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  1. Maybe my family has been exceptional, but any agreement that one parent gets the kid as a specific time is dysfunctional right there.
  2. An argument over custody as a result of a divorce. The guy with the gun was apparently having an affair with his wife. The gal in the truck is apparently with the victim, but feels it is more important to argue over what just happened with no expressed regard for the victim. It's like a tossed dysfunctional relationship salad.
  3. Exactly. He was entitled to his opinion, he expressed it, and he got flicked. And, wherever he is, he is still entitled to his opinion At the Thanksgiving dinner table, he is entitled to the opinion that one of the guest's wife looks like a whore. If he expresses it, he is also entitled to emergency room care. We are all entitled to our opinion. Whatever the consequences.
  4. Found it and now I get it. Thanks for clarifying. Count 1: Malice murder Maximum penalty: Life without the possibility of parole Count 2: Felony murder (Felony offense: Aggravated assault with a firearm) Count 3: Felony murder (Felony offense: Aggravated assault with pickup trucks) Count 4: Felony murder (Felony offense: False imprisonment) Count 5: Felony Murder (Felony offense: Criminal attempt to commit a felony) Maximum penalty for any of the four charges: Life without the possibility of parole Count 6: Aggravated assault (with
  5. When I heard the charges read, it sounded like there were multiple counts of felony murder in addition to the counts you list.
  6. Question: How do you get multiple charges of felony murder with only one victim?
  7. Seriously? You should have just given up the World Class Beaches and went to school in another state.
  8. Where did I remotely suggest the party affiliation of flash mobs? Did you mean to reply to somebody else?
  9. That this is part of the inventory of your beliefs suggests a problem.
  10. Good morning, Mr. BD. Here is your coffee. Our special today is the Maxine Waters Quote Omelet. Your right wing waiter will be bringing it you momentarily. Enjoy your coffee while you wait.
  11. How do you know the political affiliation of those participating in flash mobs?
  12. No. I am quoting somebody else who did. If you no understanding of how a forum works, you should consider doing something else.
  13. Why do you feel compelled to make my point? I appreciate you proving it, but I think we all get it already.
  14. Agreed. Please join the effort to buy Wayne Lapierre expensive suits and vacations on private jets. Boondoggles, being necessary to the security of a free State...
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