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  1. A fishing boat like the Bertram, good for fishing. Not a lot of shade to be found and sitting at anchor on a flybridge can be rock-n-rolly. Also, that dive platform isn't particularly sharp and looks like something a bold racer wouldn't mind hitting. Hands down, in every way, my POS pontoon boat is better for those purposes. 20 by 8 feet of shade with a mesh side curtain, comfortable seats all around, enough deck space for inflated marks, draws a foot and I don't care if I rub the bottom chasing kids into shallow water, and a tilted outboard does NOT look like something you want to chance
  2. Mississippi's CON Con Going To Trial If I owned one of those Certificate of Need things and my patient pool had increased by 194% since 1981 while my competition had increased not at all, I might just like that state of affairs. Maybe even see a rational basis for it. It's protecting public health! Will Butch Slaughter get the first new license since 1981 after the ban is struck down? Maybe. But for now it's nice to see a judge decide that a rational basis has to be, you know, rational.
  3. To prevent another nincomcoup, we should make it clear that Congress isn't a national recount board and I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to make it clear that the Vice President doesn't get to choose who won the election. It was clear enough for Mike Pence, which is pretty darn clear, but it wouldn't hurt to make it more so. The Case for Fixing the Electoral Count Act First, to avoid a repeat of Jan. 6, or worse, Congress must rewrite the Electoral Count Act, the outmoded 1887 law that governs the certification of the presidential vote. There is a
  4. The problem is the disparate treatment of other businesses. If it's a reasonable public health measure for a gun shop, why not a bike shop? The obvious answer is because TeamD.
  5. That's still true. The game right now is to evade talking about it. Majority turns down request to send Texas abortion litigation back to federal district court That's one Wise Latina.
  6. That case and another one continue to make their way through the system. 9th Circuit Panel Says Panicdemic-Inspired Shutdowns of Gun Stores Were Unconstitutional And the judge has a sense of humor so included a draft opinion to make it easier for the en banc 9th to overturn this result. It will be funny to see how closely the inevitable en banc reversal matches the satire.
  7. The article that one draws from has more details. Naming a drug dog "K9 Cash" is remarkably honest about his purpose. The charge of marijuana possession for the weed plus the paraphernalia charge for the rolling paper around it was creative. Not sure why this story merits a new thread when we already have a perfectly good drug war looting thread. By the way, it could also go in the Qualified Impunity thread. You have to bring a really far-fetched argument to lose qualified immunity, so that's an achievement too. But if you put it in the context of the rest of th
  8. Instances? Doesn’t that indicate that black lives don’t always matter? Are black people Americans too? Regrettably, the answer to your question is yes. Just as with abortion and Trump's abuse of power, to name a couple of allegedly important issues, black lives may matter but gungrabbiness matters more, so when the two conflict, black lives don't matter. That's why the attacks here are not on NY's racist programs and laws, but on me for daring to say something bad about gungrabbing.
  9. When considering the nincomcoup, as with every other political issue, it's important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion.
  10. That would be mindless ad hominems. Attacking Reason when I'm quoting black NY public defenders? Talk about clueless. Can't even get messenger-adjacent.
  11. Actually, I've been quoting NY public defenders and black legal aid lawyers and yes, they are saying minorities have been targeted by stop and frisk. What they said, once again: Not sure what you think was false about my sentence. A century after the NY Times said there should be more stopping and frisking of Italians and Blacks, Bloomberg and (after Bloomberg's program was ruled unconstitutional) DeBlasio were both pursuing the same policy. Call it a lie if you want, but it's true. Yes, even if I use language that seems funny when Mel Brooks uses it in Blazing Saddles.
  12. Colonial-era wives must have been remarkably understanding to allow all the practicing of military formations and gunfire inside their tiny homes. But that's the TeamD/gungrabby party line, so that must be accurate history.
  13. Look away if you don't like racist history. And a century later, Bloomberg and DeBlasio still think that it's best to throw niggers and wops up against the wall and frisk them. But there's nothing racist about that because TeamD.
  14. That's far from over. SCOTUS is currently considering the longstanding question of whether militias operated in the home only or not. I'm still in the outdoor militia camp on that one.
  15. I agree with him but am not sure a blunt is the best way to illustrate a beneficial drug. Not a blunt guy myself, but isn't that kinda half cigar, half joint? NTTIAWWT, I've smoked has by mixing it in a tobacco cigarette. But that's smoking tobacco too, so kind of a mixed message on medical cannabis. I'm learning more than I'd care to about the many ways to use it as my brother's cancer progresses. There are patches and little syringes with extracts and edibles and even pre-rolled joints and various ways to use those and more I still don't know. And none of them come with tobacco.
  16. More about voting and privacy rights, but you be you. You don't find that SCOTUS ruling upsetting? I figured you'd be another supporter of the Massachusetts view on that one.
  17. I always said the 2nd is for muskets, The Massachusetts Supreme Court agreed with you but they were reversed by SCOTUS. I guess that's one of the reasons there's talk of packing the Supreme Court.
  18. The Judicial Branch Needs More Sailors Really? They could tell which car had the stinky bud from a couple of cars back in traffic with a strong crosswind? They got a looting expert to say so and a couple of different judges to believe it, so I guess that's the way it is.
  19. Strikes on U.S. Troops Show the Need To Withdraw From Iraq and Syria One of these days...
  20. Drug warriors continue the highway robbery I agree with the nutjobs as usual but they're probably going to lose this one. Fact is, those are not legal businesses at all. They're blatantly violating federal law, as are any businesses that further the criminal conspiracy, like this armored car company. That means the loot belongs to the government unless they can prove there was no crime. But there are LOTS of federal crimes going on every day across the country in every single cannabis business. You can't prove that's not happening. It is.
  21. Of course, if you're rich and/or well-connected, you can avoid the felony charge for possession just by getting a license. But don't worry. If you look like a good stop and frisk target to the cops, I'm sure they will fairly judge your moral character and make the right choice, assuming you can afford the 400 bucks. That whole Black Lives Matter thing is just based on the silly notion that cops are racist, but they're obviously not when it comes to gun control.
  22. The six examples above are not unusual at all. Possession of a gun is a violent felony in NY. So it's not just the gungrabby chorus here who assume that anyone who possesses a gun is a violent criminal, it's the state of the law in NY. But you can't be too harsh on people who think they can just possess a gun, so...
  23. Stop & Frisk Targets' Lives Matter Still, even the tiny chance that a stop and frisk could put another violent felon away and get another gun out of private hands makes it all worthwhile. Just common sense gun control in action.
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