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  1. There are definitely encouraging signs on the stupid drug war, especially the war on weed, but progress on that front doesn't seem to translate. From the thread on whether nutjobs exist: "Curtailed" means "cut back to where it was under W, before forfeitures skyrocketed under Obama." Which was still a problem! Yes, Sessions made it worse, a tradition for him as it is for Biden on that issue. The 2019 level of looting looks a lot like the 2005 level to me, with anything but progress shown in between. A bit of
  2. Yes. The change in market value would raise the tax burden. Might be argued that it amounts to an improper taking of property. I had a long talk with our head of zoning a couple of years ago about a property I wanted to sell. It's on the main highway and makes sense as a commercial property. He agreed with that and told me his office would support it, but that I had no chance at all because of the "urban services line" that was placed in the middle of the road years ago. Moving that line requires cooperation from State officials and likely and Act of God, I was told. It would h
  3. Thanks for your help, Jack. What i want is always somewhere on that wall of hardware but can be hard to find.
  4. That's nice. OTOH, in all the years this thread has been around, I haven't yet found a supporter. That history goes back further. Virtually no one outside a police union has admitted to supporting drug war looting since the 90's. Yet it remains. With all that popular support, you'd think Garland could get around to reversing Sessions on this, yet the Sessions policy remains. So it's nice that no one can say why nutjobs are wrong and that nutjobs actually won unanimously in the Timbs case before SCOTUS, but what would really be nice would be if Americans quit electing drug warriors who wro
  5. "Rick Simpson Oil" is a miracle cure! Or so some say. There are anecdotes and there is a bit of actual research, mostly in other countries because of the stupid drug war. It makes some sense. It's impossible to overdose on cannabis in any form, even the concentrated oil. Yeah, I know about the one guy in England, but he had other health problems. So maybe it killed him. In thousands of years of human history, ONE of us has managed to overdose. Or maybe zero. I think zero. But a strong dose does inhibit or even kill cancer in petri dishes or mice. And it can't kill the patient, unlike
  6. Yes, of course. I was shooting down at probably a 60 degree angle. The only other gun on the property at the time was my .357 revolver but I'm a whole lot more accurate with the junky old .22 that I've been shooting since I was a kid. I did have a couple more bullets in my mouth, just in case, but the chances of me missing a shot like that one are remote. I'm not a great marksman by any standard but it was right under me!
  7. OK, but you could as easily look upthread. Readers would know. Of course, they might have also figured out that I would not abolish eminent domain and am not secretly hiding that desire, as you wrongly guessed. There have been changes in process in some areas in response to Kelo, but no change in process can change a court precedent. The problem is not process at all, it's interpretation. Does "public use" mean "public use" or does it mean the much broader "public purpose?" I agree with Justice Thomas that it means "public use" but the majority disagreed. We fi
  8. Another assertion that fails the reality test. Several of my rentals are at below market rates right now because the market has shot up and I haven't kept up with it. My choice, I like my tenants and change carries risk. I'll take a lower return instead of more work and more risk. OTOH, if all of us have another cost to bear, we'll all pass it along or go out of business, because again, the thing about business is, if you can't cover costs, it doesn't work. Yes, I stupidly majored in business/econ in college and vaguely remember that stuff. Economists make what one prof calle
  9. In real life you can't accurately assess land value separately from improvements, so even if LVT would work in theory, it doesn't work in practice In real life, I signed these checks: Construction was completed in 2018, but not before January 1, so I got a "free ride" on the building for part of the year. But look what happened in 2019. When your property tax bill goes up by that much because a building was added and then a video game analyst asserts that this just can't happen "in real life" it makes me want to send him the bills. After all, they're not real and that
  10. Yeah, I was supposed to call a trapper with a license, and a friend's dad actually had that license. What I did instead was very illegal at the time. It's less so now, but still illegal. I would have called him and paid him, but for two problems: 1. We couldn't find this critter. A couple of us tried several times during that day. I didn't want him to drive up from Fort FatGrifter and fail to find it. 2. They relocate gators. That one was starving and needed to die, not be relocated.
