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  1. I like the tower but it looks a bit hard to get up and down in the boat's rocking. What is that white pedestal thing in the cockpit?
  2. Came over I75 just after they closed the 41 bridges yesterday. There were breaking waves from bridge to bridge. I've never seen anything like it, and I sailed that stretch in a tropical storm a few years ago. Branch tips shredded on all trees, so there's light where there used to be shade. Some big branches down, one tree broke in half, shingles off a couple of rental houses. Going to fly my drone this morning to see how much more roof damage happened. That was no ordinary cold front line.
  3. Well, in fact y'all right wingers were blithely going on about elite college admissions while ignoring legacies until I corrected you. see above Well, OK, from above: So you're saying your posts here caused Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleaders to take up your cause? You're simply amazing, Ollie! Congrats on that achievement!
  4. He made the campaign promise. While I've been caught using my awesome mind control powers here to make other posters say stuff, I swear I haven't done this to the President. I see no evidence he's working on fulfilling his promise. Evidence, fwiw, would look like this, from the relevant thread:
  5. Everyone is saying it! For those interested more in facts than popular gossip, there are lots of threads in PA where I talk about things other than guns. Grabbers come along and bring up guns and I politely thank them, that's it. You can go to Cruising Anarchy and see political posts about guns from triggered Canucks like Sloopy and Ish, but you can't find a single post over there where I do the same thing they do. But I'm the problem. Everyone (who obstinately ignores facts) is saying it. Seems to me the real problem in this thread is that there are still lots of Canadians
  6. Additionally, wealth is not income, something Warren knows, but... That interferes with the narrative.
  7. Yeah, that's my point. I'm not exactly brimming with faith in the US government until I start looking around the world for others I'd trust more. Of course, one could look beyond government currencies and perhaps find that options not controlled by politicians are more trustworthy. But that's another thread.
  8. That outboard looks too big for that boat. I'm not sure a boat has ever gotten that reaction from me. If you look at hours on the water, I'm definitely a powerboater who also sails and paddles. Cruising up the harbor yesterday at 20 knots, an offshore fishing type cruised right by doing about 35. My wife commented that we were losing the race. I told her that boat was cruising near our top speed. Got to the ramp and the boat in question was helping a disabled boat at the mouth of the harbor. About 24' long. The engine? A 400! I grinned. DIdn't look too big.
  9. I first went to a swim meet in Key West in the 70's. It was a caricature overrun with tourists then.
  10. I can guess what, but not when. The dollar remains strong despite our excessive boondoggling and borrowing because it's the world reserve currency. Makes it pretty hard to shake, though we're feeling some tremors. "We don't trust the dollar most any more and now trust _____________________ more." So far, no one has filled in that blank. Someone does, that's a breaking point.
  11. That doesn't make eminent domain wrong, and again, I'm not in favor of abolishing it, despite various claims by people who don't know much about me. I think you're mistaken about the why. As I said, it's public purpose vs public use. Most anything can be a public purpose, something very convenient for the "vested interests" of whom you speak. In the topic case, enhancing the tax base was a public purpose. In the Jones Beach case, negro removal was the public purpose. Can be anything. Public USE seems much more narrow to me, and would shear away lots of those vested interests.
  12. Actually, I propose fair market value vs a premium, which is at least something like a solution. When considering eminent domain, as with any other issue, it's important to recognize that I sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans and confiscation programs, so thanks for bringing that into the discussion. Your mind reading is way off. I say what I mean and can actually do it under my real name. You make shit up and can't.
  13. I hope you're right. This part of the FAQ page wasn't encouraging to me. He's quite the explorer, coming up on a year on that adventure now.
  14. Heh. Wealth? Income? Same thing, as long as it supports the narrative!
  15. No telling. If Harvard Cared About Equality, It Would Abolish Legacy Admissions, Not ACT and SAT Requirements It's funny when Ollie repeats "always" three times before being schooled. And then goes right back to bragging, completely unaware of having been schooled.
  16. No telling. If Harvard Cared About Equality, It Would Abolish Legacy Admissions, Not ACT and SAT Requirements
  17. He Was Sentenced To 110 Years in Prison for Causing a Fatal Traffic Accident. The Judge Isn't Happy About It. Virtually all of these mandatory minimum sentencing stories involve the stupid drug war, but not this one. The defense says that's not the way it happened, but let's assume it's completely accurate. 110 years? Judge Jones and Kevin Ring are right.
  18. Well, my voter registration says I'm one, but I think it would be way funnier if it said "nutjob" under party affiliation. Not sure if that's allowed. I'm not very involved with the party because those nutjobs think I'm too much of a statist. Really, they do.
  19. Yes, the police and certain politicians that pander to a certain racist/scared/supremest voting bloc declared their various wars. Well, who would have guessed? They got the wars they wanted. They have not won a single one. It is not the welfare. It is the wars. Time to surrender? Heck no! Do you know what kinds of racist nutjobs oppose no-knocks, property looting, and mandatory minimums??? The wise approach is to elect a career drug warrior as President and make sure someone in the White House opposes those nutjobs!
  20. There's actually a good answer to that question! Tennessee Governor Announces Fast-Track Clemency Process for People Serving Outdated Drug-Free School Zone Sentences Funny how a good answer quickly leads to another good question.
  21. Books came perilously close to being the kind of "electioneering communications" that can be regulated. Donald Eres Un Pendejo Can you really put that on a t-shirt during an election using your company's money?
  22. That name seems to trigger people so I've been thinking of just going with nutjobish. OK, I'm a nutjob, why are nutjobs wrong? It still won't be answered, but at least the answer won't be, "You're not a nutjob!" But apparently less fun for most. You're an exception to that rule, so here's something that might interest you, if not the rest. Balancing Justice Needs and Private Property in Constitutional Takings Provisions: A Comparative Assessment of India, Australia, and the United States Where we have Kelo and her former pink house, Aussies have the fictional Daryl Kerrigan a
  23. As far as I know he hasn't pardoned anyone yet. This isn't the make-it-up-as-you-go Presidency of the last administration where they were only doled out to people who are loyal. If there is indeed thousands of pardons to be given, he needs the Office of Pardon Attorney to do his job. Be mad at him. And I can only imagine how you and the Joke (and by proxy, Jizzy) will freak the fuck out if ONE single pardon is given to a person who runs a red light sometime in the future. He pardoned two turkeys, so we know that he knows how to do it. Whatabout Trump? Don't care about Trump, he d
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