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  1. If your idea is to wait until after a ban/confiscation program passes to discuss it, consider it considered and rejected. While they're legislative proposals and proposed constitutional amendments is the time to discuss such things.
  2. Probably not. I don't like the stupid drug war but we have no constitutional right to smoke weed. So that's not my objection to the stupid drug war. On the policies where they overlap, such as stop and frisk, no knock searches, and civil asset forfeiture, I oppose the war on guns and the war on drugs for pretty much exactly the same reasons.
  3. And I know that exclusively abnormal people are legal owners. If you looked into crimes committed with them, you would know it too, but I'm guessing you won't or will and won't report the results of your search. They're not exactly great if you want to ban machine guns.
  4. That's one sentence and sure looks to me like you're thanking me for raising the drinking age. How was I to know that part of the sentence didn't refer to me?
  5. I don't think "disingenous .22's" really conveys the military nature of these guns, but maybe "master .22's."
  6. I never supported raising the drinking age. Did some post of mine give you the idea that I have or is this just more shit you made up?
  7. Ready for more weirdness? The people who can afford 5 figure machine guns basically never use them in crimes. We have hundreds of thousands of them in circulation. I'll let you look for the crimes committed with legal machine guns.
  8. "Taking" implies you get nothing. "Buy-back" implies you are paid something. Well, no, as I said, I'm talking in the context of eminent domain. The fifth amendment says that private property shall not be boughtback for public use without just compensation. Sorry, habit. It says private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. See how those mean exactly the same thing?
  9. I don't but he seems like a good kid. Is the probability that he will shoot someone so high that he should never own a battlefield .22? The thing about that is, we've never said that a car registry is now closed and people who possess previously-legal cars must surrender them to the government. You know, like has happened to gun owners in Cali and New Jersey. Closed registries are the problem. Every ban has one, no bans exist without a corresponding registry of guns that are allowed (usually for government agents and ex-government agents and the dealers who supply them.) If g
  10. Still wondering what the point about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals was. Still expecting to be disappointed again. But looking forward to more gossip about me to create more such opportunities for disappointment!
  11. Why New York's 'Assault Weapon' Ban Didn't Stop the Buffalo Massacre It turns out that "you gun owners are all responsible for Sandy Hook so sign up to have your guns taken" was met with "massive noncompliance." It's surprising when really persuasive arguments fail.
  12. They say they're banning weapons of war. I used to object that .22's are not weapons of war but I lost that argument. It went like this: ... I learned something about battlefield .22's today. I guess badlat must have forgotten to include his source. Upon learning from the good people here that .22's can actually be lethal and are used by military forces around the world, I reversed my position and started referring to the .22's that are covered by assault weapon bans as battlefield .22's. And now THAT's a problem? It
  13. The First Amendment Protects the Right To Put a Tiny Penis on a Beer Label The court arguments over whether that nub "suggests a penis" or is a penis "with all the bells and whistles" were pretty funny but Judge Boyle is right that they don't really matter. It can be a penis.
  14. And hasn't changed much. Governor Newsom has the right reaction to this. Gov. Newsom Proposes Eliminating One of California's Many Marijuana Taxes When the illegal market is twice the size of the legal market, it means the legal market isn't working. Not because it can't, but because politicians won't let it. Tax something enough and you've prohibited it. That was the point of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Glad to see Newsom moving in the right direction.
  15. The exceptions are meaningless for a few reasons: I do actually read the details and there is a "copycat" provision. We saw how that went in Massachusetts, where guns were exempted for many years until the AG realized nutters are actually RIGHT. The cosmetic differences don't matter to lethality at all. So the previously-exempt guns were banned with the stroke of a pen. D'oh! That's what we get for being right. Additionally, I'm a Florida Man. Florida legislators have already arrived at the Masschussetts position. They don't care what kind of accessories you put on a 10-22. It's a mi
  16. One day, you will die, but your weapons will not. At that point, all your promises are meaningless. Ah, this makes more sense in the other thread where it landed, but its real relevance is here. Because this: Florida legislators obviously ARE after it and want her to be the last legal owner in this state. I have in mind giving it to the grandson. Nope. Closed registry. Starting to see why I have problems with registries?
  17. Illegal even if they say nothing so it's really more a freedom of assembly thing. I think that after 34 pages of nonstop political whining, this one can't be polluted. It's just a PA outpost in GA, tolerated because it aligns with the views of forum management.
  18. One day, you will die, but your weapons won't. At that point, all your promises are meaningless. Dammit, I'm lost in an argument between two threads. I don't see how your post explains what I asked in this thread. A "taking" and a "buyback" are the same thing. Whether I'm alive or dead, no matter which promise you might be talking about, no matter which other irrelevant things you might bring up, the simple fact remains: Taking and buyback mean the same thing.
  19. But I can't just NOT register it. Having seen what happens in places like New Jersey, where legal and registered products suddenly become nuisance items that are illegal to possess, I'm not interested in signing up to have my property become illegal. Also, the NFA registry is closed, which is what grabbers want to do to registries. That's why a normal machine gun costs 5 figures. Obviously, it would have to be reopened to register all the guns that are not taken boughtback. Briefly, as I assume it would be closed again and demand would make a fucking 10-22 cost five figures as well.
  20. Oklahoma Eliminates Licensing Barriers for People with Criminal Records The bill passed almost unanimously, as it should, considering that occupational licensing is an issue that should unite deregulatory TeamR types with social justice TeamD types.
  21. I've seen many of them but have just learned to "binge watch" so seeing them all (some again) is on my list. Working through Dirty Jobs right now though. Mike Rowe is able to narrate as if he actually understands what he's saying on HTUW but if you watch enough Dirty Jobs he seems normal and as confused by those ubergeeks as any normal person would be.
  22. I've been using "buyback" and "taking" interchangeably in the Kelo thread for a while without changing the meaning of any sentence because "buyback" means "state mandated sale" and "taking" in the context of eminent domain means "state mandated sale." What's the big difference I'm missing?
  23. Looking on the wrong coast perhaps? We'll pretty much always take a Sunfish at the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center. We won't come get it from the other coast though.
  24. Yes, there's the matter of choice. You can participate in the market and engage in loss-leading pricing if you want. Taking away the choice to participate without this "marketing" strategy makes it seem a lot more mandatory. A government-mandated sale is also known as a taking. Or a buyback, since that also means "government-mandated sale."
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