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  1. How about: Biden Stole The Election From Trump Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.
  2. I still call it "Vermont carry" because they've had it the longest up in crime-ridden VT.
  3. This? I'm not sure that after flooding the passenger compartment and sunroof and getting smoke to squirt out the light fixtures that I would actually want "much more" of the same. Not even sure wtf they're talking about. And $1,100? I bet I could flood a passenger compartment with much more pleasant smoke for a lot less.
  4. Well, no, I've corrected you on this before and sanctions have little to do with your boy Joe's drug war looting program. My actual arguments against it are in this thread. Feel free to start refuting them any time. Or just keep making shit up in unrelated threads.
  5. Did those gun laws result in widespread availability of guns for Ukrainians or were they reduced to relying on Florida Man to ship them guns when the need arose? Some more context is needed here. I do recall Florida Man shipping them guns and no one seemed to object around here, so maybe there can be some common ground, but if they had gun laws that I would like, I suspect Florida Man would not have seen any need to send them guns. But he did.
  6. No, you provided a link to an academic explanation of a Supreme Court case... total straw man Non-readers are cute when they pretend to have read. For the other non-readers, I provided a link to the opinion of the Supreme Court, not an explanation of it, and the Supremes explained exactly what I said, that militia members were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves. How about not spreading bullshit about our history or at least reading sources from those of us who do instead?
  7. You suggested reading actual history but provided no source. I provided a source proving what I said is true, and get this. Huh. Let's see your source and compare. If the colonists didn't think they had any right to those cannons, they would not have been fighting for them, would they? They didn't seem to share your view that the government can dole them out as it sees fit, which is what the Brits wanted to do. We had a war about it. We won. With some help from outdoor militias, by the way.
  8. Well, no. The stupid drug war has never been "good times" to me. I was opposed to it when your boy Biden was helping Reagan wage it and haven't changed my mind. I still think the drug war is nonsense and would welcome an opposing point of view from a drug war voter like yourself. Have at it.
  9. I wondered the same thing in the thread about Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovych
  10. I really don't see how my wife's battlefield .22 ownership makes me responsible for that kind of thing, but then, I don't see why you need to take battlefield .22's from peaceful Canucks, who are also not responsible for the actions of criminals in my view. Thing is, the whole idea of gun bans and confiscation programs is to hold people responsible for the crimes of others and take their property because of that assumed responsibility. I still don't think gun and car owners are responsible for the actions of criminals, which is why I'm interested in whatever Olsonist's point was in t
  11. Well, no, they were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and were fined if they did not. Those too poor to comply were armed using the fines collected, so what you say is sorta true for a few but not for most. The idea that the government held all the arms and doled them out to citizens is a modern invention, much like the idea that the 2nd only protects 18th century tech or the ongoing SCOTUS case about indoor militias. In fact, militias operated outdoors and the Bill of Rights (all of it) applies to modern tech but grabbers will say absolutely anything with no shame, s
  12. Do they give medals for not cracking up? The Admiral should get one if they do.
  13. He'll be along shortly to say something like - When considering anything posted in PA, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to bring that into the discussion yet again. Sorry I'm late, I have other priorities. Thanks for filling in for me, BD. As previously noted, when considering Cawthorn, as with every other issue, it really can't be repeated often enough that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs and Olsonist is indeed prolific in provi
  14. Keith beat you to that bit of blaming gun owners for the actions of criminals in the thread where you uposted it and various grabbers posted it elsewhere, but they seem to have missed this thread so I decided to help. Mostly because I remain hopeful that Olsonist will show up shortly to explain his point about the responsibility of gun and car owners for the actions of criminals. What could the point possibly be? It's a mystery.
  15. When does Social media hate speech become a real Threat??? When TeamR Texans Decide The Fairness Doctrine Was Great After All It wasn't.
  16. Biden Begins Undoing His Drug Warrior Legacy Glad to finally see this starting to happen! Better late than never.
  17. In New York, gun possession is a violent felony and this policy has not gone well for people who appear to cops to need stopping and frisking. But yeah, solely a Southern problem other than things like that.
  18. the inevitable appeal... Business Tax on Freelance Writers Heads to Virginia Supreme Court
  19. What do you mean, "not on me"? What did you actually do to oppose it ?? Go hide out someplace caress your gunz ?? I did vote for non-interventionists instead of Iraq war supporters. I continue to do it. You should try it some time. But when considering apathy among "pacifists" who vote for warmongers, as with every other issue, it's important to note that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that up.
  20. Under certain conditions, I'd say yes. And yes, the "snake oil" was usually morphine. And really only the one condition that worked before. The thing about that is, the only drug law in the US to EVER reduce addiction was the Pure Food and Drug Act and it didn't prohibit such sales. It just said you had to put "morphine" on the label. Individuals saw that, saw the danger, and stopped using it, reducing addiction in America for the first and only time that a drug law has managed such a feat. Our current approach doesn't reduce addiction. It increases potency (crack, then fentanyl), en
  21. Gonzalez vs Google SCOTUS is being asked whether Google can recommend videos, which is different from just hosting them.
  22. At DHS, herassmeant undisclosed bills Corrupt IG's. Watchdogs that need watching. Not good.
  23. Well, there at least should be privileges and immunities, but that's another thread. No, it's because power. The commerce clause provided the power to ban partial birth abortions but that wasn't really about commerce at all. It was about power. Similarly, banning homegrown cannabis for personal consumption doesn't seem to me or Justice Thomas to be much about commerce, but again that clause provided the power.
  24. You keep repeating that stupid crap. That war was around 90% on the GOPPER Riech; That war was on everyone who voted for it, like Hillary and Biden, and their voters, like you. Not on me and people like Ron Paul who knew to oppose it when it mattered. Not buying your one-sideism because I know about those votes, even if you won't talk about them.
  25. I've told you repeatedly that I'm more of a Ron Paul guy on the Iraq war. You know, right when it mattered. You and AJ can go ahead and continue voting for Iraq war supporters. Hey, at least Trump agrees with you.
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