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  1. Why would you want them to? Part of The main reason we have as many idiots continuing to breed is because society keeps making it more and more possible for these people to live and pass on their stupid genes to the next generation. Allowing natural selection to take its course more often would certainly help in the long run. We need a bit more chlorine in the gene pool. +1. The inevitability is the earths human population growth reaches zero. Better the defective genes are eliminated before we hit that point.
  2. no but there's plenty of time. I'm guessing he's spinning helplessly in the potato patch wishing he had rutters. A proper modernly designed scatamabarge don't need butters. If you had studied the thousands of designs Rod did, you'd know that.
  3. Yeah, but also said the boat was gonna' sail to Hawaii, so maybe it does ,and maybe it doesn't.
  4. How long has HR been living on this thing? Given the high cost of housing out there, might he be approaching the break even point? Hard to find a place to built a house you can live in free on shore.
  5. Ha ! sumwun elss hoo carnt spel. Fuuny, theyat snaggy and yoo, wood be thee furst to menchun it.
  6. News about Hotrod and his boat thingy, in this thread? Is that allowed? Thread foul! Intentional injection of relevant material. 5 post penalty!
  7. It was never in slings. He lowered it in on an old mobile home frame and a construction Gradall type forklift. So he cleverly avoided any possibility of my prediction coming to fruition. Sneaky bastard, that Hotrod.
  8. Whatever the fuck is going on with craigslist, HotRods creation has far exceeded my expectations. I predicted it would snap in half in the slings, or at best disintegrate shortly after it hit the water. As far as anyone knows its still afloat somewhere. So I doff my hat to the designer and builder and retract my criticism only standing by my initial sentiment that the Flying Hawaiian would never see Hawaii. Apparently, its not as hard as I thought to build a big floating homeless shanty. However, the level of effort far exceeds that of those who simply inhabit the decaying hulks of
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