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  1. Given the sign up date & his association with that dirty old timber shitter I reckon you're right.
  2. That's 50 years ago! The world has moved on, you're just being stupid.
  3. Don't forget beef, seafoods, barley, wine & the list goes on.
  4. Effective to screw the economy for a generation or more. China's war is economical not military, has been for a good long while now.
  5. You're seeing a Wofsey behind every rock. Obsessing much?
  6. You've asked an incoherent question, why would you expect a coherent answer? Consider the people here you've labelled as Reichistas (I'm one of them), none have implied, promoted or expressed racism or violence, no threats have been made. The assault on democracy aspect isn't worthy of discussion. You just don't like being called on your BS, plain & simple. Snowflake indeed.
  7. Whatever. There goes another one of your attention seeking, bullshit threads to the scrap heap.
  8. Don't mind Meli. She likes to think all things USA are bad.
  9. All this BS arguing about names is worth nought. I look forward to the day when we can just call it history.
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