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  1. Maryland has a cutoff for grandfathering in old guys. VA did when they first implemented it. I had taken the online course years ago just for insurance purposes. I also hold a 100 ton license so I didn't *have* to get a VA card but my MD card entitled me to get a permanent card from VA that is acceptable everywhere in the US. Bitch of it all is... Stupid powerboaters are still stupid. And lots of 'em. (esp. in the Trump boat parades) Don't see many stupid sailboaters.
  2. Wife comes and checks out the Tracker with me. Course she is my double handed partner! And I agree, this race is turning into a NAILBITER! Anyone in the top 9 could win. My $$ is on Yannick or JLC tho. And if JLC stays within 100 miles of anyone other than Yannick he will probably win.
  3. Okay, change in topic. I just want to know how they go about taking a leak when all geared up (Southern Ocean style). I *know* when I'm offshore and in my foulies it's not fun stripping down enough to take a wizz, neve mind dropping a log in the head. It's a real Pain In The A$$ to undress just to ....
  4. Moved the chainplate, re-sculpted the keel from what I was told, added an inner forestay. Won the 2014 Newport/Bermuda race overall. Had 18 sails on board/8 crew. Last night out the boat I was on and about 60 others were in a parking lot NW of Bermuda. ACTAEA just kept on sailing, caught up. As we were finishing in a rain squall the next day I saw them on AIS and told the crew I think they just won this thing. Yep. Nice folks. Finished dead last in their first N/B in the 90's
  5. ACTAEA. Bermuda 40 VERY modified. Has won all the major East Coast/Chesapeake Races. Got to trim Mizzen on her for a race a few years ago which was pretty cool as we only flew the #3 jib and the mizzen. Gusts in the 40's.
  6. I bought lots of widgets, gadgets, stuff, and thingys over the years from APS. And I always hit the sale bin for Amsteel to make my soft shackles. My purchases of this stuff wasn't going to keep them in business BUT, more than a few times I went in for some piece and happened to wander over to the clothing section and ended up buying some shorts/jacket/shirt. And before they changed their model, bought a pair of MPX foulies because I needed some that were actually going to keep me dry no matter what. Oh, and while we're in there I told my wife, hey see if you can find some better foulies f
  7. One of my good sailing buddies died of an A.D. 6 years ago. 50 years old, had 3 grade school kids. He had come to go on a WNR with us. Felt bad while I was talking to my sailmaker and went to sit in his car. Threw up, felt worse, my wife called 911 and went to the hospital with him. Called his wife and said, you might want to come here (1+45 minutes away) Meanwhile she's texting me that they can't get his heart started. Was a really crappy time. The day of his funereal we got to the church early and put RESERVED FOR SAILORS signs on the left front 2 rows, went to the bar and met all
  8. Pole out the genny, unfurl the staysail and trim it taut on or close to centerline. You can easily sail at 130, even 120 degrees and not backwind the genny. The staysail redirects some air into the genny and keeps it pulling. Main, just trim normally for that wind angle reefing as necessary. BTDT crossing the Indian Ocean.
  9. SOLD! The other day while looking at Boatporn I noticed that this Swan 42 was no longer listed on YW. Today I went for a bike ride (70 degrees out) and ended up going down the road... and thought, hey, let's go look at that Swan again and see what's up. Talked to a guy in the yard and he confirmed it just sold. No idea how much or what the story is. I had looked at it a while back out of curiosity; NOT a project for the faint of heart. Don't even look at the bills...
  10. The Sailing Assoc. that I used to race with has no clubhouse. We charged Members $100/year (owner/skipper) We encouraged everyone else to be an Associate member at $10/Year just as a way to keep informed and to help offset some of the costs of running the Association. Never heard complaints either way regardless of whether someone joined or not.
  11. Yeah, they're still 1930's technology but fun. A few years ago I got picked up as last minute crew for a guy. Here's a watercolor my wife did from a picture she took this summer while on the RC boat.
  12. 1984. Me in the first boat I owned. Old (1947ish) wooden Hampton One Design.
  13. I sail a CS MERLIN (CS 36M) One of the reasons that I picked my particular boat was it has end of boom sheeting and yes, the cockpit traveler is very short and doesn't really give you a lot of up/down movement but it's right in front of the pedestal and I can trim it easily. I have a 6:1 with a 4:1 fine tune on the mainsheet. And I have a below deck RM autopilot that (crosses fingers) has worked well. I wouldn't put the traveler at the bridge deck even though you gain more length, put it as far aft and where you can reach the sheet. Where in VA are you? I'm in the NNK.
  14. Vesper XB 8000 Wifi's to my tablet Best $$ I put on the boat.
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