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  1. Sunfish Midwinters, International Masters and Team Race all to be in Clearwater = CANCELLED
  2. Is it the length of chain you are suggesting is revolutionary? Cause I'm not sure that counts either.
  3. Anchor rode is typically 3 strand nylon and is in effect a kinetic "rope" is it not? Not sure what we are proposing that is revolutionary here.......
  4. Is the keel retractable and in the UP position right now?
  5. Guys, we really gotta do a jib peel here!
  6. WTF with the OP.....dude has been around long enough to know who LR is, makes a sock puppet up and then doesn't comply with the newbie rules. Shouldn't this be in PA?
  7. Update on my Vela order..... The line that they said they did not have just arrived yesterday. OK great. I now have 2 of the 5 items ordered. 9th day here.
  8. I tried Vela. I ordered 5 items of cordage a week ago. I received one in the mail yesterday. Received correspondence that one item is on backorder till March. One they are out of, and the other 2 are supposedly coming. APS would probably have had everything on the list to me by now. It is winter and I don't be needing the stuff for a bit, so this time it's Ok. If it was sailing season, I wouldn't have been very happy. Probably try West Coast next time.
  9. For many many years, decades in fact, I used to buy all my cordage from APS because they had a huge selection, usually had everything I picked in stock, they had OK prices, and they almost always shipped super fast. Now that they are gone, I'm in need of a new source. Who do y'all buy from in the US? Favorites and why??
  10. What the flying fuck.....items 13 and 14? Really? What the flying fuck????? This dude needs to get slammed by the law. This shit steams my clams!
  11. Maui is one of the most beautiful places! Don't think I could live there but there is so much to do for visitors.
  12. Bail....this thing may be the next One Aus.
  13. Just making sure here so don't be offended.....do you have the centerboard model? and if so, is it DOWN prior to turning upwind? Other that than, shorten sail to make the boat feel balanced and your passengers more comfortable.
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