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  1. Not to be rude, but is it too late for her to take the thread topic advice? Silliest objection ever.
  2. I picked up an extra generator this year and AC is a big reason but we survived without AC after Charlie and could do it again. It helps to have a spring fed pond and a stilt house with deep shade underneath. The extra isn't for me. I have rental houses across the creek that both have a well and a sump pump on the septic system. So, no water and no shitter even if you can raid a nearby swimming pool to fill the toilet tank. Lots of houses in this part of the world have wells and some have sump pumps and are basically not habitable without power, even if you can deal with the heat. An
  3. I didn't want anything in the way of swimmers so was reluctant but it just didn't seem strong enough so we changed the design. They're really not much in the way of pilings, just pieces of the same rough cut 2x6's used for the deck. Jetted in place with a hose, then we used ratchet straps to bend the bridge upward just a bit before installing bolts. When it's warmer and doctors say i can swim again I'm going to wrap them in rubber piling wraps. It feels solid when you jump on it or drive the cart on it. Also, it's now possible to dive from the bridge into the sand. That sand is more liqui
  4. It's really only a problem if punishing corporations is punishing people.
  5. As I recall, it was just after 8 that I first noticed the turn toward us and instantly decided to leave. Weirdly, my little stilt house, built in Port Charlotte in 1931 and moved here in the 80's, was basically undamaged. We could have stayed. I was in a concrete house for Andrew. It was loud like standing next to a train. I can't imagine what kinds of noises a little wooden house on stilts makes in a storm like Charlie.
  6. It depends what the meaning of database is... It took another 2 1/2 years, but... Seven-Year FOIA Battle Ends with IRS Handing Over Records The lack of transparency and the 7 year fight to preserve opacity are encouraging in a way. Looters know their programs are not defensible if discussed. That might also explain why Olsonist has been tardy in coming to defend Biden's legacy against the evil Paul duo and the nutjobs at IJ.
  7. I haven't posted anything from a different thread in this one so I'm not sure what you're talking about. Now, about following the money... did Pfizer's money lead the liberal justices to their opinion? Is that why Ginni hates them, getting only Suzette Kelo's money? Or what were you saying in this thread? You know, the thing I quoted in this thread.
  8. You keep guessing incorrectly about where I'll pop up. I'm not here to explain, I'm here to learn. I still want to learn what your point was in the quoted post above. GO!
  9. It would be more believable if you had not followed that up by voting as if you were wrong. Some of us were right about that war and still vote as if we were right. Others vote for Iraq War supporters for President. I forget, which are you again?
  10. Follow the money. Sorry, I've lost the trail. Can you trace it out for me? I thought asking in the relevant thread would be more appropriate, but if you think discussing Kelo v New London in this thread instead of the thread about that case is more on-topic, go for it here instead.
  11. My 80 lb dog is 13 but somehow still has the energy and mobility to chase anything airborne. And to dig up my yard. She has one working leg at this point but still digs like a backhoe. Unfortunately, she and our other dog ignore otters. It was a lot more fun when I had dogs that would chase them. The otters loved it. One once played with Luke the Cowdog for hours. My wife, knowing that cowdogs don't know how to quit, decided it was time to bring him in. That otter came out of the pond onto the grass and started barking at the sliding glass door, wanting his buddy back. Yesterday thre
  12. After the War short version: let France and Germany figure it out.
  13. Some time this month, I'll replace the fuel in my generators, work on the one with carb problems, fix the leak on the other one, and put in fresh (non-ethanol) fuel. I run them once a month year 'round. I'm also making an effort to remove things that might become projectiles. Those accumulate during winter. The chainsaws just got worked on. I'm ready to stay and always ready to go. I'll never sit through another major one if I have a working car. But curricanes aren't all horror. The ones that miss, but not by much, are great fun! They suck up all the moisture for hundreds of miles, leavi
  14. Follow the money. Sorry, I've lost the trail. Can you explain it one step at a time?
  15. This leaves unexplained why Ginni Thomas hates Pfizer so much. Also a bit weird that all the liberal justices love them.
