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  1. Sailboats pivot on their keel/centerboard. If you feel you needed a hard "luff up" into the wind to avoid contact, this means your transom actually slid to leeward and was most likely even closer to the tacking boat's bow than had you kept your course. During the initial read, I was expecting to hear of an emergency bear away to keep your transom clear and subsequently losing your clear air lane.
  2. This was the boat I was looking at. I didn't want this to become another "Valiant blister thread", I'm aware the blisters aren't your typical surface gelcoat below the waterline. The blisters were caused by the military spec resin that contained fire retardant material. There is NO fix for it, you can fix the million blisters, but they will keep coming back. The Valiant was listed for $8,000 for a complete boat which is basically the scrap price. My plan would have been to rename her "Warthog" and sail locally as is until she was ready for the final voyage to the scrap yard in a few years. Her
  3. I’m not really a cruising sailor, but two large cruisers happen to be for sale for very reasonable process and have caught my eye. One is a 1978 Valiant 40 built by Uniflite (blister era), and the other is a 1982 Golden Wave 42 built by Cheoy Lee. The Valiant has blisters, but it’s lived in northern climates and hasn’t been in the water is 15+ years so it doesn’t have a lot of blisters (not yet anyway). The Golden wave seems to have been more loved, but has been ridden many thousands of more miles than the Valiant. The Valiant wins the prize in my book for the prettier of the boats. The G
  4. The boat was built well before the J/125 existed, 1992-1994 if I recall correctly. The story is here on SA somewhere. It was kind of risky taking a new one design class boat (at the time) and modifying it, but I guess the guy got exactly what he wanted tat didn't exist in stock form at that time.
  5. J/90 that had an unstayed wing sail
  6. ^ this is the boat. Completely different animal from the 34 and Optima of the '80's with a plumb bow, modern foils, etc. I'm also aware they came in three different versions: Competition, Cruising, and Classic. The one on Yachtworld in CT I'm assuming is the Classic version judging on the amount of wood in the cabin and the teak in and around the cockpit. I like the fact that the draft is under 6' as it could potentially open up a few more possible slips at the yacht club. I also like that she's not maxed out on proportions like some bloated, slab-sided sailboats you see today. I crawled aroun
  7. Came across a Dehler 33 from the late ‘90’s that looks like if can fit my needs, but I don’t know much about them. There doesn’t seem to be many in the states. Does anyone have any experience with these boats? What is the build quality? What do they rate PHRF? Can they sail to their rating? The boat is attractive and, in my opinion, looks to be comparable to the X-332. It has a slightly smaller fractional rig than the X, but weighs 1,200lbs less than the X. I’m looking for a boat for local PHRF racing both crewed and double handed, and something comfortable for the family for day sailing and t
  8. I find it striking how much stock people put in the office of the president of the united states, whomever might hold that position. Ask a former member of the National Socialist Workers party what can happen when you put all your eggs in one basket… I implore you all to think for yourselves and realize that Covid is not just one man’s problem, nor is it just one state or even country’s problem. I think any reasonable person can come to the conclusion that he didn’t want to insight unnecessary panic on the American people. Trump is not America’s dad as Obama was and doesn’t have the professori
  9. Does it matter what he said or what he did? Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) mandates that everything he does or says is absolutely and unequivocally wrong. Those suffering from TDS would never stop and ask themselves what would have been the correct or acceptable response because they know there couldn’t possibly be one. I guess I could see how putting all the worlds scary problems on one man can be convenient and comforting to some.
  10. If you have to ask, the problem is probably you. The touch of a light air guru is a skill not possessed by all. If you’re sailing a cruiser/racer with the sails strapped, constantly pinching, and complaining to your crew, it will not motivate them. Also, when a crew knows there is zero chance of being in the winners’ circle, what’s the point of trying super hard? The race then becomes a casual sail. It could just be the boat. Are you competitive in medium or heavy air? No boat can be the best in all conditions. If you just can’t cut it in the super light, why not join your crew in the rel
  11. What kind of boat is it? Is the mast a replacement or is this a "I want to build a boat" dream? A solid wood mast on anything other then a tall ship is not going to work. I'm assuming a 22m mast is going on a boat 22m or less? Most wooden spars for pleasure boats are hollow and constructed of regular strips of lumber
  12. Its cored everywhere and there was no isolation on any through hulls or deck fittings, that will be your job to do As for the Keel sump area, I'm not sure. I had a 1996 J/24 and 1983 J/29 and I honestly don't remember if the sump area was solid glass or of it was cored or not.
  13. I personally think J Boats got the galley right on the older boats. I'm not quite sure why everyone is obsessed with the larger galley. I've never cooked a three course meal down below on any of my boats nor do I know anyone who ever has. All I need is a cooler for the beers and sandwiches and I'm all set. A big galley looks great at the boat show, but for practical use of the boat, I'd be happier with the extra quarter birth for sail/miscellaneous storage, or an extra bunk. I love J's, but they are fully cored hull and decks. Its a 40+ year old boat so it wont be perfect, but they are st
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