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  1. Not a problem... a few in the Bay Area... Ft 10 do well in the Whidby Island heavy air races... I don't enjoy racing my lead mine in 35+, I don't enjoy racing the FT10 in 35+, we have done it and averaged 23.3 knots for about 40 miles... in more modest conditions speeds in mid to high teens, fully powered up in 12knots, travels well, great boat to take to marquis events for some handicap or OD racing, great versitile platform for anywhere on any coast in any conditions
  2. compare it with the FT10.... Eerie crews on one when he isn't using his Hendo or they are going head to head FT 10 is still in production, current design, no runners, get by with less crew,
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    members of congress are allowed franking priviledges, does that mean Barney Frank is a ranking member with many friends
  4. owlslick


    congressman anthony weiner can be brought up on charges for sending junk mail. phunny congress allows their members to send their packages free congress is looking into abuse of their staff photos
  5. Just as a mode of comparison, what would a Melges 32 be doing speed wise in these conditions? How about the SC37? Don't get me wrong I like J boats and I know it's apples and oranges. What is the first hull number coming to Chicago? FT 10 have been doing that speed and more since day 1... as have the Melges 32, Columbia 32, etc ... J-111 looks good... a great sized boat to play on, good to see more offerings in this size and sport boat range... just pick one, one for every budget no reason not to get 'er done
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