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  1. I don't think this has appeared in enough threads, so decided to help. One of my answers would be: within the rule of law. Meaning: the President doesn't get to reinterpret the law to say something it plainly does not say. Obama looked three times to see whether he had the authority to ban bump stocka. He found he did not. Trump looked once and found what Obama missed: he could just say the law meant something completely different and as long as it was gungrabby, TeamD types would not disagree for that reason and TeamR types would not disagree because Trump. Really, I
  2. Those are indeed military characteristics so I'm not sure why you object to my agreement that these are battlefield weapons. Well, no, I've said nothing like that at all but I'm used to grabbers lying about me and never actually quoting what I have said, so carry on with the rest of the cult.
  3. We could try taking hundreds of millions of guns from tens of millions of peaceful people in the hope that holding peaceful people responsible for the actions of criminals might work. Seems to be the point of Olsonist's post about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals, doesn't it?
  4. I hope I don't need the bottle jacks OR tips on using them.
  5. Well, no, in that thread I generally talk about how the evil Paul duo tries to undo your boy Joe's drug war looting legacy. But you're right once again that I'll be along shortly, just wrong again about the reason. Same reason as ever. I want to know what your point is about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. Go!
  6. Hmm... I always had a bottle jack just because it's easier than whatever came with the car/truck. My latest vehicle is so darn modern that it doesn't have a spare at all, not even one of those tiny ones. They threw in a 12 volt compressor and a can of fixaflat. I put the bottle jack back in the shop. No spare, don't need it. Now I think I'll put it in the car and go get a bigger one for my wife's car. And HOPE I don't need them. Thanks.
  7. Biden Is Right: We Shouldn't Restrict Americans in the Name of Liberating Cuba I'm not so sure I agree. I considered Menedez's arguments at length and they weren't worth it. I should have spent the time wiping down the sink or something. Menendez is wrong, Flake was right in 2011.
  8. The nuttiest don't seem so bad to me on the stupid drug war. I think he's right, but then he is So I can see why you would have problems with it.
  9. Michigan Looters Attempt Drug War Shakedown Some of the most blatant extortion I've seen from drug war looters. Well, until WXYZ turned on the lights. The answer to Deldin's last question: most can't afford to fight to get their property back and only a few get free representation from people like the nutjobs at IJ.
  10. 30%, Bullshit. When it comes to buying into odious replacement rhetoric, it appears the number is 17%. Not 30 but not tiny either.
  11. Why laugh? It did happen. The Massachusetts Supreme Court already did rule that way and brought that argument to SCOTUS, but it was rejected. However, applying the Bill of Rights only to 18th century tech is an idea that has supporters here on this forum and in high courts, so I suppose with some SCOTUS packing we could see that argument prevail across the country.
  12. Illegal immigrants are the People to some of us, not to others, but in some places they're at least the drivers. Until ICE gets hold of them. That's a pretty rough way to learn that placing a significant amount of trust in the state is a good path to disappointment. And back home.
  13. I don't know about that. We just saw a heavily armed mob of nincomcoop worked up into a murderous rage by fake news and they occupied the Capitol and chased congresscritters but never fired one shot. That's serious fire discipline.
  14. This bobcat was very close to my camera the other day. It was 7:17 and sunset is after 8 this time of year, but it's a shady area and the camera had already switched to night/IR mode. The bobcat alerts to something and then walks off in that direction. That little structure in the distance is my chicken tractor. Still haven't ever had a bobcat figure out how to get them. About ten minutes later, the camera took a pic of me driving by, so I just missed seeing it in person.
  15. I'm glad to see this. A US Embassy is our turf and usually features Marines. I'm glad Biden has avoided directly attacking with our troops but a few boots on the ground are OK, as long as it's our ground.
  16. In the short term, it can be ridiculous. We spent a YUGE proportion on WWII. In the longer term, the size of your economy relates to the size of military you can maintain. It's a measure of that size. So is GNP and exports and imports are part of an economy, so that might be a better one in ways.
  17. If they're really flying those things off grass fields, they're probably smart, desperate, well-trained, and have really big balls, but they're doing it because those crazy designers thought something like this could happen in a war and actually made the thing to fly from grass. I suspect trying that with one of ours would result in a smart, desperate, well-trained, big-balled, dead pilot.
  18. I get it! I get it! When considering denaturalization of Rupert Murdoch, as with any other issue, it's important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs. Thanks for obliquely injecting that again!
  19. So, if the current regime is working, why change it? Because making the exercise of a right cost five figures might be considered racist and troubling. (I mean, in some context where it wasn't gungrabby, of course.)
  20. To the first question, it depends who you ask. I ask Obama, who said it is what the law says it is. He looked three times to see if he could find a way to twist what the law said to mean he could ban bump stocka as "machine guns." But he was too smart and honest and realized he could not. Trump wanted that power, took one glance, and easily figured out what Obama could not: he had the power to ban bump stocka as machine guns. I seem to be the only person on this forum who agrees with Obama over Trump on that one, so I think the answer to your question is "what the law says." Most thi
  21. Don't bother. You could just read most anything online about eminent domain takings and you would know that they feature (allegedly) "just compensation" just as the fifth amendment requires. And that's why I never said a (taking/buyback) does not feature compensation. I'm actually a bit familiar with the subject and you clearly need to catch up to even discuss it intelligently.
  22. Yeah, it's the ban on mere possession that's the problem. And if I possess it on my private property where shooting is legal, I might just shoot it, much like I used to drive my unregistered and uninsured farm truck around the property. The hostility toward gun possession by TeamD has resulted in treating possession as a violent felony, with bad results for people who appear to cops to need stopping and frisking. But while Black Live might Matter, Gun Grabbiness Matters MORE!
  23. Yes, my wife bought it. No, it's not harmless. The people here expended a great deal of effort teaching me that it's a battlefield weapon, suitable for militia use, and I'm not backing off that position easily. I see a couple of problems here. You don't know how to spell "whose" and you leap to a really stupid conclusion. A smarter one would be that I've discussed this with my wife and we agree that it should go to a relative, not be mandated to go to the state. The registry solves the problem of future owners by saying there can be none. The effort to convince us to comply consists
  24. I could take it to Don't Move to Florida Anarchy and do as much good, I agree, but I prefer to keep politics in PA
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