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  1. Sure. What ever they (who is that actually) say... What do you think?
  2. Better that anybody elses contribution sofar you fucking whiners.
  3. Hey all you fuckheads! A wing does nod need camber or twist. Not on aircrafts and not on sailboats. It's the same you morons. Does a camber and twist increase performance? Sure but does this mean this can't be better than a triditional sail? You can even take a plank of wood and at about 7 degrees of angle of attack it will create its maximum lift. Which is still in the same range as a traditonal sail. Sails are great because they are practical and not because they perform very well. Downwind this is not not different from a traditional sail. A headsail would imp
  4. Thanks for the offer. Well appreciated. I'm not really getting any sailing time in at all. kids and stuff...
  5. ....what then would you do with all the oversize numbskull sailors? that was a coffee spiller! very funny!
  6. now that's what I call a comprehensive answer! I had one similar to that prepared but - without the drawings - more words like "idiot", "stupid Naval Architect", etc init when my pc crashed - so I never sent it. But thanks JR, now everyone should finally understand this. I have one comment to add (for those who still haven't got it). As long as you don't attach the halyard to the boat but to the mast (somewhere), the force that pushes the mast into the boat is not affected by the type of halyard, position, or reeving. Thats probably what the f***ing Naval architect meant but some
  7. given the sail-porn potential of this thread it is still seriously lacking image and video content. It's all cool to talk about those tits in theory, but I want so see some action!!! come on! UFO vs Wasp, is that all there is so far? shoreline showing crashing moth in waves and then the UFO in ultra flat water? it that the best you've got?
  8. Hello Dionisis I have not forgotten you. I know I promised to send you the rope diagrams. I will see when I can get it done. keep it up, regards Max
  9. Looks like they are free. No Money mentioned in the ad. actually there are no details at all in the add. sounds like the fell from a trailer somewhere... (if you know that saying in english).
  10. USD 7600 is some serious pricing for what you get! cool stuff. what other boats do you get for that money? Laser pico? BIC? Optimist?
  11. The only problem i see is other people seeing all kinds of problems! Ah, who cares anyway?
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