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  1. This could count as "cyber bullying". Please be careful. We don't want @Sea warrior to follow his friends to some Justin Bieber Fan Club forum where everyone is nice.
  2. I think we all should respect the fortitude that @Sea warrior has shown in standing up to all of the "cyber bullying" we have been dishing out. Because while all of his fellow cunts have apparently left the forum because they could not handle it, he has decided to stick it out. He's the invincible victim. The Uber Cunt, if you will. l o fucking l
  3. So... I want to get some things straight: 1. You are continuing this conversation, and at the same time don't give a fuck. 2. Our alleged "cyber bullying" has resulted in members having their feelings hurt so bad that they are leaving the forum, yet we are the ones who are "pathetic little bitches". 3. My observation that the typical victim of cyber bulling is a teen aged girl and you using "lol" is just a coincidence.
  4. Sorry, but your accusation of cyber bullying implies that you very much do give a fuck. Cyber bullying? Seriously? I would think the typical victim of cyber bullying would be a teenaged girl. I've never felt cyber bullied. I mean ever. Maybe you are taking this place too seriously. Stop pretending that you don't give a fuck, and REALLY start not giving a fuck. Cyber bullying. Give me a fucking break.
  5. If that is the case, at least we are leaving you alone.
  6. I'm not trying to convince or fool anyone. I'm simply observing that you are making very specific descriptions of my thought processes with very little information to go on. More bluntly, you are making shit up in your head. Do you think you are convincing or fooling anybody? I mean anybody here? Because if I were to take an informal poll, I'd say the results would reflect most here thinking you are a fucking moron.
  7. It's the level of detail that reveals you to be delusional. I haven't really had much to say on the subject, but you already claim to know what I don't give a fuck about, what I really care about, and that I have some "sinister political agenda". Sinister. I like that. Maybe I should shave my head, wear a nehru jacket, and get a fucking cat. Anybody know where I can get a good deal on a death ray? It's on my "sinister political agenda" right after buying a pizzeria with a basement.
  8. They are pot lucks and to be honest: I just show up for the pasta salad that somebody brings, as it is amazingly good. Now, if you will pardon me, I have to go cut the lawn. It's on my agenda.
  9. I have an agenda? I haven't seen it. Is it a word document or something? Powerpoint? I'll need some dates from my agenda so I know whether or not I am on schedule. If "Make Sea Warrior Look Like an Idiot" is on it, that's obviously completed.
  10. I was wondering where I was going to get an actual assessment of the overall issue in this county. As it turns out, it is the personal experience of one guy in one city, and that person is you. Thanks. Now I know. It's good to have this unquestionably settled once and for all.
  11. Crime rates based upon arrests, prosecution, and incarceration? You may be making a case here. It's just not the case you think you are making.
  12. While on a ventilator? Sure. Knock yourself out.
  13. 6 cases out of 7 million. I got the J and J vaccine. I took an outrageously greater risk driving 15 miles to the office today.
  14. I think you just failed Warbird's victimhood test. He keeps his unfairness card in a holster on his dominant side, by the way.
  15. The other scenario I considered just after my post above is that she could have actually pulled her gun out intentionally, shot him accidentally, and now is covering it by claiming she thought it was a taser. That's not an intentional shooting, but still is a fucked up thing to do.
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