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  1. Back to the next regatta. 2 months between Spain and Aus, assume that's ample time for shipping to have got everything there in one piece. BUT, is the a covid curveball coming? Sydney came out of a 3 month lockdown last month, they might not be so keen with a new variant on the menu. And will all the teams get everyone there and some practice time in? Things are tight at the top, there's a lot riding on this regatta for a few teams.
  2. If that's the size of the fuel cell then shouldn't it be the capacity? So 160 kWh? Did they make a typo?
  3. that's not really going to be the case, SailGP have used 3up for extreme light winds, and it doesn't work. they don't have the option to postpone and now have bigger wings to probably not have to do this concession again. helm - sailor wing - sailor flight control - sailor jib port/muscle - big sailor jib star/muscle - big sailor 3 muscle In that you also need navigator and tactitician, ETNZ have 2 big finn sailors who are bloody good sailors so do way more than just grind. also, the cyclists in monaco are mostly skinny pro cyclists who wei
  4. not sure if this has been picked up, but it seems that the Deed of Gift criteria have been extended to the protocol verbatim. this is problematic for EB and Societe Nautique Geneve. obviously any swiss club won't meet the criteria, so even being a 2 time winner and multiple challenger they don't comply now? Can Malawi, Nepal and Kazakhstan also not enter? or is there wiggle room
  5. The way the emerging status is described. They want to encourage people to enter, but they don't want them to have good sailors.
  6. this is a lot more wishy washy than had been reported. is considering..... 160kW = 217 horsepower, i'm guessing beyond the powerplant the top speed or the range are probably the hardest to achieve. g) is rather generous, but i suppose one needs to know who the auditor is. since NZ$ 2m = 1.3m USD, Who wants to retrofit something and not send money to new zealand? the build costs is obviously dependant on scaling up selling 4-8 of them. imagine if no one buys one?
  7. this is getting next level. swell pattern analysis is not coming up with much for me
  8. sorry by quick google i meant just used the search function here.. looks like you changed your profile from your abbreviated name to your current anonymous one. it's just odd that a 5* troll wouldn't just start a new account no actual stalking, infact the opposite thanks to the ignore function that hopefully more people would just use.
  9. AC35 - we want to win to defend at home, it makes sense AC36 - we don't really want to defend at home anymore, but will string you along for 3 months since you've stumped up some money for this one.
  10. It's because prior to AC35 bermuda GD was all about bringing it home for the benefits of the country. covid or not that hasn't changed being on a european timezone, it was a pain in the butt getting up at 4am to watch the racing, but i'd still rather see a home defense.
  11. Did a quick google. story checks out. What does he actually sail, i assume he's a member of rnzys, people must know him in real life.
  12. no I think they have to abide by the rules once the protocol is announced, no matter when you enter.
  13. no. it wouldn't satisfy the DoG. and it's happened before which is how we got Valencia. @Forourselves I'll take a simple yes/no answer on this one.
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