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  1. All the gear to shoot it is quite common. First thing to do would be to change out the nipple, it's pretty unpleasant when they blow out.
  2. Why would biological agents released by workers during activity be exempt? As an aside, I worked a few cases (contact tracing) where the working conditions were arranged in such a way that infection was almost assured. Both manufacturing and meat processing.
  3. At the risk of going down a Dogballs rabbit hole, a .580 or .690 round ball at around 1100 fps initial velocity wouldn't have that kind of penetration. What I've read on Revolutionary war and Napoleonic suggests that 50 yards was considered working range. Rifled changes the game significantly but it wasn't until the Minie ball with the expanding skirt that muskets became dependably lethal at range.
  4. Think that later he'll go for "The Constitution is over 200 years old, it really doesn't apply now"?
  5. My point as well. Vote for the man, vote for the machine. Liz Cheney is a LIBERAL Republican and she voted with the Eater of Souls 90% of the time. If there were sane Republicans left, the machine would neuter them then grind them into the appropriate shape. The same way corporate America creates corporate drones.
  6. The difficulty would be that if he went to DC, the McCarthy/McConnell machine would own his soul. And we know who owns theirs.
  7. Since Roberts can declare that racism is over, can't he just declare the pandemic over?
  8. Well, we (government by, for and of the people) didn't take it from WHITE people before we gave it away.
  9. What passes for a "Moderate Republican"?
  10. Topic drift but what is the US ranked number one in these days? Military spending, sure. Setting judicial standards via rulings? Nope. Accounting practices? Still nope. Example of free and fair elections? Healthcare system? Education? Freedom of opportunity as evidenced by social mobility? We seem to be recreating the system we rebelled against the British over, an entrenched hereditary autocracy.
  11. In the same way that southern conservatives knew that if they let blacks vote they would be in a corner. Minority power seizure is an old Southern tradition.
  12. I guess the "Personal Responsibility Express" stops before reaching the board room.
  13. Which suggests that only an entity as powerful as corporate management can protect workers; the Federal Government perhaps? Where's TR when we need him?
  14. How do you pick your teeth with Jello?
  15. Wouldn't the laxity, since oversight is the function of board, make them complicity in the fraud?
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