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  1. Coachroof travelers would be fine, but too many are curved to match the cabin top, so they bind, and you can't let them down without also loosening the mainsheet. Then you're jiggering two lines against each other -- a real pain with the main needing a winch, even with 4:1 purchase on a 30' boat. Not to mention way out of reach of the helmsman.
  2. You might want to dump a bunch of "blue stuff" in there first. The old fashioned kind with plenty of formaldehyde still works best.
  3. Aren't pipelines marked on charts? Don't ships have GPS? Is Capt. Hazelwood back working again?
  4. I've read that for deck core, Island Packet uses. basically, resin and microballoons, maybe with some glass fibers added. I wonder about it vs. high density foam, Coosa board, etc. I have a pending transom project too, a 19' outboard powerboat.
  5. The Trinka is cute, but its day is probably done.
  6. I (still) have a trailer with a broken axle. Everything is backlogged these days, so finding a replacement has been hard. I found a used one locally that's otherwise identical to mine, but straight, and I need a 2" drop. Can I use a spacer on top of the spring? Axle is 2" square steel tube. Would a spacer with longer U-bolts work? What should I use, and how? 3500# axle, tandem axle trailer, load probably 6000#
  7. I wondered if Lehman was that Barney!
  8. Check out Kevin Boothby's YouTube channel, How to Sail Oceans. He's been singlehanding a SC31 decades, without an engine, and with a gaff rig. It's gonna be a slow boat, with lots of wetted area and not a lot of sail - maybe great for the tradewinds, but not drifting around a light air lake: https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/southern-cross-31 Boothby seems to get where he's going though.
  9. @Cal2-29 Skybird What did you do with your keel sump?
  10. My favorites for on the water were some Smith ones that were both polarized and photochromic. They weren't mine but borrowed for a day. I've had most of the top brands. These days I can't bring myself to spend that kind of money - even the cheap ones are pretty good.
  11. Indeed, nationalism is a disease. I had always hoped the Olympics would grow beyond it.
  12. ^^^ That would be http://forum.woodenboat.com/ Maybe ads in the magazine too.
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