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  1. Under certain conditions, I'd say yes. And yes, the "snake oil" was usually morphine. And really only the one condition that worked before. The thing about that is, the only drug law in the US to EVER reduce addiction was the Pure Food and Drug Act and it didn't prohibit such sales. It just said you had to put "morphine" on the label. Individuals saw that, saw the danger, and stopped using it, reducing addiction in America for the first and only time that a drug law has managed such a feat. Our current approach doesn't reduce addiction. It increases potency (crack, then fentanyl), en
  2. Gonzalez vs Google SCOTUS is being asked whether Google can recommend videos, which is different from just hosting them.
  3. At DHS, herassmeant undisclosed bills Corrupt IG's. Watchdogs that need watching. Not good.
  4. Well, there at least should be privileges and immunities, but that's another thread. No, it's because power. The commerce clause provided the power to ban partial birth abortions but that wasn't really about commerce at all. It was about power. Similarly, banning homegrown cannabis for personal consumption doesn't seem to me or Justice Thomas to be much about commerce, but again that clause provided the power.
  5. You keep repeating that stupid crap. That war was around 90% on the GOPPER Riech; That war was on everyone who voted for it, like Hillary and Biden, and their voters, like you. Not on me and people like Ron Paul who knew to oppose it when it mattered. Not buying your one-sideism because I know about those votes, even if you won't talk about them.
  6. I've told you repeatedly that I'm more of a Ron Paul guy on the Iraq war. You know, right when it mattered. You and AJ can go ahead and continue voting for Iraq war supporters. Hey, at least Trump agrees with you.
  7. I like the idea that words mean things, including the words privileges and immunities in the 14th amendment. The thing is, the article purports to list 3 interpretations of those words. It actually lists 4. The 4th is contained in the word "moribund." Accepting the "moribund" status of those words, as the article appears to do, means accepting truly horrible decisions. Cruikshank, for example. If you look to cops like you might need stopping and frisking, as Justice Thomas does, you might see the problem with just accepting this result. Yeah, it's moribund all right
  8. Not much, people still vote for Iraq war supporters for President. Even Vets for Peas do it, right?
  9. Thomas is right about this IMO. It's "moribund" because of the Slaughterhouse cases and Cruikshank, mistakes that should be corrected.
  10. So a wrongful conviction is just that, and the point of a justice system is to NOT be like those people.
  11. A massive mistake for a number of reasons. Might even rise to a fractal mistake. The President is right, not least because it's a bad idea to try to lead a country into war when most of us oppose the idea.
  12. Not any more. City of Zion Changes Rental Inspection Law Following Lawsuit from Institute for Justice I guess the phrase "the people" in the fourth amendment means "even renters," so that's nice.
  13. When considering a bunch of political meme pics, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion yet again.
  14. Yes, and all gun owners are responsible for killing children. That's one way you can tell we're irredeemable enemies to be destroyed. Thanks for checking in. How's the plan to take battlefield .22's from the Canadian who are responsible for so many deaths in your country going?
  15. Cop Who Arrested High Schooler on 'Terrorizing' Charges for Class Joke Gets Qualified Immunity That's an understatement. Qualified immunity seems to me to have bipartisan support, so is hardly partisan. Olsonist won't be along shortly, nor will he do anything useful on this issue, because TeamD. Not that anyone on TeamR is likely to help either. Bipartisan as hell.
  16. I get pretty excited if I get something 1/100 that size these days. Going back to the Keys in June and can think about fish 1/10 that size again.
  17. Houston City Council votes to require outdoor security cameras at certain types of businesses I agree with the ACLU but think that's only the beginning of the problems. There might be a lawsuit in Houston's future over this one. The quoted nutjob points to one of the other problems: forcing installation of cameras and lights might be considered an unconstitutional buyback in violation of the fifth amendment. Additionally, camera footage is copyright-protected and first amendment-protected expression and you can't force someone to expre
  18. Not a very encouraging comment from John Morgan. I think Crist's comment was a reference to filing suit on 4/20, which is mildly amusing and really not that interesting.
  19. The closest I've got is my neighbor who used to run the building permitting bureaucracy in the next county South. He knows a thing or two about engineering and plans. He thinks I'm building a foot bridge that will never carry a cart. We'll see...
  20. I hope that's not needed but it has been discussed. The main issue is that it's already single-file only for swimmers going into and out of the spring. I don't want a big barrel in the way. A cement piling would be a more likely choice, but I'm still hoping it will just work as is.
  21. The Equal Protection Problem If Mr. Wall does get a life sentence, I suppose it's still possible Joe Biden could keep his campaign promise and pardon him. Or maybe that'll be up to the next President. At 26, he's got plenty of life left.
  22. Florida's Agriculture Commissioner Says the Ban on Gun Possession by Marijuana Users Is Unconstitutional She's right but I doubt her heresy can be forgiven.
  23. Refresh my memory. Is that the one with indoor or outdoor militias?
  24. I assume you're talking about Germany and Japan, but three countries lost that war. As for the third one, my Chrysler is an Italian car (Fiat Group) that was built in Canada.
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