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  1. But, what the hell... post any content vaguely associated with the decade...
  2. Droop hiking over the lower lifeline is an abomination allowed by the current rules. It is effective in adding righting moment but no one likes doing it. All it takes to end it is an agreement to write into the rules that it is not a legal way to hike. So long as it is legal, you have to do it to stay competitive. If it is made illegal, everyone is on an even playing field. There are many examples of rules written to limit unsafe or uncomfortable practices (lifelines, keels for self-righting after a capsize, etc.) If droop hiking over the lifeline is eliminated, it's not going to harm any
  3. What I enjoyed the most was how Julian more-or-less dismissed unconstrained speed designs and favors problem solving within constraints imposed by handicapping rules and/or clients. I also liked his tendency for high-level design -- coming up with the underlying concept -- and leaving the detail work to employees and/or builders. Here's the sketch on the back of the napkin, now you fill in the details. Myself, I enjoy the hands-on detail work and use that process to refine designs but I understand the opposite approach. I enjoy the sensuality of striking a pleasing curve but I can see how
  4. I'll pay you $5 to change your avatar...
  5. This question has two interpretations: What city/state/country does snaggletooth call home? What is his motivation and philosophy?
  6. That is an upside-down Rocna anchor. I have one on my power boat. Great anchor. Worth the extra money.
  7. The report is for 2020. It was, in all likelihood, produced and approved this year.
  8. A great boat, along with Stealth Chicken, Starbuck, Foxfire, Icon, and your other large fast cruisers! I can personally attest to the speed of Stealth Chicken, having raced against her on several occasions.
  9. and the lifelines compared to the skipper height... they are about 5-feet (1.5 m) off the deck. OK. and the semi-transparent StackPack where the aft lazyjack just sort of vanishes about 8-feet (2.4 m) up.
  10. If someone is going to stylize sailing in a painting or drawing, is it too much to ask that they do a bare minimum of research so it doesn't look ridiculous? This is from US SAILING, for chrisakes! The main is weird enough but WTF is up with that headsail? Tell us about this hot new panel layout! Nice luff tension, bro! Mainsheet eased but headsail strapped in. Does anybody look at these things before giving the go-ahead for publishing?
  11. As an indication of how well the Excellence in Yacht Design series is received, witness how many designers tune in to hear other designers' presentations! Successful informative, and fun!
  12. I did not find it funny. The ages of the children and the explicit graphic nature were, at the very least, illegal at the Federal and State level. If, for example, any part of that interruption were cached on ones computer and that computer was forensically analyzed, a person who is convicted of possessing child pornography can be sentenced up to 10 years in prison or up to 20 years in prison if the minor depicted in the image is under the age of twelve. That, besides it being morally reprehensible.
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