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  1. Cite that senile man! The first or second time you said it? How about both? Yes, your hero would still be alive if the gun nut had submitted to the attack and counted on your 59 years of experience to help him and his wife withstand the assault. I share the opinion of those who believe his death not a great loss because he was an asshole like yourself. I continue to hope you fuck off and die soon too.
  2. I'm just following Keith's example. Polite Canadians are concerned about the fact that we don't yet have a confiscation program for battlefield .22's like you do, so bring up anecdotes. I figured that was the polite thing to do, so I bring anecdotes here in return. Maybe if Canadians stopped worrying so much about Which is another way to say "enacted a ban/confiscation program like ours," I would stop worrying so much about your wanting to make our laws like yours. I don't think confiscating battlefield .22's from people like me will do anything about any of the anecdotes Kei
  3. Hah! Vote for yet another Iraq war supporter, then lecture me some more! I objected to the delay in withdrawing from Afghanistan and supported withdrawing sooner. You favored a delay and never explained why except to say Biden wanted the war prolonged and Trump wanted it shorter. OK, I admit to supporting Trump on that one. I wanted out sooner and still don't understand why staying even longer was better to you and Biden. Certainly doesn't seem all that anti-war to prolong a war. I don't even know what you're talking about re Putin's invasion. Quote the post(s) in question and commen
  4. That doesn't really answer my question and your latest post adds to the confusion. Let's try again. Which Supreme Court do you think got the question of whether the Bill of Rights applies to post-18th century technology right? Massachusetts or SCOTUS? I think the US Supremes got that one right. You "appreciate" the other side but do you really believe they got the question right? Does the Bill of Rights apply to modern tech or just stuff that was around when it was written?
  5. No, he was tossed back in for assaulting the rescuers the first time. That's a bit beyond being an ingrate. If this was really a "shoot first" culture like Cal believes, he would have been shot, not tossed in the drink. But he wasn't, so Cal's just full of shit on that. He was shot the second time he assaulted his rescuers. I know attacking a rescuer for the second time makes him a hero to Cal, who believes he should have just submitted to the attack, but he's an asshole, as noted.
  6. I thought the original censorship was about the TeamD desire to conceal the fact that they want to ban and confiscate battlefield .22's and I would bring it up in gun threads. Once would have been too often, some facts just can not be discussed.
  7. Where did you see that he was assaulting the boat? I saw that he was assaulting the humans. I bet you're an internet tough guy who won't say his real name but will falsely accuse people like me of faking a broken hip, showing how you would really behave. You never did apologize for that lie, so you may be an internet tough guy but you're not a man. Fuck off with your "just let him assault you, how bad could that be" attitude.
  8. There is that recent history but I think the Russian suspicion that everyone wants to invade them goes a bit further back. Lots of people have looked at Russia, presumably in summer, and thought it looks very invadable and hard to defend. It turns out not to be so easy, but people keep trying. So if you're Russian, you look around the borders at who might try next, because you know someone will.
  9. If he didn't have a gun, I suspect a 29 year old could assault a 74 year old and badly injure and/or kill him and/or his wife and it wouldn't make headlines because no evil gun means no evil to report.
  10. No proof, no ability to defend McCain and Biden voting for the Iraq war, so... You cared enough to lie. You just don't care because there's no proof that supporting the Iraq war was foolish Putin appeasement. In fact, it was wise policy, as warmongers later admit, and as your refusal to talk about it shows again.
  11. Depends. Adjustable stock or not? That's the modern difference, so I assume it would have been true back then too.
  12. The Supreme Court of Massachusetts said no, and for that reason the second amendment didn't cover things like stun guns and battlefield .22's. SCOTUS reversed that decision. Which Supreme Court do you think got that one right? Does the Bill of Rights apply to modern tech or just stuff that was around when it was written?
  13. Georgia Becomes Somalia Black breasts matter!
  14. Actually, it's about the particular guns your country bans. You said I could buy one by joining a club. Now it's "register as a collector." But the law says "bona fide" collector. So you'd have to be one before registering as one, so that approach won't work either. Try to make it about my mental illness if you must. I don't think you were mentally ill for having that battlefield .22 in the past. I don't think you just wanted to "fondle" it. Why do you think those things about me? Just because I object to banning and confiscating them. And I also object to BS like "you can just join
  15. Maybe I have your laws wrong. My wife's battlefield .22 would fall into Category C or Category D, depending on which magazine was in it at the moment we're defining it. So does joining a club make a person a "primary producer" somehow? Where's that law so I can read it? Does joining a club make a person a professional shooter in the pest control business or a bona fide collector? Again, where can I see that law?
  16. That's a cypress tree. They're pretty smooth. Little f'ers can still climb up and down.
  17. I didn't yesterday but launched here at our private ramp. Nav A Gator was PACKED! We showed up before noon and got the last two outdoor seats. By the time we left, the yard was full of folding chairs and it wasn't 1:00 yet so no booze even being served.
  18. Today, just like every day, there are plenty of opportunities to address my posts on other subjects. And today, just like every day, grabbers will ignore them and focus obsessively on guns. And amusingly, I'm to take this as evidence of MY obsession with guns, not theirs.
  19. I was talking about the first instance. I've mentioned before that my neighbor is a "guy like me" and has only ten acres of land. Not enough to qualify for battlefield .22 ownership, so a guy like me is banned. I'm using "battlefield .22" to distinguish those .22's that are covered by assault weapons bans from those that are not. Sometimes this has to do with magazine size, sometimes other attributes. Didn't you once mention possessing a battlefield .22 for a while after it was banned? I know most of you support your gun laws. I continue to fail to see the point of confiscating
  20. Oh you crazy Canuck, gun nuts.... It never ends. 60 or 70 shots fired in Edmonton 'mass shooting event,' 2 charged: police chief The battlefield .22 owners who are responsible for this kind of thing still have their guns for another couple of months, so the mayhem will continue until the confiscations can begin in earnest.
  21. I don't think I want to learn to thread an 11 to 1 mainsheet.
  22. Hasn't anyone else here ever actually ridden one? If you fall off, it immediately drops to idle and spins in a tight circle. You swim over and climb back aboard. There's never a reason for another boat to get involved at all. Unmanned Jet Ski's don't "circle a lake" at all. I'd expect more trouble at the boat ramp than on the water. People get very irate when they're failing to launch or recover a boat. Or maybe the 'toon boat guy was just a murderous asshole. Guns have one purpose, to kill people, so that was obviously his purpose in owning one. Just like any other gun owner.
  23. Perhaps, but not my rhetoric. Warmongers have always accused those of us who oppose their adventures of "appeasement" or being "isolationist." It's going on today on this forum again. And yes, that's exactly what McCain said to Paul when defending the war he and Biden voted for (and Paul voted against) in Iraq in 2007. Because that's what warmongers ALWAYS say! You must hate the troops and love the enemy! Notice where it led? Paul's still right about Iraq and McCain ultimately admitted he was wrong. Those who are soooo certain they're right today should consider it IMO.
  24. But wouldn't The People have to leave their homes to get to the armories and then bear arms in public to leave? Neither of those activities comports with the modern gungrabby interpretation of the 2nd being considered at SCOTUS right now. It applies in the home only, remember? Oh, fine, a few people with special occupational permission can own battlefield .22's in your country, but for a guy like me, they're banned. You focus on the few who can own them, I focus on the ban for the rest. And for the rest? It's a ban (with accompanying confiscation program) whether you want to cal
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