  11. Right up until the market would no longer support the rent I'd need to cover the tax cost. At that point, despite your assertion to the contrary, I do have a choice: go out of the business. Uh huh. When do-gooders want to decide what a better investment would be and use government to enforce their wishes, we've (or at least I've) seen the results in the Kelo thread. As I said over there, Justice Thomas pointed out who "underutilizes" property: poor people, often black. Systematically targeting them serves the public purpose of enhancing the tax base. That's the main lesson of the topic
  12. Sure I would. I pass it along or go out of the business. The thing about business is, if you can't cover costs, it doesn't work. And despite any attempted window dressing, taxes are a cost.
  13. The judge who imposed the sentence agrees. As do I. He Was Sentenced To 110 Years in Prison for Causing a Fatal Traffic Accident. The Judge Isn't Happy About It. Virtually all of these mandatory minimum sentencing stories involve the stupid drug war, but not this one. The defense says that's not the way it happened, but let's assume it's completely accurate. 110 years? Judge Jones and Kevin Ring are right.
  14. I'd agree with number 1. I already do pass property taxes and every other cost along to tenants. That's what you do with costs. That's not going to change. It's easier to assess the value of a vacant lot than one with buildings because buildings require lots of inspections and you still can't know what's hidden inside. In real life, I pay taxes on vacant land and on improved land and the property appraisers somehow figured it out when I put a couple of buildings on vacant land and the taxes went way up. So pretty much everything about point 3 contradicts my real life experiences.
  15. This thread could use updated Cowmaran pictures and I happened to swipe some from the owner's FB page, so... With the brand new Suzuki 20's. That T-Top is a pretty cool carbon fiber structure on its own. And a look down under the bridgedeck. The beams that support the bridgedeck are 4 x 4 carbon fiber posts with very thick walls. They're way too strong and heavy for the purpose, but were leftovers from one of his kids. The first time I drove it through really steep harbor chop, one of those took the top of a wave off. Felt like we hit something really solid.
  16. That takes place when water is below 80 degrees, right? No thanks.
  17. I've seen both sizes out here, including one about 6' long. Unlike moccasins and coral snakes, I haven't had to relocate one and I've never had one chase me. They like gopher tortoise holes so can find a home every 12' or so out here.
  18. I swim, kayak, and occasionally water ski in an alligator-infested creek. A gator that runs from a boat is a good gator and will also run from a swimmer or kayaker. A gator that does NOT run needs to be shot. That happens when idiots feed them, or when a particularly clever gator realizes that fishermen are unintentionally feeding him. I've seen one such gator, twice. Scared heck out of me both times. I heard that same gator was getting fish from fishermen up at the dam, a very high risk gator feeding strategy. I didn't see that one again. I had a similar experience and now always expe
  19. Yeah, the pythons are not a threat to humans who don't own them. I get lots of coral snakes here. Extremely deadly and also not much of a threat because they're so shy, non-aggressive, and have tiny teeth. I don't grab them by hand but do catch and relocate them, sometimes because one of my pets is playing with them. None have been bitten. Water moccasins are another matter. They're very aggressive and will come right at you from hiding. Yesterday, I was screwing around with a pallet left down by the boat ramp by neighbor boys. Weird type with an ordinary wood deck but the rest was some k
  20. That has already been happening.
  21. Merry Christmas, now stop feeding that bum!
  22. If inconvenience should be compensated, how about breaking a spiritual bond? From the article above: What's a fair premium for obliterating cultural heritage?
  23. Yes, that's the one. I prefer to watch people who need helmets. I think if I had a helmet, I'd put it on a shelf with a note on it saying, Reminder: you're too old to do stuff that requires a helmet!
  24. You don't see all that many small sailboats equipped with a crash helmet in the cockpit. And then there are Watertribers... That's SCAMP #2, an extensively modified boat with a storied history in its young life. Lots of good info/stories in the Welsford Facebook group. Everything about it, including the helmet, has been considered carefully. Hee hee. After careful consideration, I should have a helmet! Reminds me of a time many years ago when we encountered a SeaCraft 23 out in the middle of the Gulfstream. They were rated for 500 hp and this one had twin 200's, which
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