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  1. The Elvstrom half-tonner was a big thing in Denmark in the early 70'ies. I remember walking through the cabin between the trenches 13 year old and sitting down at the chart table facing backwards. It was a revelation. The pantry not so much as it was under one of the bathtubs, and the loo was under the aft hatch. When you used it all of your upper body was exposed. It sailed extremely well and I would estimate the number of different decks (including home builds on the same hull) to be well over 10 during the few years it was in production. Still a very beautiful hull/boat. Remembering th
  2. Always amazing to see how many people ignore previous posts completely.......
  3. Further to the Windsurfer sail analogy. As a retired windsurfer I can only agree on the comments made on windsurfer sails. By using ridiculous amounts of Cunningham (downhaul) you can actually make a 12 square meter sail manageable in pretty high winds on a Formula board. A properly set sail will depower properly upwind and still provide enough drive downwind. You will still need to release the outhaul slightly sometimes when going downwind, but there is no way you can adjust the downhaul. The downhaul is set with an 8:1 purchase on the beach while a fit 90 kilo windsurfer puts his foot on the
  4. In an muddy environment the forces you can achieve from suction are bigger than what you can get from letting a hook dig in. I believe that some oil rigs standing on the bottom of the sea rely on the same principles. Like trying to walk in quicksand - it sucks.
  5. https://www.pinterest.dk/pin/315040936438007058/
  6. Thanks, So - noting that 1., 2. and 3. above should really be (a), (b) and (c), - and noting that RRS 50 may be changed in 2021, it looks to me as if sheeting to something other than the corner of the boat would be OK, if it is placed higher, but not further outboard than the corner of the boat is (in upright position). It might even be legal to sheet it to something further back, as such devices would not be classified as "outriggers". The keyword her is "outward pressure", which I would interpret as "in a direction away from the centerline". Agree ?
  7. Question: Would it be legal to use the pushpit as a "tower of power" (assuming that it is strong enough). Some of you will remember that some of the VO70 boats created a higher sheeting-point for their flying sails, in order to mimic that the sheet was attached to a longer boat. It could potentially give better sheeting angles than just attaching to the back corner of the boat. Would that be legal under normal sailing rules ? IRC ? , ORC ?
  8. Yeah - I have one of those too. I used it on my OK dinghy early 80'ies. But take a look at the video where Ken Read gives a tour of Comanche. That is the exact compass they have on that boat. I guess the rules say that they have to have a magnetic compass - this was the lightet they could find. Pretty good design to survive for 40 years.
  9. I hope that "Turning to custard" is stretching it. It is true that we have experienced a rise in the number of infected individuals, which has caused new measures to be introduced. I see that as a good thing. Let's hope we get the number of new infected per day down from the 550 it was yesterday. The current totals in DK are as follows: a total of 643 people died with Corona, 5 people in the DK are in ventilator care, 15 are in intensive care and a total of 78 people are hospitalized.
  10. I was under the impression that the Corby's are very stable boats with a big ballast share, originally made so because IRC doesn't rate stability explicitly. All boats go better upwind with more weight on the rail but I would expect the Corby to be less sensitive to that than most ? Agree that it probably isn't the best cruiser, but not for that reason.
  11. A pity that some error has been made. Video Unavailable This video is not available in your country My country is Denmark..... Anybody else experiencing the same ?
  12. The Sun Odyssey 35 seems to have a deck stepped mast. Maybe you guys could use that info before engaging in an argument about rake, pre bend and other stuff.
  13. If the rudder ventilates it might be an idea to try horizontal fence/s on rudder a third down. That might keep the bottom working and is a fairly cheap and unobtrusive procedure as opposed to lengthening the rudder or changing it.
  14. At one point I wondered about the possibility of having the genset able to be shifted from side to side as moveable ballast, so that it could do some good when sailing. It is an intriguing idea, but I will probably not be the one to try to implement it. Anybody know if it has been done ?
  15. +1 on the dehumidifier comment. I would probably do the demos in a really humid place. Need more info on the technology before accepting this as a breakthrough.
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