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  1. Price went up! A family of them has figured out how to get into the chicken run and steal leftover food at night. I got some trail cam pics of them but they're not good. Just glowing eyes inside the coop. But I do have a new picture. Bridge beams bolted to steel rails sitting in reinforced concrete piers in the ground. Waiting on the wood to deck it.
  2. ATF's New 'Ghost Gun' Rules Are as Clear as Mud Everyone seems sure of one thing: here come the lawsuits.
  3. Pretty much my experience. The end of my senior year in college I had a couple of fun, blow-off courses and that was it. Waste of time but I had fun. I got AP credit in American History and in Calculus. The former got me out of some basic class, the latter got me in way over my head and I got the only D of my academic life. (I did manage to get an F in phys ed once.) I'm sure I could have gotten AP credit in Latin but my teacher was also my girlfriend's dad and the Dean and my relationship with the man was complicated. I was mad at him and wasn't going to make him look good by getting ano
  4. When considering relations between Russia and Finland, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion yet again.
  5. That's nice, but given the member states, the UN HRC is kind of a rogue's gallery.
  6. Dang, you're on a passive-aggressive tear! Can you make a few posts without making any reference to me? Search says you're up to about 500 posts talking about me, wrong every single time. And can't even figure out which one of us is being passive aggressive! But it looks like Sol's got your back, so GOOO TEAM!
  7. Sheriff Villanueva launches criminal investigation into leak of use-of-force video Doesn't like cameras or whistleblowers, do Villanueva qualifies as "bad cop" two different ways in my book.
  8. FBI Respects Affluenza Judge Wilkins' reaction is why I'm glad we just got a public defender on the Supreme Court. You get a different reaction when it's your client's door (defender) vs your target's door (prosecutor.)
  9. Democrats exasperated with Biden on gun control I hope they stay exasperated.
  10. That's actually an easier situation to deal with in a way. Once exposed, they won't find any defenders at all. Drug war looting, OTOH, enjoys bipartisan political support. Much harder to eradicate.
  11. I was aware of the theory that the Jews demolished our buildings on 9/11 but are you saying it was actually Russian Jews? The things I learn here!
  12. Lots in there about who/what they were not. It'll be interesting when there are details about who/what they were.
  13. Show us something. ANYTHING. That gives this even one iota of proof. One, slim iota of proof. There hasn't been, and there won't be, and in the end Trump's lapdog will just say he was misled and had no idea then entire thing was an overblown fake. Sorry. His bad. But I will say this. I hope the FBI is involved and investigating. Because I hope ANY accusation like this at the highest level is taken seriously. Unlike so many of our republican friends who just want to handwave it all away when the issue is with Republican. That's the difference. Instead of chantin
  14. ... Here’s hoping Pettway is right and the federal government starts paying attention to Brookside, Alabama. Kinda cute that the sheriff thought the feds would do something other than exacerbate drug war looting. The President helped write these laws, earning praise from Jeff Sessions in the process, and people wonder why AG Garland hasn't reversed what AG Sessions did on drug war looting? Because it's embarrassing to reverse your boss' political legacy, that's why. Anyway, it's not the feds who will notice something like this and help. It's nutjobs, agai
  15. I suspect some view this as a continuation of the 2014 invasion, so the distinction is not that clear. So we can't really agree on what we're stopping nor for how long, but can we at least agree that the "then leave" part of your fantasy is just that? When did we ever "just leave" once we started meddling?
  16. We're not going to be any more effective than usual at policing the world nor the ensuing nation building, so no, we should not try again, especially given the risks involved in attacking Russia directly. But just to clarify, are you saying "stop" the 2014 invasion? And for how long do we commit to our (hypothetical) ability to stop Russia?
  17. Got around to reading Alito's dissent in Thompson v Clark, joined by Thomas and Gorsuch. He says the fourth amendment can't house a "malicious prosecution" claim at all because unreasonable seizure is so different. A seizure can be unreasonable without any malice toward a person but an unreasonable prosecution isn't malicious without malice. Also, a person can be prosecuted without ever being seized (release on own recognizance for example) but seizure is a required element in the majority opinion. Alito's take: He says the whole issue was spawned by a misreading of a terse note a
  18. Perhaps they already have? We've seen the randumbly-approved view that the evil Jews were behind the 9/11 controlled demolitions. You don't think the same people would mastermind a war in Ukraine?
  19. In crappy field tests and lazy cops resulting in innocents locked up news, Faulty Police Field Tests Said This Trucker Was Carrying 700 Gallons of Meth. It Was Diesel. The article notes that the person wrongfully imprisoned in the previous story got a 1.5 million dollar award from a federal jury. So that's nice but I think my plan of locking up the dilatory prosecutor would have been more effective at changing future behaviors.
  20. This post reminded me that I haven't had a nanothermite update in a while, so... Roland Angle embarks on the most important mission of his life It's a heavy load.
  21. An oil change on my Tohonda requires removal of the lower cowl. Not that much fun, but not that hard when walking around the back of the boat on land. Working on an outboard in a well is a nightmare and that's true even if the thing closes like it should.
  22. I think if a President promised pardons, he should deliver. And if anyone thought the promise wrong to begin with, he should have said so earlier. But that's another thread.
  23. That would be super! The FCC is part of the executive branch, so having Trump's minions decide what can and can't be reported would surely solve all our problems. Jeez, man, even Barbara Boxer learned from the Trump administration that you want to be careful what kind of power you vest in the government. Not that kind.
  24. And what happens if you don't use your money to pay a lawyer to fight the looters? This: Cops Seized $8,000 From Her and Never Charged Her With a Crime Starling is lucky to have found nutjobs who will represent her for free but most people just have to do the math: a few thousand bucks for a lawyer to get my few thousand bucks back? Nah. So the looters win by default.
  25. That copyright should have been dead a long time ago. Killing it is right, doing it as political punishment is wrong and probably violates the first amendment IMO. Well, corporate first amendment rights anyway...
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