  16. You sure have endless thoughts about me, but JD is a drug warrior like your boy Joe. So that makes JD and Joe your drug warrior boys. And the drug war is still stupid, though your boy Joe is showing a glimmer of intelligence by finally starting to undo a bit of his drug warrior legacy. If only he'd get to work on his drug war looting legacy and undo what your boy Sessions did.
  17. Thanks, it is one of the better looking environmental disasters I have seen. But, as mentioned in the WOTUS thread, it is a minor disaster. They try to plug these old, runaway wells. In addition to mixing layers of water that shouldn't really be mixed, mine throws 50 gallons a minute into the Gulf of Mexico. Fortunately for me, mine has been declared an Act of God and is not a plugging target any more. The other end of the system isn't as pretty but is amusing if you have a teenage boy sense of humor. Turn your sound on and make sure you're alone, then play.
  18. No, they cooperated with pill mills in sleazy ways sometimes (some did not) but it was drug warriors who turned the pill mill problem into the much worse fentanyl problem. The stupid drug war makes bad problems worse. Again. Also, in case you weren't aware, there's ample evidence that Ginni Thomas hates Pfizer.
  19. Nah, I've been hanging out here waiting in eager anticipation for an explanation about whatever your point might have been regarding the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. GO!
  20. Just remember that even for those stately craft, this is still true: A friend worked as captain on a 50' Grand Banks. This was about the time stabilizers were becoming a thing for such boats and the owners installed them. Rolling around sux. But really for the knees you'd like another aspect. Engines in sailboats and lots of big fishing boats are stuffed in dirty little holes. We walked into the engine room and walked all the way around the engines. There was a mini-shop with work bench and vise. The genset was in its own little glass room and came out on rails for service. Basica
  21. I didn't know that we have 1,288 independent special districts in FL. No, Florida Republicans Do Not Care About Crony Capitalism I'd say "problematic" is putting it mildly and to Jules' comment about the FL constitution, I'd add that there's a federal first amendment problem with retaliatory action like this for some of the same reasons that the first amendment and retaliatory action are awaiting action at SCOTUS right now in Egbert v Boule.
  22. The neighbor boys were building my bridge in the rain yesterday. They didn't quite get done but probably will today. 4 of us, weighing over 700 lbs, stood in the middle and it sagged less than an inch. When we jumped around it was a bit springy. Their dad came by and drove my old golf cart out onto the bridge but his wife was with him and objected loudly so he backed off. They're big people and that cart weighs about 1,200 lbs with them both aboard. So preliminary tests indicate that it might carry my golf cart. Or maybe not. We didn't want to get the transit out in the rain to actually measur
  23. Wow, this is taking longer than expected, but when you have Ron and Rand Paul on one side and Joe Biden on the other side of an issue, you can be sure Olsonist will be along shortly to explain why Biden and the other drug war looters are right and the Paul's are wrong. Real shortly, I'm sure.
  24. Actually, the reason for that is more because I can tell a Supreme Court opinion from an article about one. If you were a reader, you might be able to as well, but alas, you're not. That's why you reacted this way to my post quoting the decision and linking to it. No, you provided a link to an academic explanation of a Supreme Court case... total straw man But I "falsified" nothing and you apparently read nothing.
  25. AOC Defends Due Process as Colleagues Greenlight Asset Seizure Bill My elk at Reason see this as related to drug war looting but I think it's distantly related for a couple of reasons. 1. The loot doesn't go to the seizing agencies. It's earmarked for Ukrainian resistance and relief. 2. And this is the bigger one to me, That's a whole different power of government. Foreign affairs vs nanny statism at home. We're going to have the former and could do without the latter. The drug war is stupid but fucking with Putin is not. So, do we really want the President to h
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