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  1. dobcwatersnotrequireholdingtanksisthatwhyitsmellssobadtheredoeschristyclarkeknowaboutyouareyouashamed
  2. verystrangebehaviourtoshitonBobsworkregardlessoflackofcvbutthisisnotunusualfordenizensofbcastheyaregenerallyrejectsfromtherestofcanadaandmakelatypeslookcerebraltakealookathisorigamiphilosophyclearlyaselftaughtdreamerthatcan'tqualifyfore&oecoverageBobwillsurvivethistypeofgrifterlampreyeeltechnique.
  3. eight thousand two hundred and three posts..........do you have time to bathe whilst spreading your incredible knowledge ?
  4. very cool Bob...........I see it now. Old Kurt would have loved to have had that idea.
  5. Bob if the stem is an add on and not an integral part starting with initial layups, how will it withstand the stresses of a bobstay under load and when loading/unloading in a lumpy seaway? The stem bobstay anchor attachment is not bolted through apparently and is laid up with the stem addition as part of it. Curious, as bobstay stem attachments have always leaked on boats I have been on that had bobstays , and drove their owners nuts. Worst case was Kurt Hansen's build the Whitby 42 (Doris), a Brewer design I believe .....it leaked like a sieve and almost sank cros
  6. you really are clueless about government. Sure the politicos fled and set up gov't in exile, but the bureaucracy remained and ran the country under new oversears. Poles killing poles interbred with jews......... nice folk you tout.......no different in France or any other subdued country. Same now as then. The bureaucracy always lives on and feeds like the mutants they are. How do you get by being so clueless?
  7. So true Soak_ed.......so true. But work helps too. Especially slave labour of Jews used by Poland until they were freed by death. You really don't have shame over the murder of 3 million polish jews do you. It vas dos bad Huns ! No it was you Soak_ed. Live with it and seek absolution through apology. Start with Clean. And then just go away.
  8. You are right of course TL......I guess that is why the 53 was full of holes etc when the removed the stuff the attached to it to make the 63 mold......major use of people though to fill all those holes.......I guess they thought it was cheaper than lofting a new mold and they could sell the plug........business is business.
  9. Poland........arbeit macht frei ........shame Soak_ed........
  10. Magnum Marine in N Miami Beach back in the '80s inverted an empty 53 hull and used it as a plug to build a mold for their new 63. They then removed all the screws and detritus and filled the holes and sold the 53 to a Cdn with a deck etc and he had it put together and finished in Canada. Couldn't call it a Magnum I guess, but he had one on the cheap. Pity this 40 cutter plug couldn't be finished after use, into an actual boat, rather than cut up as it probably will be. Any way of doing that Bob?
  11. JCC everything you say is probably correct but its very detail causes most sailors to glaze over and put on the auto pilot. Serious racing starts when you are young mostly , and hopefully translates into family status and big boats as you age. This is the point where you decide whether organized bureaucratic documented racing remains of value. Look at the number of boats you are talking about. Couple of hundred serious racers willing to be measured? How many keel boats in the Golden Triangle? 10,000 maybe? The point is most all sailors like to race anyone ou
  12. Who is this prick Brent? I don't want to even give him credibility by arguing.......SNAGGIE leads with his advice.....just say F'OFF 'tard.......
  13. There is nothing better for the soul than spending time at a good shop during a righteous build. Hard to describe but it just feels so freaking enjoyable and satisfying. In fact the build process is often more fun and fulfilling than the actual sailing. Don't know why. Must be a genetic thing. Maybe Bob has experienced this oddity.
  14. Might I suggest that there is a huge number of boats in the west of the lake with owners/skippers that would like to race once in a while but cannot be bothered with the bureaucracy and hassle involved in getting their boat measured/ rated. It really is a pain in the ass process for most people that just like to sail. This is why you have non organized racing between boats just out for a sail on a sunny day. No one wins and no one loses and everyone gets a drink at the bar and there is lots of good hearted chatter and ribbing. Why does everything have to be organized b
  15. Bob I hope you are aware that the Canada's Cup is switching back to 8 metres. Absolutely gorgeous boats with pornographic overhangs. It would be nice if someone out west got in on the challenge and you could draw one........prismatic and dimpled all to hell. I would love to see your dream 8.
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