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  1. I've got miles of buried PVC and it occasionally gets broken by tree roots or errant heavy equipment but the only pipe I've had rot away and start leaking was copper buried in concrete. I do have to replace a 5 year old 2" PVC valve on one of my irrigation systems soon, meanwhile I just have to jiggle it a bit to get it to stop dripping when I shut it down. I have others that are older and are fine but those don't get used nearly as often. The oldest PVC pipes in the ground were buried in the 80's and are still fine. But when a tree root does break it, it's easy to fix. So basically my experie
  2. I got kind of a vague answer on that one. Some flow back to the battery would be OK, too much would shut it down. They didn't say how much would be too much, not that it would help because I have no idea how much current it pushes back to the battery. So without a clear answer on whether my cart draws too much power for this battery or whether its braking will shut the battery down, I decided to get the answers the direct way. And the answers are: 1. The 12 volt step-down thing doesn't seem to mind 58 volts, which is the resting voltage of that 48 volt battery. 2. Nor
  3. Still working on permission for battlefield .22's and lesser weapons of mass destruction like them. And on getting grabbers to agree with two parts of your statement. First, we have an ongoing case about whether militias operate outdoors at all. So don't just assume grabbers would allow such a thing outside, if they allowed it at all. Second, those were invented after 1789, and there's still support here and other places for the grabby idea that the Bill of Rights only applies to technology invented when it was written. So there's really a LOT of stupidity to overcome first.
  4. And a mall shooting in Columbia, SC left 14 people injured. Not to be outdone there was a mass shooting at a house party in Pittsburgh. 2 dead, 8 wounded The need to take battlefield .22's from peaceful people has never been more clear. DO SOMETHING!!!
  5. The thing about that is, you'd probably have to bring some guns outdoors to overthrow a tyrant. We're still waiting for SCOTUS to decide whether militias operate outdoors.
  6. The Plaintiffs So two of three are explictly drug war looting, the other is just drug war-enabled looting.
  7. It's going to be turned the other way. But we'll find out the real answer soon enough. Once it has a deck, I'm going to fill barrels of water out on the middle of the bridge. I'll have a transit set up to measure how much it dips. I think he was looking for an aesthetic difference and a shallow arch would look nicer than my flat thing. I don't much care, just want to drive across. Someone had suggested plopping a shipping container across the gap and cutting out an end. Instant covered bridge! I liked the idea but my wife immediately vetoed it.
  8. The weird part to me is that this went on for 20 years and was no secret. No one thought it "dirty" I guess.
  9. Another great source of amusement, thanks! I hope you're contributing to his efforts?
  10. They'll do that just for fun. Which I guess is not all that different from catch and release fishing. I prefer filet and release myself. I once came across a redfish that had the misfortune of being a dolphin toy. I was able to overtake it paddling my 11 Whaler and caught it with a net and kept it. It was one messed up fish and would not have lived much longer.
  11. Well... most people don't seem to object but there are always some troublemaking nutjobs around.
  12. If we had 'em, I'd say ship some to the Ukrainians and see what they do with them. Of course, we could act consistent with the TeamD understanding of the 2nd amendment and ship them some ancient muskets instead. Would you think that a better idea?
  13. Thanks. I'll keep calling it goo. But Immiscible Tom seems like it might be a good screen name. Oxygen is weird stuff. Too much of it to burn? But oxidizing is what burning IS. So is corroding and I know goo is good at that.
  14. Nice picture. I almost never see them in person or in daylight. In this area, if someone says "gopher" they mean a gopher tortoise. We even have a day to celebrate them. They're a "keystone species" because lots of other critters use their burrows (and would be fucked without them). There are already several pics in this thread of my dog carrying them around. She flips them over and guards them until I discover them. Two in the past two days because they're pretty active this time of year. Dogs can kill them but she doesn't harm them, just guards them.
  15. OK. Or that. Not that I really know what either of those things do. I use 'em, I don't build 'em. Something back there clicks but I'll have to get another person to turn it on while I stick my head in and listen. I'm going to wait until Monday and see what the engineers at the factory think about the regen braking thing before I try hooking up the new battery.
  16. Saw something big break that surface across the creek and thought for a second it was a manatee, then realized it's the 100+ lb tarpon that's been hanging around lately. A couple of minutes later in the same area, BIG SPLASH. I told my wife that's what it looks like when that tarpon eats one of the snook we were after. She caught a little snook and I hooked a couple but they got off.
  17. Not if they request that our military attack Russia's, but there's this: Biden unveils $800 million security package for Ukraine in call with Zelensky Sanctions and aid like this are about the only ways we have to avoid a bigger, worse war.
  18. Colleagues worry Dianne Feinstein is now mentally unfit to serve, citing recent interactions I suspect we've all seen this kind of mental decline and it's just sad. She's 88. Some people view retirement as a big step toward death and are just not cut out for it.
  19. I continue to think that you ask me questions but never share your own thoughts.
  20. Florida Cop Convicted on Felony after Bodycam Video Proved he Lied on Arrest Report and that bodycam video may never have surfaced without cellphone video. Which helps explain why we're still seeing copyright abuse. Camera-Shy Cops Hide Behind Disney Lawyers Why can't an officer investigate a stolen car while someone nearby films the (probably boring) work? Cameras protect good cops, only bad cops should fear them. The cop was being a jerk and should have just done his job and ignored the citizen exercising his rights. Still, I'm not sure how an algorith
  21. This part: Caused me to wonder about the Montreux Convention. So there's a starting point for anyone else wondering.
  22. Seems he's not alone. Meli can't seem to figure out whether there were controlled demolitions or airplane crashes.
  23. Hasn't that already been discussed? So they're kind of on the right track by authorizing WOTUS to act as a single person, just as with corporations.
  24. Marco Rubio - Still Stupid in 3 Different Ways
  25. Hah! Was the evil Jew van full of nanothermite, Randy?
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