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  1. Yes. The entire boating world is not going to slow down to kayak speed. Learn to ride over wakes or play on a private body of water.
  2. They are reef fish, but I have seen them many times in the Gulf Stream very far from any reef. They'll treat flotsam like a reef, and Anne does a pretty darn good flotsam impression much of the time, based on course and speed reports.
  3. Uh oh. Bad joke coming about separating the Weid from the chaff.
  4. I came by this thread just to check and see if anyone in the world was sailing slower than I was yesterday, and was disappointed to see that for once the schooner Anne exceeded two knots. Anyone who fishes for big fish without a gaff has no respect for big fish and doesn't mind wounding them with his incompetence. Does he think it's the same as catching little snapper off a bridge? And then this: What a moron. Sloped head = cow. Square head = bull. At this time of year, that GIRL had a bunch of roe, best tasting and most nourishing food on the planet. He probably threw it away wit
  5. From this entry I gather that he carried at least 863 days worth of weed when he departed.
  6. We wouldn't talk about him at all. He'd be boring, like Cliff.
  7. Sure enough, this is completely true, but it seems that Reid already sold the painting or has at least offered it for sale ... http://www.christies.com/LotFinder/lot_det...bjectID=1789028 I'm guessing it has already sold some time ago at that price, any kind of Basquiat of that size is worth about two to four times that price. I would probably trade my entire art collection (sans a few Joseph Chiang and Erik Nassinyk pieces) for a single Basquiat ... Alright, who has taken over Cliffy's computer? That post was brief, readable, and shed a little light on something in the
  8. His comments about the barnacles are funny. He figures his window is clear, so everything must be. Hasn't heard of going over the side to take a look, much less a lick with a scraper, I guess. He scrapes the parts he can reach from on deck. Must be quite a reef he's dragging around.
  9. I have alluded to this several times myself. But I think I have an answer.... Notice whenever we get a "log" update? Where it mentions the love schooner Anne's speed? How on a good day he hustles along at between 0.5 and 1.0 knot? Now imagine taking a dump and throwing it overboard (because, no doubt, his mechanical marine heads have long since malfunctioned due to lack of maintenance) and then gazing overboard as your own turds fair better in the tradewinds than your boat. Bobbing along, side by side, shit versus shitbox. Art imitates life, my friends. Who could
  10. I think we should let this thread die... ...as soon as it quits being funny!
  11. Or at least get his boat speed above 2 knots for once?
  12. Wow, I can identify with Reid somehow. Sailing (n) - The fine art of hanging on, getting wet, and becoming ill while going slowly nowhere at great expense.
  13. I think that talent would even assure safe passage and many beers in the unfree world. But someone who farts with great skill is only entertaining for a little while. Reid is the gift who keeps on giving. I keep checking back, and so do all of you reading this.
  14. Inspiring stuff, I'm going to ferrosprout me a sailing contraption, tell some stories about doing research to scam funding, dump the wife, grab a young babe, and head out on my own driftathon right away. I think I'll bring more sails than Reid brought.
  15. The facts are that Reid is one nutty scammer. This thread has been on the first page of SA for about 840 days now, ok maybe it fell to the second page 3 times and only for a brief moment. It's really nauseating a few of us. I've watched it closely since I noticed it a few months ago. I wasn't sure at first but the guy seems to think he is God. Even if a lot of you don't think so. He's made it this far and I can't believe people are still falling for his scam. I really hope he drifts aimlessly as long as people will pay him to do it. I hope he scams a lot of money from this. It's a heck of a n
  16. ??? I think it was a masturbation reference?
  17. He would be merely nuts if he thought there was some point to his driftcapade. He not only thinks there is a point, he's starting to think he is God. That's way beyond nuts.
  18. A water ski IS a perfectly good little boat, and one of the most fun to play with that has ever been made. I rode mine for all of about 4 minutes yesterday, first time in a couple of years. My arms and shoulders are destroyed today. It's a WAY better workout than sailing. Oh, btw, I was being towed by an Evil Jet Ski!
  19. For those who have Cliff on ignore, this time he said: Well you know there Normy, I've been drinking heavily and I really love you guys!
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