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  1. So you accept his idea that I must think eminent domain shouldn't exist at all, and you actually agree with it? Yer nutz, that's not my position, and if you do actually espouse it, you're the "pure" libertarian who has been missing from this thread this whole time.
  2. I'm not sure anything can exist in a pure libertarian society, but I'll at least try with our society. A society can't functionally exist without eminent domain and no one I've seen is advocating that, so that would be a position you want to argue against, but which no one has actually taken. There's a word for it but I can't think of it. So you could bring an argument against a position actually taken, such as the position that taking Kelo's house was (right/wrong). I think it was wrong because public use does not mean public purpose, it means public use. Don't know how to make
  3. Because Covid created an emergency need to ban abortions, of course. It created lots of emergency needs to enact longstanding policy goals.
  4. That door hasn't been closed, though SCOTUS may take a look at it soon. If you're handcuffed face down on the ground with a cop pointing a gun at your back, are you under arrest? Nutjobs say yes, 8th Circuit says no, we'll see what, if anything, SCOTUS says.
  5. I agree and have been waiting eagerly for Biden to fulfill his campaign promise. He was looking into the idea in August, so should be any day now.
  6. Seems good enough to me. If there's a working solution to prohibiting drugs, we haven't found it. Insoluble Tom might be a good screen name though.
  7. Update on this one: Police Oversight Board Demands Answers After Dallas Cops Seized Traveler's Cash The rules are really pretty simple. If a cop sees a bunch of cash, his agency gets to keep it. It may not be Friedman's business, but it's big business. That's nice. There's certainly lots of room for improvement. Texas earns a D+ for its civil forfeiture laws
  8. You don't say! I don't think I posted about that in this thread. Here's an update: Mail-Order Abortion Pills, Now Officially Authorized by the FDA, Pose an Insoluble Problem for Legislators Who Want To Ban the Procedure
  9. Ranger Tugs are all about feature creep. There's almost nothing optional. Thrusters, radar, giant screen, air conditioning, etc, etc, it's all standard. I'm not a yuge fan, as one of my rules of boating is that the smallest, simplest boat that can do what you want to do will result in the best work to play ratio. They kinda went the opposite way. As mentioned, I sold them for a while at a dealership. Customers LOVE standard stuff and do not like poring over lists of expensive options. Not my style, as I said, but if I had to sell one of those with every option priced separately or se
  10. The fentanyl dynasties that have replaced them will no doubt be more sensitive to legit medical needs, and more accessible to law enforcement. Or maybe prohibition made a bad situation worse yet again. It's gotta be one or the other.
  11. And that was brought to an end by the Pure Food and Drug Act. It turns out that people will swallow snake oil, but if you label it morphine they act differently and don't generally get addicted. Much like adequate pain meds would not have resulted in your addiction. My wife tore hers when she was 17. The answer then? Remove the damaged part! It turns out that wandering around for decades without a meniscus is bad for your knee, resulting in two years of surgeries. Her doc was great and did not give a fuck what the DEA thought of his prescriptions. Possibly because he had a
  12. You were interested in public defenders mere minutes ago. What did I do to change it?
  13. Rather than baseball or war, I'd liken this idiocy to playing "chicken" with cars. It's authoritarian chicken. The thing is, neither one is scared of grabbing power, so the "collision" isn't scary at all to them. They win. The only way for non-authoritarians to win is to stop the stupid game. I still think that outcome more likely than not but grabbers in NY and CA are not helping.
  14. Legislators Hid a Sneaky Crypto Reporting Provision in the Infrastructure Bill They didn't really hide it and it's the same old reporting provision brought to us by the drug war in the 80's, just applied to new tech.
  15. Not sure where you found that proposal in the IJ complaints or statements. As for me, I would have no problem with a system where any of my tenants could anonymously request a health and safety inspection. One of them has stinky water at the moment. I'm working on it and she knows I am, but not all landlords fix stuff. I seem to be the only one on this forum willing to listen to public defenders on one issue. I would not abolish them and am not sure who you are talking about who might. I'm also a yuge fan of the ACLU, but not many here seem interested.
  16. 20 years of Portuguese drug policy They went one way and got reduced addiction. We went another and replaced pill mills with fentanyl. We went the stupid way.
  17. Not cellphone related at all, but who really needs more than one fourth amendment thread? If you're handcuffed face down on the ground with a cop pointing a gun at your back, are you under arrest? Nutjobs say yes, 4th Circuit says no, we'll see what, if anything, SCOTUS says.
  18. I have a little Rossi with 17 HMR and .410 barrels, but I almost never use the shotgun barrel. It's a kid's gun, so pretty tiny and light. I put a crappy scope on it and it's great fun. If you hit an orange just right with a 17 HMR, it explodes in a cloud of mist.
  19. I don't live in Seattle, but otherwise, yes, you understand the system perfectly. I was hoping to get El B to learn the answer to his question on his own, but he's uninterested in issues. So, with a spoiler alert, yes. Which answers Mike's question too. The proponents use "public health and safety" where you and I use "for his own good" but the bottom line is the same: homeowners have fourth amendment rights. Renters have them unless/until they conflict with "public health and safety." Then they don't. It's that simple.
  20. No, I'm saying again that she also doesn't know about liability immunities for makers of airplanes and vaccines. That's really all I said. One sentence, having nothing to do with your post. Try again. I'm not the only one. "(5) an action for death, physical injuries or property damage resulting directly from a defect in design or manufacture of the product, when used as intended or in a reasonably foreseeable manner, except that where the discharge of the product was caused by a volitional act that constituted a criminal offense, then such act shall be
  21. Eminent Domain Taking for Affordable Housing Any old "purpose" could be called a "public use" but some seem more like a highway or channel than others. Justice Thomas pointed out who "underutilizes" property: poor people, often black. Systematically targeting them serves the public purpose of enhancing the tax base. That's the main lesson of the topic case and this is the legacy of it.
  22. Yes, that's the kind of thing I had in mind, but you're skipping a few steps ahead, the first one being to convince the owner to pursue my plan. Pretty unlikely. The dealership where I worked sold them for a while. The 21 footer had an amazing boat show effect. Every year, we brought a Sun Cat to the Fort FatGrifter show, a predominantly powerboat venue. It was a hit every year, attracting lots of attention. Then we put it next to a Ranger Tugs 21 and it was like we had put an invisibility cloak around the Sun Cat. The thing about the 21, cute though it may be, is that the
  23. Now NY AG James wants to build more support for the TX abortion law. Looks like she's a proponent of the incomplete badlat reading of the PLCAA and doesn't know it provides for product defect liability. I guess she also doesn't know about liability immunities for makers of airplanes and vaccines. Lots of ignorance to be fixed, but the real point is that she wants to build on the TX precedent while there's still a good chance of tearing it down instead.
  24. Dick Heller might be the 13th most dangerous man in the world. Especially if he owns shoe laces.
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