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  1. that's the way it should be. (and why i have a vpn and know what 7plus is)
  2. SailGP NZ team sailors did not have a good day Josh Junior - 12, 10 th (19 in fleet) Burling/Tuke - got a 12 (19 in fleet) but it's a long regatta
  3. sailing is hit and miss on our local broadcaster, about 12 channels but who knows when. so it is over to the pirates we go, https://www.olympicstreams.me what works here is, once past the pop ups there is actually so much more variety out there. hopefully by paris there will be proper streaming and all the stuff that is actually getting televised can be available. not sure if mentioned before, but live tracking is geo blocked too. https://tokyo2020.sailing.org/multimedia/tracking/ find the available countries here. but the us one seems to work for me h
  4. I'm confused, why are you the top poster in this thread again a)sailgp is crap b)this sailgp thread is in the AC subforum c)I enjoy trolling people on the internet and it is shooting fish in a barrel here d)something else
  5. for some reason this is the active thread on the series. You're the one trolling this thread, with the highest comments count in the thread, but all about how it is a waste of time. That doesn't really add up, but we get the point. Not sure why @JALhazmattakes the bait, but ignoring both of you still doesn't filter out everything. If your endgame is to ruin this thread for those who actually want to talk about SailGP, then that's pretty sad.
  6. here's a thread just for you two. go bananas there https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/226163-the-echo-chamber/
  7. a safe place where https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/profile/100374-jalhazmat/ and https://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/profile/75195-forourselves/ can just throw rocks at each other endlessly.
  8. agreed, the boat on boat aus vs jpn penalty was probably correct, but there were three boats in play here so there's more context. in the end Denmark were too early too, and tacked around. this relative penalty is always going to have a weird consequence, sometimes you get a penalty and it's already cleared by the time it's awarded. this one was a doozy and then jpn just rolled the dice from the back - impressive that den/ aus still got to 3rd/4th from there as in most sailing, the start is massive. but it just seems to complex and random with the reach on a rather short
  9. sailing falls into the category of very easy to social distance sports. tough one to go to the olympics, and go isolate ina satellite venue miles form the main action. i suspect many will take the route of cautios pre event, bonkers once finished. https://www.foxsports.com.au/tokyo-olympics-2021/antisex-beds-160k-condoms-not-for-use-tokyo-tackles-athlete-intimacy-amid-covid-fears/news-story/bde84dcefbc8e7b2cbd5dda6a72173ca
  10. hold the phone..this has never been done before? seems like a no brainer after this horseshit sold like hotcakes http://publishingperspectives.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Riders-high-res.jpg
  11. I appreciate the olympics is a big deal for many in sailing, hope all sailors can have a decent regatta all things consider. I do think sailing is fortunate, probably the easiest sport to social distance and i reckon most of them haven't even gone to the village. Thank you for not hijacking this thread over the regatta period - it was refreshing to only have relevant posts. I'm dead serious when saying that, no sarcasm at all. please do the same for denmark sailgp coming up.
  12. just rewatched the final. my takeaways. *the timing with the start countdown and the line going red to white is still way off. *off the start, US should have been able to bear down onto the AUS team and get to the mark first, they couldn't shift the gear. *not a clue exactly what the AUS team did wrong on the replays to fall off their foils on that first gybe *some poor tack/gybe layline decisions by ALL teams allowed the lead to swap a few times more than normal *AUS team gained downwind on the right side of the course on the 2nd and 3rd time to make up for their who
  13. Not having the scoreboard from the weekend on the website or the app is a pain in the butt
  14. He's done it all season, high risk, high reward. This one was very close, sneaked past DEN but USA had to move to avoid. The consequences are huge if the right of way boat doesn't move enough. Could total 2+ boats and people could be seriously injured or even die. Thing is if you keep on doing it and either you win the start or get told to go back of the fleet. If the gate closes last second and you luff up and around the buoy, tack, gybe and start you are miles behind. The risk needs to be higher. Therefore I would not be surprised if skippers were told barging in with no rig
  15. For what it's worth, I was watching on our satellite TV. Bit hard to find the overnight leaderboard on the web site. Sure Freddie's abacus will be on song tomorrow
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