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  1. So you confined your concerns to an anonymous sailing blog ?? Not very valiant of ya. Among other places. You clipped out my question instead of answering it. Not very valiant of you. I'll try again: Vote for any Iraq war supporters for President lately? It's not a hard question, is it?
  2. Right here, getting excoriated by warmongers who vote for people who support the wars I oppose. Where were you? Vote for any Iraq war supporters for President lately? Or even not so lately?
  3. The same proseclerker sent a man to death row. That conviction was tossed and the man is out awaiting a new trial.
  4. W is a Dem? Wow, I didn't reaiize a professor of political science could be that ignorant! By the way, I've previously called out McCain for refusing to listen to Ron Paul about Iraq when it mattered. Do you think he's a Dem too?
  5. Dumbest question ever posed on the internet! Tom, you've earned a red flag and I will be on the phone when they open. LMAO what a maroon
  6. Yeah it's too bad that poeple like W, Hillary, and Biden didn't listen to Ron Paul about the Iraq war when it mattered.
  7. Prosecutor Clerks for Judge I agree with the quoted nutjob.
  8. Yes. Do you have any such history, or for that matter any history of commenting on this issue at all. Do you agree with Trump and Biden on it?
  9. Hah! Joy Behar is in a PANIC about outdoor militias
  10. It would look cool but I avoid cutting metal if possible and I don't weld. It was too wet and full of cypress knees where one of the piers was supposed to land so the boys had to move it and drill a new 3/4" hole through the beam for that one on the left in the foreground of the pic. He asked me if that plan was OK and my only comment was when it comes to drilling big holes through big pieces of steel, better him than me.
  11. Seriously? Debates should follow your wants and not that of the electorate? Actually, on the issues I mentioned the electorate has come to agree with nutjobs like me, but Duopoly politicians still don't. Yes, I think it would be nice to hear both sides of those issues in a debate instead of what we have been offered.
  12. My neighbor caught a 21 inch red off his dock in the creek the other night. That used to happen a couple of times a week. First one in at least a year. In other news. FWC was actually up at the dam last night. Gave my neighbor Antonio a warning because he was fishing from the dock and his license expired a few days ago. Except for holidays, I don't remember ever seeing FWC up here in the creek. Neighbor boy says the snook are thick under the RR bridge. Cast nets are on the long list of things I'm not allowed to pick up, let alone throw, since my hernia surgery.
  13. Semites did it. Interesting. I don't think there was a controlled demolition at all. I assume that's the "it" in your sentence?
  14. Let's test that theory. Do you agree or disagree with him that the Jews conducted a controlled demolition on our buildings on 9/11?
  15. This database. People here have invented the notion that I've built a duplicate but I lack the technical and organizational skills to do something like that. I just know how to use the search function, which I guess makes me appear supernatural to those who don't, so they make shit up. I'm curious, Meli, do you think that posting material from the Anti-Defamation League makes me a "Jewish shill" as randumb said?
  16. I'd like to see a debate with more than one view of police qualified immunity, the stupid drug war, drug war looting, eminent domain, Section 230, and authorizing unitary military forever. But the CPD will most likely continue poling the electorate. If there's a debate, only the Duopoly view of those subjects will be presented.
  17. Complete with a link. That's a lot of trouble considering I provided the source, but OK. I take it from your response that they're not a randumbly-approved source? Ah well, we don't count things said when in full paranoid upswing do we? I remember that thread I think. Rando was in full laced Buddha sticks mode. Calling me a "Jewish shill" for posting material from the Anti-Defamation League is "full paranoid upswing" huh? Nah, excuse it all you want, but randumb is an antisemitic asshole and his conspir
  18. SCOTUS asked to look at qualified immunity again in Cope v Cogdill Really? You've decided to strangle yourself and you have in front of you a phone cord and a sheet. Does anyone pick the sheet? Or, more on point, if you know that a sheet could be used for that purpose, do you also know a wire could be too? I think the answer is yes, of course you do, everyone does. But that answer doesn't give benefit of the doubt to cops. Now we have another Justice who looks to cops like she might just need stopping and frisking. I think it's no coincidence that the two Justices w
  19. You know how to enable peer interaction? Turn on the internet. Cuba fails. Venezuela's a Cuba wannabe. Pakistan knowingly sheltered Osama bin Laden for years. Is Libya even a country again? I thought that the NY Times said Hillary reduced it to a "failed state and terrorist haven" just a few years ago.
  20. I'm not even sure how/whether that could be done. I'm just using them as I found them. A big pile of 16' rough cut 2 x 6's has appeared out there today. Might get it decked this weekend but I just had hernia surgery and am not allowed to do anything useful so that's my neighbor's boy and his buddy in the pic doing the work. They'll be back when they get back.
  21. Cuba, Pakistan, Venezuela, Libya, Somalia, and other shithole countries.
  22. Me either but I saw Mike Rowe feed a cow to a shredder on Dirty Jobs. Because this is true Right up until the alcohol is saturated, at which point something called phase separation happens and you wind up with low octane fuel floating on top of ethanol goo.
  23. Glad to have been wrong about this one. The feds have agreed to return the armored car company loot So that's a good result in this case but only a few looting victims manage to find a nutjob law firm to take on the government. Most don't and won't see such a change of heart.
  24. How dare you??? I'm outraged and sharpening my darts!
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