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  1. There will be 3 MOD70 at next RORC600 : Maserati, PowerPlay and Argo (ex Oman Sail ). http://caribbean600.rorc.org/News-2018/return-of-athos-and-the-flying-machines.html
  2. Yes. The websitee seems to be only french: teamactual.eu Stand by to begin soon.
  3. Actual will make the tour the wrong slow way.
  4. Jet Service V had the same problems: too fast for the rest, it was banned and the 60' "standard" was created. After Joyon and Coville had some records broken with their 100' tris and the 60' ORMA fleet was quite reduced La Route du Rhum allowed again any sized boat. And now history repeats itself ... 32 meters instead of 60 feet, and crewed instead of solo, but it certainly is a déjà vu.
  5. Aesthetically speaking I still prefer Macif. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll change my mind.
  6. IIRC Thomas Coville said that after 1h and a half he was too tired and the auto-pilot was doing better than him. And Joyon said something about less than 1 hour stints at the helm to keep it 100%. And those were foil-assisted boats.
  7. +1 A few design issues to be sorted for sure. But BP8 is showing all the potential. Nice understatement for boats breaking apart in conditions that the class 40 seems to endure a lot better.
  8. Dali foils in a 1966 boat, no keel but outriggers From foils.
  9. No, not possible... Look at the pics between the hulls... HR cleverly tied them together with cables... No doubt a trick he learned from his study of thousands of other cats... AC cats also have a lot of rigging between the hulls, under the cross-beams. Well, it floats, and in a nice spot. Who cares about sailing ?
  10. Yet, the thing floats, and with a H-D aboard I wonder where they plan to use the grill, under a wooden roof does not seem a good idea.
  11. Normal houses from japan are build to endure earth-quakes.
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