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  1. i noticed this thread sits in the AC forum, Larry wanted it that way
  2. I think in Nathan's case Artemis was still a viable challenger for a while, so by the time he was freed up, all the driving slots were taken. But eve with that I can't see either of them being given the AM wheel.
  3. As a South African supporting Shosholoza in AC32/2007 it was quite weird having a locally built boat crewed 95% by guys many of whom I've known from the local boatpark, only to have some foreigner I'd never heard of helming the boat. While the AC will always be syndicate based, and run like a business. it makes sense to keep the nationality identity in it, but 100% is taking it too far in my mind. (I think SailGP have probably got it right for season 2, although we now see some Aussies who sailed AC35 for Sweden, SailGP1 for Japan and now SailGP2 for UK)
  4. I would like to think the mixed crew rule in Volvo 17/18 was the best recent step in the right direction - (7+2 / 5+5 / 11+0). Mixed Nacra at olympics and double handed offshore for paris 2024 will also open up doors. Whether it is worth the wait for the pipeline to open up, or brute forcing ladies into the americas cup via rules is a move that can be debated. Ineos/ETNZ probably have access to very good female sailors so they could even use it as an advantage. Grinding it won't happen, but there is no physical reason why any of the afterguard need to be men, they are jus
  5. in the short term no. But while the rest of the world was reeling, NZ has been a shining star. Post covid, NZ inc will emerge a lot stronger than it went in, and holding this event there will be a part of that. So moving it away would be a silly move in the grand scheme of things, and only a huge upfront payment could move this. (AC35 Bermuda - $77m package from bermuda for a projected ~$250m return https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2014/12/08/bermuda-pay-77-million-host-americas-cup/)
  6. another implementation of twin skin - Jules verne attempt trimarans assuming there is a suitable way to reef them, the budget is there to eke out some extra knots from this package.
  7. ok talking numbers, that makes a lot of sense. 8 grinders, averaging 300W for 20 mins race - assuming a 100% efficiency, they generate ~ 0.8kWh per race and weigh about 800kg as a group for about $1000 you can get a 1kWh LiFePo4 battery that weighs 20kg from https://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2019/12/11/americas-cup-how-techie-are-you/#:~:text=It is 300W per grinder,but much more in peaks. Can you please tell us some specifics of the motor driving the hydraulic pump? It is a single 15kW (20 HP) motor powering a pump which either drives directly or into an ac
  8. What battery, the FCS one? Can that not be charged by human power(is it just farting against thunder), and surely round the IoW would have long legs (tide depending) so less tacks/gybes? in terms of trickle down, (while could just be schmarketing BS) it seems like the McKinsey led AI system of virtual 2 boat testing was quite crucial in boat/foil development for ETNZ. I felt their foils just looked too small compared to LRPP for lighter winds, but it came through no issues. if this really was a marked advantage i see this tech being useful for everything from megayachts d
  9. do we get extra credit for a video answer?
  10. I think THIS sums it up. They punch above their weight in cricket, netball and have been the dominate force world rugby (although not always winning the world cup despite being overwhelming favourites for the past 2 decades). I'm going on a limb here, but the slight inferiority complex to Australia just enhances all of those attributes. In terms of yachting, they do quality. They build top class boats, spars etc. Surprisingly they were world class innovators in GPs technology for marine applications too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navman various factors lead to them be
  11. did Sir Jim not want to do it, or is there really a better offer?
  12. i think there's a reason why no one remembers this happening!
  13. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-i-let-them-down-dejected-luna-rossa-co-helmsman-jimmy-spithill-vows-to-be-back/3R5QSTQDKHMBR7BFHYQIUXLE4M/ is he counting the DoG series as a Cup final? even my granny could have won with that bazooka in a knifefight "I love the fight, I love competing. That's my fourth Cup final in a row and I'm two wins, two losses. I can't leave it there; I've got to tip it the right way," Spithill said.
  14. I see this as a low risk option for GD to get some $$$ in for AC38 in 2024 I also see it as a low risk option for JRatcliffe to bring the America's cup back to england (definitely the racing, and maybe even the cup). He wouldn't have a lot of time, but could throw everything at it. Ineos team budget AC36 - £110m Jim Ratcliffe - $16.9b
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