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  1. And in Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation news, Peach cobblers matter. A simple fruit cobbler is about the easiest thing to make. Mix a cup of milk, a cup of self-rising flour, and a cup of sugar, pour it into a dish where you've melted a stick of butter, and sprinkle in two cups of any fruit. Cook at 350 until it smells too good to leave alone any longer.
  2. At least some positive response to Amir Locke's death. Minneapolis Bans Police Use of No-Knock Warrants So that sounds great unless you know that preventing the destruction of stupid drug war evidence is the main reason for these tactics in the first place. Like the stupid drug war itself, this piece of its legacy needs to just go away.
  3. In Illinois revenue camera scamera news, Chicago's More Aggressive Speed Cameras Issued 2.8 Million Tickets Last Year Millions of new tickets and tens of millions in new revenue? Yep, working as intended.
  4. Qualified immunity isn't yet an issue in this case, but... The Supreme Court Says You Can Sue Cops Who Frame You on False Charges I agree with the quoted nutjob about the issue that was decided. Kavanaugh was right about why the standard they overturned made little sense. Qualified immunity may still protect the cops if no previous case has found that framing someone in this particular way was wrong.
  5. When considering cellphones and the fourth amendment, as with every other issue, it's important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for once again bringing that into the discussion.
  6. We have to cross a couple of (really stupid) threshold questions posed by grabbers first. Initially, they took the idea to SCOTUS that the Bill of Rights applies only to tech developed when it was written. This bears on the question of standardization that you raised. Should we standardize on musket rounds or something more modern? It's not a question that would come up with respect to any other right. Along the same lines, grabbers are now arguing in SCOTUS that the second amendment doesn't apply outside the home. Indoor militias seem about as stupid and ahistorical as the prev
  7. Geofence Warrant' for All Cell Location Data From Area Near Robbery Is Ruled Unconstitutional Kerr's related article says that there was no fourth amendment search because using Google location services is voluntary and not necessary for modern life, two attributes that distinguish it from the Carpenter case situation. I think he's wrong about at least the second part.
  8. Something stopping you from selling that boat that never seems to leave the dock and using the money to buy guns for Ukrainians? Set an example and maybe people will follow. Whine about what others should do while doing nothing yourself, and maybe people will follow that example. But you could set a different example. No one's stopping you. I've shot the little KelTec 32's and 380's. The 380 is nicer. He probably could have found other buyers for that order but this is one way to make lemonade from lemons.
  9. Camera-shy cops in Fresno I suspect that acting without much (or any) care in removing these people is viewed as a feature, not a bug.
  10. In zoning news, Victory in North Carolina! Federal Court Rejects Bogus Zoning Arguments That Kept Homeless Out in the Cold Nice to see a judge who doesn't believe in blind deference when he sees the magic words.
  11. Possession of weapons is treated as a violent felony in our more enlightened areas. If you were wondering where that kind of assumption leads. It's been affecting Black Lives for quite a while, but that doesn't really Matter when there are higher priorities, right?
  12. Well, no, I'll continue to not do virtually everything you predict I'll do, as always. However, when considering the nincomcoup, as with every other issue, it's important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion once again.
  13. Ah, now your comment makes sense! And I think Justice Marshall showed how perspective matters. Actually it is even worse than that. I sail with a former prosecutor; among my obnoxious questions to him has been about the frequency of cases in which police and prosecutors conspire to convict people they know to be innocent. This is thoroughly documented in the Grisham book below and elsewhere. My sailing amigo denied ever doing such a thing, and said he never saw other prosecutors do it either. But it surely does happen. I know of
  14. That's actually not correct, though its been since 1991. It is correct that Jackson would be the first public defender. As a chief state public defense executive, I see as many issues with the police and prosecutors as I do with defenders. I'm guessing you're saying that Justice Thomas has a criminal defense background? Never heard that before. I got a pretty close look at how prosecutors operate over dinner for some years as my mother was a prosecutor for the State of FL. My mom and the cops who worked to help prosecutions were not bad people but they had their perspective: tha
  15. Move those goalpoasts! Your other post was about "legalization" and now you want to talk about "decriminalization" possibly because Biden said he won't sign legalization. As I said. Go vote for another drug warrior and get back to me when your party manages to avoid electing one.
  16. We have some of those rules about land and water here too, which is why I mentioned that things get a bit more complex than my initial outline. My own property, like all my neighbors', has a 50 foot wide "driveway" strip. The actual driveway runs on part of mine but we all have to have them to be a buildable lot. Similarly, these people we sell to do shit. They need, but can't afford, a well and septic system. So we buy those and build the cost into the financing. If there are too many rules and they prevent you from helping poor people, maybe move to a state where doing business with the
  17. The one with the drug warrior President who said he would not sign legalization? What do I win?
  18. Heh. What I'm selling off at the moment is a little patch of a poor Panhandle county. Our cars are worth more than the remaining lots. Anyone who could buy a car could do what I'm doing. You buy a big piece of really cheap land, cut it up and sell the pieces with owner financing. In practice it's a bit more complex but not much. Sometimes it doesn't go well but my experience leads me to believe banks are missing out by laughing at the idea of loaning these people money. By and large, they pay their debts. Sometimes slowly and irregularly, but more make it than not by a fair margin. So you
  19. Completely. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sign another owner financing deal that will turn another person who would get laughed out of a bank into a property owner. How many property owners have you started on their way?
  20. Not to mention whether/how much tax the owner actually paid, and when. I pay in November for the discount. I don't get why mike thinks this expense of ownership is different from any other. I pass along every expense, just like any business that wants to survive. Should my tenants (or maybe their temporary roomates) get a tax credit when I buy a roof or a water treatment system? There's a much easier correction, and one I've been fearing for a while now. Several of my tenants could fix the whole problem by buying their own places. They just choose not to. This is particularly
  21. Or to say I don't know or care anything about her. But, when considering Obama's reaponse to bin Laden, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion again.
  22. I never flew big jets but I think they go faster than 340 mph in level flight and probably much faster in a dive.
  23. Doesn't anyone know why Ginny hates Pfizer so much?
  24. No. (Attempts to suggest otherwise notwithstanding.) That's a different question, the answer to which Doug had right. Bankruptcy abuse. Just my guess and his, but a pretty good one IMO. That was my reaction to the word zinc too, but then, every time I open up Tom's Metal Shop I end up bleeding and frustrated. Maybe steel can have some zinc in it and be OK, I don't know. I do know the answer to your original question, which was simple, as was the answer: no.
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