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  1. Illinois Appeals Court Rules Chicago Slapped Drivers With Illegally High Fines for Years ... Funny how prey are able to identify predators.
  2. Arizona Appeals Court Lets Charlotte Trucking Company Owner Fight for $39,500 Seized From Him at Phoenix Airport Considering that publicity surrounding this case led to some reforms in Arizona that were distinctly unfavorable to looters, I doubt any appeal will happen in the next 30 days, so Jerry Johnson should eventually get his money back.
  3. Off to a slow start. A call for help seems in order.
  4. I didn't come up with it, but that does seem to be a needed thread title, so...
  5. Rhode Island Stun Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional Lots of talk about HER BODY HER CHOICE these days, but you can still hear a pin drop when it's Caetano's Body, Caetano's Choice. Except maybe inside her home, but she can forget about outdoor choices.
  6. That's a fucking lie, I owned several guns and kept them in my house when I lived in New York. Heh. Non-readers continue to be cute. For the other non-readers, the people who defend them tell the truth about what happens at the link and, as usual, Doug has no proof when he says something is a lie, just an irrelevant personal anecdote that may well be imaginary anyway.
  7. Oh crap. I came to this thread because I thought my current average of one surgery every two weeks might be a sign. Turns out that thought is itself the surest sign.
  8. Umm... no. That would be reasonable but is not what always happens. In New York, possession of a gun is prosecuted as a violent felony, which doesn't go so well for people who appear to cops to need stopping and frisking. Not that systematic abuse of minorities by cops is a big deal or anything.
  9. When Ted Kennedy Was Pro-Life and Ronald Reagan Was Expanding Abortion Access Not that long ago we had a pro-life Jesse Jackson and Governor Reagan allowing more abortions. Interesting times.
  10. Nah, I haven't given up opposing racist comments like this one: It's just that Olsonist hasn't made any. He just says other dumb stuff. You're not all that observant. The good people here taught me the fundamentally military nature of some .22's and I no longer call them "ordinary" but now call them battlefield .22's. That's growth!
  11. Reporting as requested. I missed it, but in March it was decided that Canadian battlefield .22 owners have another year and a half to stop being so darn murderous. Ottawa extends amnesty on 'assault-style' firearms, says taking program still in the works
  12. Oh, hi Joe. Didn't notice you there. Carry on.
  13. Wrong again, but still curious about your point regarding the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. Please elaborate shortly!
  14. And now Empyreal has made up with the Sheriff. So that's nice. A typical joint statement might be "Don't Bogart that!" but I suspect this was something else.
  15. And from the Department of Redundancy Department, Authorizing Unitary Military Forever Again.
  16. I’ll just say that yes, this SCOTUS is apparently a political body appointed by the Republicans which will therefore be predisposed to reject all gun control legislation as unConstitutional. So despite any misgivings you may have, we see you as >95% satisfied. OK, I'm accustomed to grabbers having a very distorted view of me. I'm not a Republican and have expressed my support for Gorsuch and the Wise Latina but find Roberts and Kavanaugh boring. Your prediction is absurd. As we will shortly see in the case about indoor militias, SCOTUS isn't going to reject all gun
  17. I'll take that as a no. Can you quote something I said to support the idea that I "got the scotus I wanted" or is this going to be another "no?"
  18. Formless and spineless is funny but this one was better.
  19. Good grief. The answers to the opening questions are no and yes. But that part is just plain confused. The bolded example would be an example of Congress ACTIVELY using the commerce power. (And legitimately, I might add.) The dormant commerce power comes up when a state does something to affect interstate commerce and Congress has NOT acted, but COULD. The power is there, but dormant. And they don't have to show any prior intent to use it.
  20. If you're talking at me, no, I don't think the TX law that is the subject of this thread is good nor will it lead to smaller government. Can you quote something I've said in this thread or anywhere else that might form some kind of rational basis for your question?
  21. Cops Who Arrested Man Over Fake Facebook Page Get Qualified Immunity I have doubts too, but granting qualified immunity does justify and condone the senseless prosecution and appeals. Not that the judge really had a choice, there being no close precedent. New tech means endless new ways to abuse rights, none of which will have a precedent because they're new.
  22. When considering Putin and Ukraine, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD bans on battlefield .22's and other assault weapons, so thanks for bringing that up again.
  23. Funny how all of our stupid prohibition programs are intertwined, using lots of the same enforcement tactics and legal justifications. Abortion and the stupid drug war And just like with homegrown cannabis plants or homemade machine guns for personal use, I predict that the Swiss Army Knife of constitutional clauses will be stretched again... Gee, where might they find the power to do something like that? Justice Thomas gave the answer and it hasn't changed.
  24. As the law stands, the "legal point in time" seems to be when a fetus starts to affect interstate commerce. The commerce power was cited in the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban. I recall a time when conservatives were upset about overly broad interpretations of that power. But then they needed it to ban abortion and weed and those objections went away. Really, it doesn't seem that interesting to me. Just plain wrong, nothing interesting about that. Do you think the commerce power authorizes the feds to draw such a line in the PBAB? And if not, can you name a power that does? I
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