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  1. Excellent boat name, Schitzen Giggles
  2. Hopefully the decision to drop the protest was that of the protesting boat. If the RC was involved prior to a hearing then THAT would certainly be improper.
  3. The boat protesting decided to drop it. Would have been interesting if it had gone forward as it was definitely not working...
  4. Couple of days out...huge fleet for this race. Should be a fun one.
  5. I was under the impression that a sail that didn't measure in as a headsail or a kite (IE your LRH or tweener or whatever you want to call them) wasn't legal at all in PHRF. Didn't think you could use the LRH while sailing under that rule system.
  6. It's been fun in the past, but it wasn't this many boats by a long shot.
  7. All of that is very fair. If everything were equal (and obviously it isn't) I would chose the 426. Have a LOT of miles racing and comfortably cruising one and just can't say enough about the boat. Very few boats do I implicitly trust, but I do trust the 426. It is solid and fast and does not struggle in light air with competent sailors at the controls. I believe the 402 is of similar pedigree so I think it is a good choice as well. I would definitely reach out to Jim Taylor even if you are only considering the boat. He is a pleasure to work with and generally very happy to have a discus
  8. 60+ boats all on the same start line is going to be interesting for the Friday "single" start.
  9. Skip the 402 and go to the 426. Way superior boat.
  10. Yeah I saw it briefly, but I think things could change yet....
  11. Bump... Up to 90 entries with the race 6 weeks away. Shaping up to be a good one. Really wish we knew how the start breakdown would shake out. Would be helpful to know if we were starting on Friday or Saturday.
  12. Worst one for me was 2013 Annapolis to Newport race. Delayed start which set us up to get whacked by a tropical storm going down the bay. Pissing down rain in the dark with a surprising amount of commercial traffic close by. Round the Chesapeake Light and the wind machine shuts off. For two days. Made something like 54 miles in 48 hours. Then a nice nor'easter filled in so we could beat the rest of the way to Newport. In the rain. By far the wettest and coldest I have ever been. Crew fell off one by one until there were only 3 of us who weren't sick or too scared to come on deck. Yet
  13. I hope that anyone who feels this strongly about getting a refund for this race that didn't happen doesn't feel super strong about participating in this race in the future. I can't see the OA extending an invite to you after going through this refund process. The invites are at their discretion and I can't see them willingly inviting someone who has been a problem for them in the past.
  14. You would be surprised! I did an incline on a (freshwater) bayou in Louisiana one time where the specific gravity of the water was less than 1! Measured it multiple times in several areas using different instruments because I didn't believe it.
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