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  1. De Santis is starting to look stone cold fucking nuts. Obviously he is looking to run for President with the support of the Trump base. He will need to outdo the crazy. Should be fun to watch.
  2. Sorry, but this is really good shit. (1) Eric Clapton - The Core - YouTube
  3. It was probably the back rub I gave you back in Mazatlán back in '82. Otherwise, I kinda enjoyed pissing you off with some indifference to an environmental issue that you cared about, with the same indifference you displayed to one that others care deeply about. Consider yourself enlightened. You're welcome.
  4. For only 2700 Magacoins, you can get a flagpole on Amazon to beat a police officer with.
  5. I'm 195, but the rest is pretty accurate. I think it was the lattes. I've been tossing the cups at the beach. Go pick 'em up, bitch.
  6. Spiked to almost a 2 and a half bucks when first introduced, now going for 3 quarters of a cent. Such a deal.
  7. I usually just empty the bag. Seems to give me better dispersal. I guess I just don't f'ng care. All I'm concerned about is warm weather, cold beer and a hot wife I kept my promise to. I'll leave the pearl clutching to you folks
  8. When driving down the road, do you throw the entire bag of trash out the window, or empty it into the wind to save the bag?
  9. I agree. It's not like they were trying to pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill or something. And there is that "look" that makes them appear not to be a threat. Can't put my finger on it either as to what it is. Damn my memory.
  10. Makes it easier to have them hold still for the photo. "Hey... Look who I fucked yesterday. And she doesn't mind me posting her picture, by the way."
  11. How's that downplaying bullshit working out for you guys so far?
  12. I think it is more about indifference and lazyiness. Climate change is real: Take mitigating action Climate change is a hoax: Do jack fuck.
  13. Now you're talking. If the wine is the blood, and the biscuit is the body, you just need assignments for the dips. "Take this Garlic Spinach dip, for this is my Holiness... Take this guacamole, for this is my Grace.... ". Then you don't get just one biscuit, you get like a dozen in a bowl.
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