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  1. Ok. It was just a thought.
  2. Hey. I see her remark aout Aussie as sarc. In that light, it's a fair jab IMO.
  3. Unload some junk from your boat or raise the stripe
  4. Hey. What's up with Adern shoulder charging the sign language interpreter at the news conference?
  5. Haven't seen a foreign tourist here for quite a while. Did you have a point to make?
  6. Stuff's harder than the back of Christ's head....
  7. Being a very dense, hard wood, a length of ironbark is often used as a bug shoe on the bottom of a ship's skeg to protect it from shipworms.[4] Ironbark was widely used in the piles of 19th and early 20th century bridges and wharves in New Zealand.[5] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ironbark
  8. BwaHahahahaah!!! Who is the fucking idiot?? You're so stupid that you can't recognise sarcasm!
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