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  1. Another tops article on the front of Sailing Anarchy ol chum.... another ripper of how close you came to achieving something.... but once again.... didn't.... cant wait for the follow up on the Sydney to Hobart... about how close you came to not doing that also.......... standing by for further announcements.... hahahah

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    2. Bro.Town


      Hello Champ, i just did some investigating on that one..... I have a bit of time on my hands at the minute, so thought it would be good fun.

      Appears that through some of my contacts you didn't sail on the boat, nor have anything to do with anything apart from fleecing an owner to fly you about the place? You appear to have hung onto the coat tails of a great sailing team and a wealthy owner?? Please do correct me, I am just saying what I have heard.... that's all, and it kind of adds up wit the character trait you appear to be putting forwards in your dumb ass pieces on this website.

      Sorry I don't know why I am so fascinated in your nonsense... I guess I find it fun to call out people with no substance that write pieces about them selves and claim trophies for events they didn't compete in.

      You sound like a splendid gentleman living the dream in China....

      Sorry if I can't read properly, English is my second language. Sorry about that. Overall honours and to "WIN" the race are on IRC, hence I said you didnt win the race.... PHS winners cant claim that they "WON".... so that is what I was claiming when I said you didnt win the race.... because you didnt.... They sailing team did an amazing job.... you however..... not so much.

      Oh well.... looking forward to your next article on the front page.... cue yawn emojo


    3. shanghaisailor


      Say what you want, think what you want to think, from looking at your posts you seem to get your jollies from pissing people off.

      Who gives a fuck, I don't.


    4. Bro.Town


      Ciao my friend till we meet again...... I will wait for your next amazing article.

      Maybe go steal a few more trophies from people and get some happy snaps as amo for my wise wise words.

      Later Chump

  2. Wowdowsers Mr Sparrow..... seems a bit harsh hahahahahah
  3. I thinks thats exactly what he was calling you.......
  4. All views and comments welcome.... but you told me to go away.... hahah you joker dude.... ill keep watching for more great articles by you.... knob.... hahahahaha
  5. 100% agree this Shanghai guy is a complete joke, and lives completely off the coat tails of others....... no substance to any of his writing, its a whole bunch of showboating and name dropping.... clearly he has a lot of time on his hands. I I I I I is all he writes about. We love the fact he writes articles also about himself and all the good he has done to yachting around the World.... the guy is a complete knob. I know a bunch of guys that know him... not complementary thats for sure. Time to move him on from the front page of this website.
  6. Jesus..... you are wound up. maybe I did join in 2009..... I have actually never posted just read things.... now I have a crack at the dumb ass Shanghai sailor and now all these people come at me saying I am an editor etc Hahahaha I am nothing of the sorts, just a laid back cat.... laughing at how some people take themselves so seriously and how little most people in here actually know. You seem like a very irritated angry person. Chill bloke.
  7. Shanghai Sailor. You have to be kidding. You will never meet such a flog.
  8. Harsh ol son. It’s ok you and your mates can live your un chartered sailing careers through the bullshit some of you write on here..... sorry I appear to have so upset you when I wrote. I thing to you.... have a great day. Try chilling out a bit.
  9. Prefer to pretend to know less, then pretend to know more....... just hanging out..... watching, waiting... hahahah
  10. Oh.... I am not sure what that means exactly? I am just here to read the humorous things some people write.....
  11. Sorry we must be both going down different paths thats ok, I just didn't understand what you meant by "here is another one" "10 posts but only one visible" "aged accounts for sale" Thats all. I don't quite understand what you mean by all that.
  12. hahahahah yep... ill go back to being amused by your self proclaimed know everybody done everything approach to rambling. It amuses me, keep it up. Your articles that make it to the front page of Sailing Anarchy are hilarious, and just show you know bugger all, but you clearly have a heap of time to talk about it. Love that Sailing Anarchy has such a free forum to be able to just call out pretenders like you. hahaha "how long have you sailed" couple of days.... here and there you know. Even if was to have done more than you, and coached more than you, owned more boats than you.... it still doe
  13. hahaha yep that would be me.......... just cracks me up when i follow your posts..... the king of armchair keyboard bashing. Thinking you are the Oracle of all things yachting.... so you read some websites and pretend to hang with cool people.... its pretty funny.... ill be quiet now and just sit back and read again....
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