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  1. I'm so old I can remember when Los Angeles and San Francisco used to be that clean and tidy...
  2. Sleddog, I didn't know you participated in the 5.5 meter Olympic trials in '68! I stumbled across a photo of everyone. Boy! There are a lot of luminaries in that pic!
  3. He owned something before Mayan??? I seriously doubt it.
  4. Which of these simulations would be the rutter directly in front of Saint Francis during Big Boat Series, circa 1980?
  5. Blackfin (and Ondine III) were more-or-less contemporaries of Windward Passage. Blackfin and Windward Passage had a lot of what amounted to match racing rivalry on Transpac, Big Boat Series, etc. As I recall, WP won most of their meetings. WP was far and away the better looking of the two. Blackfin simply had too much freeboard and looked clunky alongside Windward Passage. I think up until De Meuse's unfortunate death, he still owned Serena which was a gorgeous yacht -- much better looking than Blackfin but no longer capable of winning the Barn Door against the modern maxies.
  6. Using a pole to sheet a headsail further to leeward -- away from the main -- used to be called an "outrigger" in the rules and it was explicitly illegal. The last Volvo Around the World Race, outriggers were used extensively while reaching. I'm not curious enough to exert the effort or research if the prohibition was removed from the RRS or if the SIs changed the RRS in regard to outriggers.
  7. That is creepy as hell. Gollum has been rotting in the swamps of Florida so long his brain has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.
  8. I remember Sparkle sailing out of Newport Beach in the late '60s. Beautiful and fast.
  9. My take-away from that video was one hippie guy with 3 (? it's been a few years since I watched it) hippie chicks -- not bad... and the "direct deposit" method of defecation.
  10. That gollywobler was the largest sail on the west coast! I remember sipping drinks down below when she was at Ardell Marina in '69. I was at least 18 years old...
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