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  1. While on a ventilator? Sure. Knock yourself out.
  2. 6 cases out of 7 million. I got the J and J vaccine. I took an outrageously greater risk driving 15 miles to the office today.
  3. I think you just failed Warbird's victimhood test. He keeps his unfairness card in a holster on his dominant side, by the way.
  4. The other scenario I considered just after my post above is that she could have actually pulled her gun out intentionally, shot him accidentally, and now is covering it by claiming she thought it was a taser. That's not an intentional shooting, but still is a fucked up thing to do.
  5. It is difficult for me to fathom how the mistake was made, but even more difficult to believe the cop purposely executed the kid intentionally. We've all done some pretty stupid shit in our day.
  6. Not impressing me. Because while your dwelling on something that happened back before we had color television, I've got friends and family who died from COVID 19 in the last few months.
  7. More notable would be his not figuring out the difference between getting a shot and the fucking Holocaust. Obviously, I'm losing my patience with these idiots.
  8. For the record, I'm not celebrating it any more than I would celebrate having to put a dog down. No more than you are celebrating your direct collective threat to the rest of us. Again, with me it is a matter of practicality. It contributes to the solution to the problem you are personally creating.
  9. We used to be able to work together to solve problems like this one. But not any more because there are so many selfish cunts like yourself working to keep the mutations going and basically sabotage everyone. I'd like to see this thing kill you, and people like you, soon and quickly. Don't take that personally. It's not because I don't like you. I only would like to see it as a matter of practicality. Sort of like wanting a drunk driver to have a solo fatal accident before they hurt anyone else. I actually don't like you, but am not applying it as a reason in this case.
  10. lkjhfdre, kjhg ytrdfgju okhdqa gvddmjpm ggfsefgj bgfdregh htrfds hugtfresfg.
  11. How would you know what we all are hoping for?
  12. Reserved a spot at 2am the first day I was eligible and got it two days later. You?
  13. lkjhfdre, kjhg ytrdfgju okhdqa gvddmjpm ggfsefgj bgfdregh htrfds hugtfresfg. Agree?
  14. The generalizations are getting nauseating. It seems that any instance of negative behavior presented on this forum needs to be assigned to a group, in this case, people who live within geographical boundaries. Wild moment hero seen on video stopping stranger from kidnapping baby out of stroller in New York City park (thesun.co.uk)
  15. I'm looking forward to the days of reckoning for all of you idiots who stand in the way of progress. Like trying to book a flight across the country, and being told something along the lines of: "Not vaccinated? Sorry.... I guess you'll just have to fucking drive." You should start saving now for tires and maintenance on the Yugo. I think you're gonna need it. And NO speeding. You get caught doing that and a cop will pull you over and ask to see your license. You know.... Like a Nazi.
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