looting legacy is that I talk about it. Thanks for reminding everyone of the real problem here.
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