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  1. And a real bargain on a Pacific Seacraft 25 centerboarder up in Tallahassee. Sorry, I'll stop now. Or try.
  2. Besides, there's a 1964 International 110 in Haines City for just a couple grand more... I went to FB trying to SELL a 5hp Tohatsu but somehow boat ads catch my eye.
  3. Two new smart guns coming Requiring gun shops to offer them seems like pointless meddling to me but is a big improvement over the 2002 law. If they work well, customers will require gun shops to offer them.
  4. I'm a big fan of the design but really don't need another project. I see that one has been on the market for two months. Problem is, it's too far along for those who want to build one but it's far from finished for those who want that. If he gives up on selling it and donates it to the Sailing Center, it's going to wind up being my project, but that's the only way.
  5. The newfound TeamD appreciation for the lives of Capitol Police officers like Dick Heller is welcome! It does extend at least to his home, right?
  6. The time has never been more ripe... But can we still use the name?
  7. Looks to me like a vindictive method to bankrupt people who insist on owning battlefield .22's and other all other guns, since possessing them is the "criminal" behavior you want to punish. It also sounds like a dangerously stupid endorsement of Texas' power grab at a time when the right response would be to swat it down.
  8. Olsonist is really just a TeamR troll sent here to make TeamD look stupid. Doing pretty well at it too!
  9. I should send you a dictionary - DSK You might want to first copy the pages containing refuse and contribute, since you obviously don't understand one or both of those. By the way, they made me Vice President of the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center the other day, just one of the charities to which I "refuse to contribute" in your ignorant view.
  10. 4 different qualified immunity developments in a recent nutjob newsletter. So three no's to QI and one second look. That's pretty darn unusual. Also from that newsletter. That's kind of funny but doesn't seem all that complicated to me. All the other stuff aside, you can't sell a 50 year membership when you don't have 50 year rights.
  11. That's a distinctive-looking battery package. I think the only way to get the answer to how many batteries I need is going to be to start adding them and keep it up until it does what I want. On a cart forum someone mentioned that the different computers in the batteries have different ideas about charging, even if the batteries are identical. They wind up with a charge imbalance, one or more not fully charging. Have you had that problem?
  12. You think Cliff's ammo with no gun is a danger to his family and I'm the snowflake? I just think that letting me leave it in the lobby and having someone come from the back to grab it would be sensible, but I guess snowflakes are scared of boxes of ammo, so...
  13. The City of Baton Rogue made the footage public in the first place, then tried to suppress it by threatening to imprison Frampton. The US district court judge wasn't having it.
  14. Another effort to demonstrate that you know less than a know-nothing? I should send you my tax bills.
  15. I think people mostly not only understand it, they want it, and the worst of the lot want to participate in running the HOA. There are actually good reasons for this. One neighbor yard here includes numerous derelict boats, golf carts, cars, trucks, parts of a motorhome, a seaplane, a swamp buggy, a swamp track, numerous pieces of small heavy equipment, and who knows what that I've forgotten. It would be a bit of a liability if I wanted to sell. Since I don't, I'm amused by it all. My dad and his lawyer had a pretty long fight about whether my neighborhood would have an HOA. We don't
  16. I took some flood damaged ammo to the sheriff's office here. Except the lady behind the bulletproof glass in the actual office wouldn't let me just leave it there. She had to call a cop off the road to come get it. So I wound up hanging around in the parking lot for half an hour before handing over the ammo. Waste of my time and his and tax money. Next time I think I'll just toss it in a fire.
  17. Every American should have a pink pony and an assault toothbrush.
  18. A very clever trick I'm performing for some reason, I guess. Can you let me in on the reason? Rand Paul isn't much of a libertarian, though he has voted against Trump's wishes more than just about any TeamR Senator. The most libertarian thing about him is his opposition to drug war looting. I notice you don't want to talk about the only Libertarian to ever serve in Congress and how he reliably voted to impeach Trump. I'm still eagerly anticipating Garland coming around to the libertarian point of view shared by Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and me that drug war looting is bad.
  19. Just part of the ordinary military equipment, not really confusing at all.
  20. I don't actually know his positions, but when considering Ted Cruz, as with every other political subject, it is important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion!
  21. More of the same cast of characters on my camera lately but no pics good enough to keep. A guy who lives down the street posted this shot from his cam on FB though: I have Sandhills and occasionally gators in my yard too but never got either on the camera, let alone both walking together.
  22. But I didn't really come to talk about Bertrams. One of my favorite Depression-era dead guy garage finds was a brown paper bag (accurately) labeled "Pieces of string too small to save." I should have at least two shelves in my wood shop labeled "Pieces of wood too small (and sometimes shitty) to save" It's a compulsion. And some of them are actually nice and every decade or so I find a use for one, encouraging me to save more. The inability to cut a beautiful piece of wood led to a pretty cool powerboat, whether you're a sailor or not. From the Phil Bolger and Friends
  23. That's a beauty and I'm sure it's now diesel powered. Lots of these had gas engines. My friend's dad had one with gas power. It makes lots of sense, or did. Now you'd have to be crazy to restore one of these and put gas power. They're supposed to have diesels for some reason. I like diesels too, but the point was supposed to be to beat everyone to Nassau in shitty conditions. For speed, give me gas.
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