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  1. Totally agree that JD is a great source for paint, varnish, adhesives and sealant. The Total Boat line is impressive and free shipping is a plus. I do find their selection of sailboat hardware to be somewhat limited,
  2. Another vote for Defender Also like Fawcett Boat Supplies in Annapolis http://www.fawcettboat.com/
  3. Great to have you back, Hobot!
  4. How about something like Starboard for the pads? Backing plate material depends on load and composition of the mounting surface - solid glass, cored, etc.
  5. I'm a member of Lake Norman Yacht Club - a very active racing club with a good junior program as well. A little bit of a hike from Raleigh - about 2:45. Many people camp on the weekends - lot of room for such plus there are semi-permanent camper/small RV lots with power... www.lakenormanyc.org
  6. I tried it on a recent roll & tip application on a glass boat. I saw very little difference from previous applications with regard to ease of application or resulting gloss. Too early to tell on the added durability. It smells pretty damn toxic so there's something in it. So far I do not see the justification for additional cost.
  7. Tonight at midnight will be the first time in history that hindsight is truly 2020. Happy New Year to all!
  8. Unless the first epoxy was "amine blush free" - start with a wash of water and a little soap - rinse well. You cannot sand amine blush away.
  9. A little trivia - Robert Woods, the designer of X-1 was a Lightning sailor - member of Fleet 12 - Buffalo Canoe Club. Name misspelled in the caption
  10. McMaster-Carr has all kinds of rod/dowel stock
  11. I wish I could provide better news but good privately-owned shops in the Carolinas have been gone for over 20 years - thanks to WM. There were a couple of good ones in Charleston - most notably JJW Luden's - but even they bowed to demand and went the way of Land's End before ultimately closing. As you know, there are a shit-ton of "center console" stores around which may can help with the bottom paint. Not real sure about Georgia.
  12. I've used the Total Boat stuff with good success so far. Certainly more for sealing than bonding. Rather easy to remove from fiberglass and varnished wood - actually easier after it hardens. It did pull paint off of a painted surface. Cures very fast. I used it to seal all screws in a wooden mast.
  13. This happened just outside of Greensboro, NC - a guy who had murdered a family in Winston-Salem blew himself up in a van that also contained the bodies of his accomplice, a child and a dog. Google "Bitter Blood." Those killed were family friends and a business partners of my uncle. Happened in 1984.
  14. I'll throw out these guys GB Ropes - https://gbropes.com/ This company is partially owned by Tommy Allen / Allen Boats - Lightning builder in Buffalo NY See what you think.
  15. A single tight wrap of masking tape makes cutting much easier - scissors, knife or chisel/mallet
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